Melbourne’s brand ranking reflects an external and comparative perspective of the quality and recognition of the city’s creative and cultural activity.

Creative Victoria commissioned Boston Consulting Group to undertake a broad review of Melbourne's cultural offering to determine how it compares nationally and internationally.

The Melbourne as a Global Cultural Destination 2017 report found that Melbourne ranks as the number one cultural destination in Australia, number three in the Asia Pacific and number 12 worldwide.

The Boston Consulting Group index calculates the extent to which a city has the features of a best-in-class cultural and creative city using five metrics. London, New York and Paris are in the top three positions; other second cities such as Chicago are in the top 10 positions.

The five metrics are the share of the city's workforce employed in cultural and creative industries; the average percentage of excellent reviews for the city's 10 most popular creative and cultural attractions on TripAdvisor; the number of times a particular city is listed on expert 'Top' lists for cultural and creative experiences and infrastructure; the city's social media "buzz" (measured by the number of Facebook likes, Twitter followers and Instagram followers the city has, in addition to the number of times that the name of the city is hashtagged on Instagram; the city's ranking as a cultural and creative destination on a global survey of travellers.

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