New and original works align with features of quality: originality innovation and currency. Prevalence of new works suggests a receptive, engaged, evolving creative sector.

Number of funded new works

In addition, in 2017-18, 66 new screen productions, including film, TV and games, were supported by Film Victoria.


Sector stakeholders have raised concerns about:

  • how to define a new work;
  • what is ‘new’ in different sub-sectors varies, for example, a new production of an existing theatrical work; and
  • comparing / consolidating ‘like with like’, for example a new feature film counting as a new work alongside a small drawing.

[1] Education Partnerships, Indigenous Professional Development, Innovation in Marketing Fund, Music Works, Regional Development, Strategic Initiatives, VicArts Grants, Victorian Public Sculpture Fund

[2] 2015-16 financial year + 2016 calendar year