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10 August 2021

In time for National Science Week, a public campaign has opened inviting Victorians to nominate their favourite fossil to become the state’s latest official emblem.

illustrations of fossils

Museums Victoria has launched the online public vote to identify a fossil that will become Victoria’s seventh state emblem.

The top fossil will join Victoria’s state mineral emblem (gold); state animal (Leadbeater’s Possum); the state bird (Helmeted Honeyeater); state flora (Common Heath); state marine animal (the Common Seadragon); and our state tartan which incorporates the colours of the shield on the Victorian Coat of Arms and the background of the Eureka Stockade Flag.

Stemming from the Latin word fossus, which means ‘dug up’, a fossil is the remains of a past organism - such as a plant or a land or sea animal - preserved in rock, soil or amber.

Part of a push to celebrate Victoria’s unique palaeontology, Museums Victoria experts have nominated eight fossils that have been found across the state with each telling a unique story about Victoria’s history and environment over time.

Voters of all ages can visit the Museums Victoria website to learn the story behind each fossil and cast their vote for your favourite. Following the public vote, the winner will be submitted to Government for official endorsement after which our new fossil emblem will be announced.

The campaign puts Victoria among a growing list of states to adopt a fossil emblem. New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia already have fossil emblems and the ACT recently held a public vote to find their new emblem.

Online voting for Victoria’s State Fossil Emblem is now open and closes on Monday 4 October 2021.

Find out more at museumsvictoria.com.au