Creative and cultural festivals reflect a wide variety of activity that would not have occurred otherwise.

Festivals also reflect the creative edge of Victoria and support in the State for production of works that represent quality including currency, originality and innovation.

An independent review of Victoria's offering of creative and cultural festivals was completed in 2018.

The review indicated that:

  • Victoria is home to over 430 creative festivals – 57% in Melbourne and 43% in regional Victoria.
  • Each year Victorian festivals collectively attract approximately nine million people.
  • Festivals estimate that 35% of attendees are tourists (intrastate, interstate and international).
  • Victorian festivals provide employ 12,000 people, engage 31,000 volunteers and provide opportunities for 80,000 creative practitioners.
  • Half of Victoria's festivals started in the last ten years.

Live Performance Australia publishes annual data on attendances and box office at major Australian festivals. Since 2016, contemporary music festivals have earned more revenue than multi-arts festivals. Multi-arts festivals have attracted a larger audience.

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