9 October 2021

From creative R&D and innovative marketing projects, to new podcasts, visual artworks, short films, manuscripts and more, Creative Victoria's latest round of grants totalling $3.16 million is supporting our creative sector to keep working behind the scenes.

Yumi Umiumare

Yumi Umiumare - 2021  Creators Fund

More than $2 million through the Creative Workers Fund is supporting practitioners working across all creative forms. Projects have been underway since July with recipients undertaking mentorships, delivering industry development programs or creating work that can go on show or be released when restrictions allow.

Creative Workers Fund grants are also supporting community-based activity including a puppetry and storytelling program for children and families in the Colac-Otway Shire and a dance and choreography program for senior citizens.

Twenty-seven ‘Creators’ have shared in $995,902 through the 2021 round of the Creators Fund, a ground-breaking program that supports creatives across all disciplines to undertake intensive research and development activities.

The latest round will see practitioners working on projects as diverse as exploring ways to shoot and edit films in real time during immersive theatre performances, to investigating new technologies to design and create handcrafted, energy efficient porcelain lights.

Rounding out the latest funding, $113,904 through the Building Audiences Fund is supporting creative practitioners and businesses to develop and launch dynamic marketing projects to help them enter new markets, reach new audiences or create new revenue streams.

Supported projects include a digital marketing campaign for clothing label HoMie linked to a collaboration with Disney, and support for Kyneton’s Threshold Centre to launch their at-home interactive theatre experience for families in the Chinese market.

Meet the Creators

Nick Pages-Oliver

Nick Pages-Oliver is an equity award nominated theatre and film maker.

Ngioka Bunda-Heath

Ngioka Bunda-Heath has performed in several works nationally, working with esteemed choreographers such as Mariaa Randall, Amrita Hepi, Sarah Aiken and Rebecca Jensen.

Anna Liebzeit

Anna Liebzeit is a multi-disciplinary artist with a 20-year practice

Creative Workers Fund recipients

Abbotsford Convent Foundation on behalf of John Brooks, Abbotsford, $40,000
To collaborate with multidisciplinary weaving and media artist Lisa Waup to develop and present an exhibition and workshop series for children and families.

Gorkem Acaroglu, Woodend North, $20,000
To undertake development and production of a first draft manuscript titled The Colour Of People.

Kirrily Anderson, Chiltern, $8,860
Presentation of an installation reflecting on the Black Summer fires at the Alpine and Burrowa Pine Mountain National Parks. The installation will be accompanied by an artist talk and workshop.

Natasha Anderson, Chewton, $9,000
To develop a new music work that will combine percussion and 6-channel electronics. The work will be developed virtually with collaborators in Europe via the Monash University Digital Hub.

Anthony Pateras, Chewton, $12,623
Creative composition of a 20-minute piece that will bring together an electro-acoustic quintet and a 6-channel sound system, written by Anthony Pateras and Erkki Veltheim.

Arts Access Victoria on behalf of Beau Windon, West Melbourne, $29,600
Creative development of Wild Against The World, a Young Adult fantasy novel centred on a 15-year-old neurodiverse boy.

