Employment in the cultural and creative economy is a “head count” of all employees and self-employed people in the creative and cultural sector plus those in creative roles in non-creative sectors, for example, a graphic designer working in a real estate company.

Detailed numbers are provided by the Census every five years with estimates provided quarterly through the ABS Labour Force Survey. Numbers are first job only and no second jobs are reported. Numbers do not record the hours worked.

Employment in the cultural and creative sectors has shown an overall growth trend in recent years. Variability over time results from sampling variability in the Labour Force survey.

In 2019-20 employment of 292,000 people in the cultural and creative industries represented 8.6% of the total employment in Victoria.

The annual figure is the average of four quarterly results from the ABS Labour Force Survey.  There is a 1% increase in 2019-20 on last year’s figures (compared to the 11% increase in 2018-19) due to the downturn in employment in quarter four (May 2020) resulting from COVID-19.