28 October 2021

The Victorian Government is supporting musicians, bands and music businesses to get back on their feet and back on stage, with grants to recharge Victoria’s famed live music scene.

person using sound equipmentWilliam Elm at Blak Sounds 2019, VMDO First Peoples. Image by Jacinta Keef

A new round of grants through the Music Works program is now open, with grants of between $4,000 and $40,000 available for activities including recording and releasing new music, presenting music events, marketing and business development.

This is the second Music Works grant round for 2021. Earlier this year $850,000 was awarded to 44 music projects involving 1,000 music industry professionals across the state.

Supported projects, which have been underway since July, include new recordings by singer-songwriter Angie McMahon and indie pop artist Feign Jima.

Management company Look Out Kid has also benefitted from the program and is engaging a US publicist to promote its artist roster, including new albums by Courtney Barnett and Briggs.

Other previously funded projects include the Archie Roach Foundation’s Singing Our Futures mentoring program, which is recording and releasing new music from emerging First Nations artists.

Applications for the new round close at 3:00pm on Thursday, 25 November.

February 2021 grant recipients

Agung Mango, BURNSIDE HEIGHTS, $10,600
For hip hop artist Agung Mango to record and release his debut solo EP accompanied by a marketing and publicity plan.

Alicia Egan, BRUNSWICK, $18,500
To record, produce and release a new album by Alanna and Alicia, including the creation of visual content, video clips and a filmed launch event.

Amos Roach, THORNBURY, $19,999
To record and promote music by Amos, featuring didgeridoo, traditional Kulin Nations and contemporary songs, and the creation of a film narrative for two of the recordings.

Archie Roach Foundation LTD, KILLARNEY, $53,000
To support the recording and release of songs written through the first phase of the Singing Our Futures Music Mentoring Program, a First Nations emerging artists music mentoring program, by The Archie Roach Foundation in partnership with Culture is Life and with support from The Barpirdhilla Foundation.

Arts Access Victoria on behalf of Cameron Murphy, GLEN IRIS, $19,991
To produce and release a new album by Cam Camino, including promotion and delivery of online performances.

Arts Access Victoria on behalf of Glen Kennedy, METCALFE, $32,775
To record, mix and master Effortless Bilingual, a collection of 40 recordings of Chinese Mandarin spoken word set to a variety of styles of music. The recording aims to assist in Mandarin language learning.

Audrey Boyle, RICHMOND, $14,500
To record, mix and master the debut solo album by Audrey Powne, including the creation of album artwork and development of video assets for promotion.

Auspicious Arts Projects Inc. on behalf of Carolyn Schofield, NORTHCOTE, $15,665
Creative development, recording and production of the second album of solo synthesiser music by Fia Fiell, to be released with a music video and extended live performance video in collaboration with media artist Don Gray.

To record and release the sophomore album by Melbourne musician, BATTS.

Carla dal Forno, CASTLEMAINE, $11,394
To record, mix and master a third solo album.

C Kikos & M Syawish, CARLTON, $10,040
The writing, release and marketing of Sleep D's Sophomore LP to be released digitally and on vinyl. The release will be supported by the creation of a music video and promotional photographs.

Client Liaison, FITZROY NORTH, $35,000
Presentation of a livestreamed showcase, to promote the release of Client Liaison’s second album.

Creative development, mixing, mastering and release of a new mixtape by cookii.

Corner Group (Ticketscout Pty Ltd), RICHMOND, $5,000
Support for a professional development program that will provide training and industry networking opportunities that will enable staff to adapt to the changing landscape of the industry.

Daen Sansbury-Smith, RESERVOIR, $26,500
Production of a soundtrack album to support Daen Sansbury-Smith's a short film series that explores the intergenerational transfer of knowledge and responsibility within contemporary Aboriginal music.

Damon Paraha, MANOR LAKES, $20,850
For the development of 12 music videos to support the album, The Nomadic, by Nomad.

Dandelion Wine, KINGSVILLE, $14,920
To compose, record and release an album incorporating elements of traditional medieval writing and melodies, to be released with a publicity campaign across Australia and Europe.

Ellpee Pty Ltd, MELBOURNE, $34,800
Creative development of a suite of marketing material to support the new album by Vika and Linda, including music videos, a mini-documentary, promotional photography and an online album launch event.