Arts Access Victoria on behalf of Naomi Fryers, Bayswater North, $25,000
For a publicity and distribution campaign to support the launch of A VERY Long Way, Naomi's debut memoir which captures an account of her lived experience of overcoming mental health challenges.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Aaron Orzech, Northcote, $23,554
For a contemporary dance-theatre performance exploring the passage from boyhood to manhood.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Alisdair Macindoe, Fitzroy North, $14,112
Creative development of a full length contemporary dance duet that will see Alistair collaborating with a state of the art Artificial Intelligence model that produces human-like text.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Emma Peel, Reservoir, $20,000
To present and film a concert series featuring unusual artist collaborations in unexpected places across the City of Darebin, in conjunction with Rez Stomp TV.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Emma Valente, Yarraville, $25,000
For a new performance work by The Rabble that investigates truth and trauma.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Evette Clayton, St Kilda East, $18,355
To undertake mentorship and community consultation in order to establish a methodology for access and disability-centric circus practice.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of George Akl, Collingwood, $18,066
Creative development and presentation of a pilot public project exploring the common ground between people who have differing perspectives about global warming.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Julian Dibley-Hall, St Kilda West, $19,867
For independent theatre company The Voice in My Hands (VIMH) to present Fiona Stitzkowsky's new Australian play The View From Up Here which explores themes of resilience and survival amidst ecological disaster.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Naomi Velaphi, Collingwood, $18,000
Curation of Heroines, a multidisciplinary exhibition featuring works from African artists, curated by Naomi Velaphi and Roberta Joy Rich.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Olivia Satchell, St Kilda West, $15,000
Creative development and presentation of a bold new play exploring gendered violence and female care.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Prue Lang, Port Melbourne, $33,000
Presentation of a new dance work exploring touch and texture through the lens of blindness, autism and ability/disability. The work will see Prue collaborate with leading disability art maker and audio describer Fayen d’Evie.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Rani Pramesti, Kensington, $45,920
For an eight month program of activities by Creatives of Colour, a collective that provides resources, workshops and open studio space to support diverse artists.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Rhys Velasquez, Mentone, $40,000
Development of 6-month mentorship program to upskill and focus on sustainable career development for cabaret artists from diverse backgrounds.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Ripley Kavara, Collingwood, $32,153
Creative development and performance of We Take Back Our Mother Tongues, a series of musical works by Famili collective, directed and produced by Ripley Kavara.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Sandra Parker, Elwood, $17,800
Creative development and presentation of a new dance performance by choreographer Sandra Parker with sound by composer Kaylie Melville, performed by Arabella Frahn-Starkie, Oonagh Slater and Caroline Meaden.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Stephanie Ghajar, Northcote, $14,159
Creative development and showings of an immersive theatre work exploring the grief and nostalgia of migration by Stéphanie Ghajar and collaborators.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Yuiko Masukawa, Coburg North, $13,152
Creative development of a screen dance work that celebrates the knowledge of retired ballet dancers.

Kara Baker, Melbourne, $20,000
Research and development of a ready to wear fashion collection.

Rosalind Bellamy, Clifton Hill, $17,850
Creative research and development of a new novel exploring family, trauma and queer identity.

Claire Bridge and Chelle Destefano, Wheelers Hill, $39,900
Creative development and presentation of What I Wish I'd Told You, an installation exploring Deaf voices, agency and identity.

Melbourne Fashion Hub, Point Cook, $10,000
Creative development of a free, open-access career development program designed to support recent Fashion graduates in Melbourne.

Bureau of Works Pty Ltd on behalf of Daniel Schlusser, Brunswick, $20,557
Rehearsal and production of HERCULES, a work that aims to provide resources for acclaimed mid-career performance makers to enable them to restart and extend their practices.

Kevin Chin, Hawthorn East, $10,000
Creative development and presentation of Un-Regional, a solo exhibition of oil paintings at Gippsland Art Gallery.

Jazmina Cininas, Northcote, $38,829
To work with Melbourne-Lithuanian folkloric group The Lost Clog to develop and present a multidisciplinary work that incorporates an exhibiton, live performance and video, exploring hybrid Australian-Lithuanian cultural identity.

Cohealth Arts Generator, Footscray, $35,400
To develop and deliver an artist development and presentation program focused on contemporary art that reflects on the impacts of climate change.

Biddy Connor, Thornbury, $10,042
Creative development of an experimental storytelling project that tells the stories of past and present tenants of Melbourne's Nicholas Building. The project will feature an original score by The Letter String Quartet. It will culminate in a one-off performance and an app.

Dancehouse on behalf of Bryant Edisane, Gladstone Park, $20,000
To collaborate with Dancehouse to develop Free(dom) Ball, an event that will follow in the tradition of New York's ballroom scene where all participants will be paid to develop their looks and their performance.

