The ABS publish counts of Victorian businesses, including entries and exits. (Catalogue 8165.0)

The number of businesses indicates the size of the cultural and creative industries in Victoria. Net growth can indicate the sustainability of the sector. The number of new businesses also indicates whether there are significant barriers to entry to the sector.

The total number of businesses in the Victorian cultural and creative sector  increased by 3.9% over the 12 months to June 2021, the same growth rate was recorded for all Victorian businesses (3.9%).

Creative industry business counts increased by an average annual rate of  2.8% over the four years to June 2021 and this compares with 5.8% creative industry employment and 5.0% creative industry GVA.

This increase was driven by growth in the number of creative businesses with an annual turnover up to $200,000.

A very large majority (95%) of businesses in the cultural and creative economy have a turnover of less than $2 million.

Pie graph of Total creative business operating at end of financial year by turnover 2021

Growth in numbers of businesses by size of turnover.

line graph of Total creative business operating at end of financial year

Line graph of total creative business operating at end of financial year by turnover

Victoria has a greater share of creative businesses with a turnover of less than $200k (70%), compared to the rest of Australia (67%) in 2021.

In 2021, Victorian creative businesses with the highest percentage rate of entries (largest percentage of new businesses) were jewellery and silverware manufacturing, internet publishing and broadcasting, and motion picture and video distribution. Businesses with the highest percentage rate of exits were libraries and archives, motion picture and video distribution, free-to-air television broadcasting, and other publishing (except software, music, and internet).

In 2021 almost 60% of Victorian creative businesses were sole business (non-employing). Industries that have a lower percentage of sole business in Victoria include the manufacturing industry (44%) and the accommodation and food services industry (25%).

Pie graph of Victoria creative industry businesses - employment size, 2021

The number of creative industry sole businesses have been steadily increasing in Victoria, averaging 3.6% growth per annum between 2018 to 2020 however they declined in 2021 (-3%) offset by a growth in businesses sized by 1-19 employees.

Two graphs showing figures for sole businesses and 1-19 employees

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