Feign Jima, PRESTON, $5,000
To record, mix, master and promote a five-track EP.

To support the marketing of the second edition of FLOW, an all-ages alternate one-day music event held at Footscray Community Arts Centre.

Gracie Music PTY LTD, ALPHINGTON, $37,920
To record, mix and master Angie McMahon’s second album.

IJALE - Jerry Agbinya, MERNDA, $14,245
Creative development of a music video to accompany a mixtape by IJALE.

Jannah Quill, RICHMOND, $19,129
Creative development, recording and release of Jannah’s debut studio album.

Joel Ma, FITZROY NORTH, $6,500
To develop digital assets and branding and to undertake international marketing strategy consultations to support the launch of new band, Go Sky.

Jonnine Standish, KALLISTA, $9,500
To produce, mix and master the sophomore LP by Jonnine.

Laila Sakini, BELGRAVE SOUTH, $11,770
To write, record, mix, master and release the sophomore album by Laila Sakina, and to develop promotional material for the release package.

Creative development, recording and production of Lamine Sonko’s debut solo album, including digital release, video production and the promotion of a single.

Look Out Kid Pty Ltd, COLLINGWOOD, $12,000
To support Look Out Kid to work with a US-based project manager for six months to assist in the global operations of the company. The period will see the Look Out Kid team coordinating major international projects for its artist roster, including the release of Courtney Barnett’s fourth studio album and the writing and recording of Briggs’s third studio album.

Luke Alessi, ALPHINGTON, $6,000
Support for a campaign that will build Luke’s profile in Europe and the UK using innovative digital marketing strategies and visual content.

Moyne Shire Council, PORT FAIRY, $5,950
To support the presentation of The Moyne Sessions — The Business of Music, professional development and capacity building masterclasses for young contemporary artists from South-West Victoria.

Nadeah Miranda, SANDRINGHAM, $18,000
To record, produce and release a new album of duets, featuring all Victorian artists, with a digital marketing campaign to support the release.

Naretha Williams, RESERVOIR, $23,111
Recording, production and manufacture of a 12-track vocal album by The Killer Quo, and the production and vinyl manufacture of a six-track electronic solo album by Naretha Williams.

Phoebe Cockburn, ABBOTSFORD, $20,000
Creative development, recording, mixing and mastering of the debut solo album by Phoebe Go, including the production of visual assets.

Quivers, BALACLAVA, $31,550
To record, mix and master Quivers’ third album.

Ravens Nest Consulting Pty Ltd, SEAFORD, $10,000
Development of a new edition of Welcome to the Jungle - Navigating the Music Business in Australia, a free e-book that reflects the vastly changed landscape of the Victorian, Australian and global music industry post COVID-19, with accompanying podcasts featuring interviews with predominantly Victorian music businesses.

Siobhan McGinnity, COBURG, $29,029
To record and release the second EP by Magnets.

Sophia Brous, COBURG, $16,480
To record, mix and master an album of contemporary music by an ensemble of Victorian musicians.

Spirit level, MERRICKS BEACH, $7,750
To support Spirit Level, a Melbourne-based artist-run initiative to engage a publicist in Europe and the United Kingdom to support the international promotion of new releases by its roster of artists.

Stephanie Crase, NORTHCOTE, $6,000
To record, mix and master the fourth album by Summer Flake.

Tamil Rogeon, FITZROY, $10,000
To write, record, mix and release a new album.

The Boss Experience Agency Pty Ltd, HAMPTON, $30,345
Creative development, distribution and marketing of a podcast offering in-depth profiles of the new generation of Australian DIY artists, published by independent Victorian podcast publisher Litmus Media.

Tyler Millott, EAGLEMONT, $8,800
To mix, master and promote a self-produced, self-titled debut LP by Melbourne based alternative rock artist The Terrifying Lows.

William Cooper, FLEMINGTON, $15,200
To record, mix, master and release the third full length album by Diipma, including the creation of promotional photographs, artwork and video clips.

Zen Arcade, NORTH MELBOURNE, $81,000
Support for a 12-month program with quarterly online songwriting camps for Victorian and international songwriters, and support for Songs Festival, a celebration of the art and craft of songs and songwriting which will be held across multiple venues in Melbourne.