Tara Daniel, Moonee Ponds, $7,500
Creative production of a kids' theatre show that celebrates diversity and inclusivity, by Wesley Middleton.

Molly Daniels, St Kilda East, $7,684
Creative development and production of FUNERAL OF THE CENTURY, a 7x1 minute fast-paced comedy web series made for Instagram, by Molly Daniels and Dylan Murphy.

Description Victoria Inc., Fairfield, $24,278
To undertake research into how to facilitate an accessible rehearsal process for artists who are blind or have low vision.

Design Institute of Australia, Collingwood, $25,000
Creative development of the Design Careers Award Guide, an online learning resource aimed to support designers in career path planning.

Alice Dixon, Yarraville, $11,088
Creative development of a collaborative contemporary dance work by Alice Dixon and Emma Riches.

Anna Dunnill, Coburg, $6,177
Development and presentation of an installation, performance and small publication that explores the experimental process of turning a common local weed into usable thread.

Facing Australia, Rutherglen, $14,500
Creative development of a five-part documentary series exploring sexual identity and theatre during WW1.

Flinders Quartet Inc, Seddon, $19,500
For a series of performances that ensure the growth of Australian chamber music and champion underrepresented composers.

Going Down Swinging, Parkville, $39,900
Creative development and programming of Going Down Swinging, a zine that gives voice to established and emerging Victorian writers and artists.

Channon Goodwin, Melbourne, $8,900
Support for a program of film and video work by First Nations practitioners, selected by First Nations curators to be screened at Composite Moving Image Agency & Media Bank at Collingwood Yards over 12 months.

Monique Grbec, Altona Meadows, $4,000
Creative development of The Wall Remix, a poetic reinterpretation of Pink Floyd’s 1979 rock opera through an Indigenous lens.

Jenny Hector with Madeleine Flynn an Tim Humphrey, Balaclava, $19,000
Creative development and research for a new sound and light installation work.

HoMie, Fitzroy, $34,000
To develop new techniques and designs that will expand HoMie's product range and affirm the brand's mission of supporting youth affected by homelessness and hardship.

Howling Jack Films Pty Ltd, St Kilda, $40,000
Production of Cold Water, a short form screen dramedy exploring mental illness, homophobia and police brutality, written and directed by Jay and Shaun Perry.

Luciano, Cheltenham, $20,000
Creative production and presentation of an art project mapping Melbourne's queer history, presented by LUCIANO, Georgia Keats and the Australian Queer Archive.

Hyphenated Projects, Footscray, $40,000
Creative development of an exhibition exploring the relations between First Peoples and Asia-Australian diaspora.

My Dreamtime Story, Wollert, $26,900
Creative development and production of a new baby milestone print book, My Dreamtime Story - Baby Edition. The book will track pregnancy while also including key cultural features for First Nations families like tribes, language and significant Dreamtime Stories.

Jessica Barclay Lawton, Eltham, $20,000
Creative development and production of an exploratory hybrid screen work examining gender, love and sexuality.

Jun Bin Lee, Fitzroy, $12,400
Creative development of Ari-Ari, a 3-part short film series examining domestic and family violence in the South Korean Australian diasporic community.

Monica Lim, Docklands, $18,180
Final development and presentation of a cross-cultural dance work. The work will use a live camera to bring a choreographer from Indonesia and a choreographer from Australia together to work with four Victorian-based dancers.

Mascara Publishing Incorporated, North Melbourne, $12,900
To produce two special editions of Mascara Literary Journal which provides creative opportunities for Victorian writers.

Creation of I'm Not A Fashionista, an illustrated history exploring the misconceptions of luxury fashion and its relation to the ordinary women.

Dannielle McGrath, Coburg, $8,780
To work with Victorian visual artists on a collaborative print project and to develop an accompanying subscription model to distribute the works.

Marcus McKenzie, Melbourne, $19,300
Development of three-week multidisciplinary performance The Crying Room.

Memo Review, St Kilda, $27,310
To support the publication of Victoria's only weekly art review publication Memo Review.

Upstride, South Melbourne, $38,000
Creative production of Jarracharra, feature documentary on the story behind Australia's First Nations fashion industry.

Kate Mildenhall, Hurstbridge, $19,440
Creative development of a novel examining the lives of workers during The Depression, particularly in Footscray in 1933.

Tom Molyneux, Geelong West, $19,863
Creative development of ROGER, a new First Nations theatre piece, by acclaimed Gunditjmara theatre maker Tom Molyneux and dramaturg James Jackson.

Monash University on behalf of Tara McDowell, Caulfield East, $37,542
To curate and present a series of interdisciplinary installations to be installed throughout buildings and spaces in Melbourne.

Su-An Ng, Hawthorn, $10,333
Creative development and presentation of SEED, a multi-disciplinary performance installation exploring industrial waste and regeneration in the mining-affected town of Queenstown.

Niamh Donohoe, Preston, $40,000
Creative research and development of PIVOT, a mockumentary-style web series satirising the ruthless world of finance.

On the Hill Theatre Company Inc, Quarry Hill, $22,223
Creative development and presentation of a bilingual theatre piece featuring traditional Karen dance and music.

Thuy On, West Footscray, $4,000
Creative development of a new poetry collection.

Zela Papageorgiou, Thornbury, $12,150
Creative development and performance of Dissipative Structures, a project that asks established and emerging Victorian-based musicians to respond to a work by the same name by Australian artist Cameron Robbins.

Priya Pavri, Carlton North, $14,850
For the development of workshops and an experimental publication, authored by Manisha Anjali and published by 3ply, curated by Priya Pavri.

Phunktional Ltd., Melbourne, $50,000
For the development and delivery of The River Spirit Film Project, a series of workshops for young First Peoples, that will culminate in public presentations celebrating the contemporary lives and culture of the Robinvale Aboriginal Community.

Bhairavi Raman, Brunswick West, $19,500
Creative development of a production that incorporates music, dance and text to explore the lived experiences of Tamil Australians from the Indian and Sri Lankan diaspora.

Roberta Rich, Footscray, $10,500
Creative development of a suite of new works across video, text and installation in response to the theme "Who Is Afraid Of Public Space?", to be presented at Footscray Community Arts Centre.

RMIT on behalf of Jessica Wilkinson, Haddon, $18,860
For 12 months of development and production of Rabbit: a journal for non-fiction poetry.

Rubiks Collective, Southbank, $15,712
Creative development and performance of an immersive musical experience that incorporates vocal and electronic sounds.

Ruby Boo Arts P/L trading as Optimistic Arts Projects, Armadale, $24,025
Creative production and delivery of multi-artform project that explores ancient African cultural wisdom, by Olive Moynihan and led by artist Lamine Sonk.

Sam Elkin, Footscray, $10,000
Creative development of a personal essay collection which aims to explore rights, sexism, trauma, class and the law.

Cigdem Cennet Serce, St Kilda, $34,831
To develop a second draft of suspense fiction work.

SEVENTH Gallery Inc., Fitzroy, $47,563
Development of a year-long program that includes exhibitions, community engagement programs, commissions by emerging writers and a pilot mentorship program to support diverse emerging artists.

Blame the Shadows Collective, Doncaster, $19,990
Creative development and research for an immersive VR installation project exploring diverse and multi-generational stories of migration from across Australia.

Sissy Screens, Fairfield, $25,000
Creative development and production of Sissy Screens, a queer-dedicated digital magazine.

Thembi Soddell, Clunes, $9,839
To support a two-week artists residency in Clunes where Thembi will adapt and expand their sound installation Held Down, Expanding.

Studio J Dance, Richmond, $12,675
To support eight months of programs as part of the Studio J wellness program, a dance and choreography program designed for the elderly community.

Hanna Tai, Thornbury, $17,500
Development of a sound work with accompanying visual art elements, to be exhibited at Kyneton Contemporary Art Triennial.

The Social Studio Inc., Collingwood, $29,515
Creative development Circular Style, of a new fashion industry summit focusing on sustainable design.

The Village Festival of New Performance, Fryerstown, $47,220
Re-development of The Village’s COVIDSafe, multi-disciplinary project The Fire Garden in partnership with aged care provider Vitae Veritas, to prepare for touring in 2022.

Blanche Tilden, Bellfield, $18,000
Creative development and presentation of a contemporary jewellery exhibition.

Trash Puppets, Melbourne, $28,000
Creative development, performance and filming of Trash Puppets Submarine Explorers, a theatre piece for primary-aged children that explores environmental issues and how to make positive changes.

Trocadero Art Space, Footscray, $10,000
To support the development and delivery of a Peer-to-Peer program of structured mentorship workshops for emerging artists.

Amy Tsilemanis, Ballarat East, $10,394
Creative production of the second half of season one of the GATHER with Minerva's Books and Ideas podcast, which explores experience of reading and the ideas illuminated and ignited by books.

Wendy Tyrer, Edithvale, $20,000
Creative development and publishing of The Curator, an 80-page graphic novel exploring women's attitudes and experiences in pursuing an artistic career.

Women's Art Register, Richmond, $9,940
Creative development of Leaving Your Legacy - A Guide For Australian Artists, a workbook and a series of seminars that will provide practical and concise information to support artists to plan their estate and to take charge of their artistic legacy.

Women's Circus on behalf of Antonella Thomas, Sunshine West, $44,350
Creative development of a new work exploring current issues relating to women in sport.

WildHoney Performing Arts, Barwon Downs, $34,214
Creative development a community-based program for all ages that will include puppetry making, stilt walking, dance and creative storytelling workshops across the Colac Otway Shire.

John Young, Port Melbourne, $21,415
Development and publication of an anthology that documents a 12-year cycle of contemporary art projects.

Meet the Creators

Sarah Tracton

Sarah Tracton is a multidisciplinary fine artist and bespoke lighting designer.

Sam McGilp

Sam is a media artist working collaboratively in contemporary performance contexts based on Wurrundjeri country in Naarm.

Jacob Leaney

Jacob Leaney is game developer and songwriter/producer based in Melbourne.

Creators Fund - Recipients 2021

Sarah Aiken, North Melbourne, $36,500
Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Isabel Peppard, Preston, $44,840
Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Jacob Leaney, Carlton, $46,556
Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Kush Kuiy, Cranbourne North, $46,044
Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of M'ck McKeague, Pascoe Vale South, $36,093
Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Ngioka Bunda-Heath, Brunswick West, $30,518
Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Yumi Tsuchiya-Umiumare, Preston, $31,088
Michael Beets, Melbourne, $41,709
Bureau of Works Pty Ltd on behalf of Sam Mcgilp, Coburg North, $49,702
Andy Butler, Preston, $38,000
Koraly Dimitriadis, Brunswick, $34,868
Earthli, Travancore, $60,000
Elissa Goodrich, Kew, $29,676
John Harding, Maidstone, $30,000
Anna Liebzeit, Templestowe Lower, $30,000
Siobhan McGinnity, Coburg, $36,130
Nnenna Okore, Forest Hill, $20,000
Opal Winter, Ivanhoe, $38,869
Nick Pages-Oliver, Brunswick East, $23,840
Residency Projects Inc. on behalf of Siri Hayes and Chaco Kato, Eltham, $35,000
RMIT on behalf of Carolyn Briggs, St Kilda, $49,580
Cher Tan, Clifton Hill, $22,620
Louise Terry, Castlemaine, $38,149
Sarah Tracton, Elwood, $32,120
Nova Jane Weetman, Brunswick, $25,000
Jaeden Williams, St Kilda, $50,000
Yum Studio, Ballarat East, $39,000

Meet the Creators

Cher Tan

Cher Tan is an essayist and critic in Naarm/Melbourne, via Kaurna Yerta/Adelaide and Singapore.

Elissa Goodrich

Elissa Goodrich is a composer, sound-artist and percussionist with abiding interest in collaboration and cross-art forms

Isabel Peppard

Isabel Peppard is a multidisciplinary artist who works across the mediums of film, sculpture and stop-motion animation.

Koraly Dimitriadis

Koraly Dimitriadis is a Cypriot-Australian poet, writer, performer and actor.


Blending Aboriginal, Irish and Australian stories, the artists will create an immersive cultural backbone for the storyworld of Luxville.

Siri Hayes

Siri Hayes works with photography, video and textiles as materials to investigate the photographic paradox in which illusion and the indexical or physical connections to the real, coexist.

Building Audiences Fund – 2021 Recipients

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Cairo Harris, Windsor, $20,000
To implement a year-long multifaceted marketing strategy to rebuild and reinforce community bonds that were affected by the events of 2020, with a focus on amplifying, empowering, nurturing, support and uplifting live performance artists who are Indigenous and/or Bla(c)k and/or people of colour (IBPOC).

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Joel Bray, West Footscray, $16,000
Support for Wiradjuri man Joel Bray, producer Alison Halit and regional arts consultant Kirsty Ellem to lead a marketing plan for a contemporary performance activity and community project that will tour to six regional Victorian towns.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Kush Kuiy, Cranbourne North, $9,768
To activate a marketing plan aimed at reengaging previous festival audiences and engage new audiences located near the new festival location at Bunjil Place in the City of Casey.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Samuel Watson, Warburton, $8,750
To support the promotion of the River Folk Festival through a campaign that promotes the cultural identity of the Warburton community as a vibrant hub of cultural, arts and environmental activities.

HoMie, Fitzroy, $4,000
As part of a collaboration with Disney, HoMie will mount a digital advertising campaign to reach new and untapped audiences and demographics. HoMie aims to increase its reach and audience, driving sales and revenue to its programs of support for young people affected by homelessness or hardship.

L2R Dance, Footscray, $6,000
For a marketing program that will support L2R Dance to build revenue through its fee-for-service stream.

Melbournes Living Museum of the West Inc, Maribyrnong, $18,256
For a campaign to reconnect with local communities and cultivate a highly engaged, diverse and intergenerational audience. The campaign will include a program of placemaking activities in Pipemakers Park that will invite local community members and visitors to engage with three new outdoor exhibition and studio spaces.

The Threshold Centre Pty Ltd, Kyneton, $9,300
To launch the Mountain Goat Mountain at-home family theatre activity in the Chinese market through the development of merchandise for culturally appropriate gift giving, creating an animated trailer and engaging a market advisor to help build relationships.

Kimberley Twiner, Brunswick East, $4,100
For the design and execution of a marketing/communication plan to promote performance group Brunswick East Entertainment Festival. Activities include initiating a contacts list and expanding the customer database beyond existing networks.

Weave Movement Theatre Inc, Preston, $17,730
Delivery of a digital marketing campaign to grow Weave’s online following, audience database and brand awareness with the aim of increasing revenue via ticket sales, as well as attracting new participants to a workshop series. Weave will increase its reach digitally via social media channels and segmented email marketing in conjunction with its new website.

Meet the Creators

Yumi Umiumare

Yumi Umiumare is an established Butoh Dancer, choreographer and creator of Butoh Cabaret works.

Sarah Aiken

Sarah Aiken is a Melbourne based dancer, teacher and choreographer from Bellingen NSW.

Nova Weetman

Nova Weetman is the writer of Film Victoria short films Ripples and Mr Wasinski’s Song (AWGIE nomination and winner Best Australian Short at MIFF).

Earthli World

Hiranga Goonawardena and Ashini de Alwis are registered architects (ARBV), experienced in city-changing public infrastructure, both local and abroad.

Nnenna Okore

Nnenna Okore is an artist-researcher-teacher who uses artistic practice, pedagogy and social engagements address ecological issues.

M'ck McKeague

M’ck McKeague is a set and costume designer and theatre maker currently living on unceded Wurundjeri land.