26 November 2021

Creative Victoria is monitoring the changing situation with regard to coronavirus (COVID-19) in Victoria and its impacts on the creative industries and will continue to share information and updates as they come to hand.

The following information is correct as of 26 November 2021.

State of Emergency

The current Declaration of State of Emergency has been extended through to 11.59pm, 15 December 2021.

UPDATE: Interstate travel

From 6pm on 25 November 2021, domestic visitors to Victoria will no longer need to get a travel permit to enter the state, regardless of their vaccination status.

You are not required to quarantine or hold a permit to enter Victoria from another Australian state or territory to visit, work, transit, or if you are a cross-border resident.

You do not require a permit if you have completed hotel quarantine interstate and wish to enter Victoria.

You do not require a permit if you are a domestic or an international air crew services worker.

You must follow all Directions in place while you are in Victoria. If you start to feel any symptoms of COVID-19, please get tested at one of the many testing sites across Victoria straight away.

Visit the Victorian Government’s coronavirus website for the latest interstate travel updates.

Information for overseas travellers is also available.

UPDATE: Checking vaccination status of families

Checking vaccination status of families is now easier thanks to an update to the Service Victoria app. Families can add the COVID-19 digital certificates of everyone on their Medicare card to their Service Victoria app, making it easy to see the vaccination status of families by checking a single smartphone.

  • If the certificates for all family members have been added, you will see each person’s name, a green tick on a white background and ‘Valid certificate’.
  • If the people they’ve checked in don’t have their certificate added, you will see their name, a question mark in a red circle and ‘No certificate’.

The Service Victoria app is just one way for people to show their proof of vaccination. Accepted forms of proof of vaccination are:

  • COVID-19 digital certificate via the Service Victoria app
  • COVID-19 digital certificate saved to a smartphone wallet
  • Printed copy of COVID-19 digital certificate
  • Printed copy of immunisation history statement.

For more information, visit: How to check the vaccination status of your customers

Businesses with vaccine requirements are reminded that they must take reasonable steps to ensure all customers over the age of 12 years and two months who are entering their venues are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or have a valid medical exemption.

Remaining restrictions lifted as Victoria reaches Phase D of the National Plan

With Victoria hitting the 90 per cent double dose milestone for eligible people, nearly all remaining restrictions have been lifted statewide for fully vaccinated people from 11:59pm, Thursday 18 November.

This means:

  • The vaccinated economy remains in place, as do face masks in some settings.
  • There are no caps or density limits for hospitality, live music, creative studios or creative venues.
  • Indoor dance floors can reopen.
  • The vaccinated economy – including settings such as non-essential retail and entertainment venues – are only open to people who are fully vaccinated or have a valid medical exemption, and children aged under 12 years and two months.
  • All indoor and outdoor events with less than 30,000 fully vaccinated attendees can proceed with no special approval. A COVIDSafe Plan is required.
  • Major events like the Boxing Day Test and the Australian Open will be able to proceed at full capacity, subject to approval of COVIDSafe Plans.

Face mask requirements overview

Face masks are still required:

  • for workers serving the public at hospitality venues
  • for workers and customers at indoor retail
  • for people using public transport, taxi and rideshare and planes
  • for primary school staff and visitors and for students in Years 3 to 6.

Unless health services see a significant jump in hospitalisations, customers for retail will no longer need to wear masks after 15 December - in line with settings in New South Wales.

Significant changes to isolation rules and the management of COVID-19 exposures and cases have also been announced.

This includes:

  • Self-quarantine obligations have been reduced across the board for COVID-19 cases and fully vaccinated contacts, empowering people who test positive to take action to protect others with simple advice and guidance to help them inform their social contacts on what to do.
  • The vast majority of people who come into contact with a confirmed positive case outside their home do not have to self-quarantine. These contacts are required to get a standard (PCR) test and isolate until they get a negative result.
  • This means exposure in places like creative and entertainment venues, offices, restaurants or nightclubs do not automatically result in quarantine for the patrons or staff, who previously would have been designated Primary Close Contacts at Tier 1 exposure sites.
  • Businesses are required to self-manage their exposure in line with public health guidance. COVIDSafe practices are strongly encouraged and a COVIDSafe Plan is still required.
  • Workers exposed at work, and children who are exposed at school or early childhood centres, need to show a negative PCR test result to return to work or school – with recommended RAT testing thereafter.
  • In addition to isolation changes for contacts, people who have COVID-19 are required to isolate for 10 days, instead of 14 days.

More information about what to do if there’s a confirmed case in your workplace is available on the Coronavirus website.

The Open Premises Directions and Mandatory Vaccination Directions have been updated are available on the Department of Health website.

Screen production

Screen production activity is permitted in Victoria under strict COVIDSafe conditions. All productions must follow the current Workplace Directions (No 56) and the COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination (General Workers) Directions.

Set construction

The Victorian Government released a plan for the COVIDSafe restart of the construction industry. This means construction activity, including film and theatre set construction, may resume in line with the plan.

Vaccination requirements for workers 

Many venues, including hospitality, live music, creative venues and creative studios, can only open if all the staff and patrons at the venue are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and if the venue is checking that everyone attending is fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

This means if your staff are not fully vaccinated, you may not be able to open or to apply the eased capacity limits offered in the Roadmap. Read the current COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination (General Workers) Directions.

Encourage your workers to get vaccinated as soon as possible. For more information about what fully vaccinated means and how the vaccination status restrictions work visit the Coronavirus website.

Posters and other assets about vaccination requirements are now available to help your COVIDSafe reopening.

Creative industries $15 million funding package

The Minister for Creative Industries Danny Pearson recently announced a new $15 million package of support for the creative industries, comprising:

  • A $5 million round of the Sustaining Creative Workers initiative. This will offer grants of $5,000 for individual creative practitioners, and $10,000 for creative collectives, micro-organisations and businesses. The program is being delivered by Regional Arts Victoria and is now open for applications. For detail on eligibility and how to apply, visit the Regional Arts Victoria website.
  • Up to $10 million will target heavily impacted Victorian creative organisations of state significance. This will include key festivals, performing arts companies and other creative organisations, ensuring they can continue to operate, employ workers, engage artists and plan a pathway to recovery.
  • Creative Victoria will identify organisations for support through the current rounds of the Creative Enterprises and Creative Ventures programs, as well as the National Performing Arts Partnership cohort.

COVID-19 Financial Support

The Victorian Government has provided a range of support for Victorians working in the creative industries since the start of the pandemic.

This includes through tailored creative industries initiatives via Creative Victoria as well as via broader business support programs through Business Victoria. Thousands of creative industries businesses have accessed this support to date.

For a guide to Victorian Government financial assistance and other crisis support visit our page COVID-19 Financial Support. For Creative Victoria’s current grant programs visit the Grants and Support page.

Other important information for business

It’s critical that businesses with on-site operations continue to comply with cleaning, signage, record keeping , and other COVIDSafe requirements.

Businesses must have an active, up-to-date COVIDSafe Plan and those that fail to do the right thing face significant fines.

You may be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, visit this page to find out more. For more information on how to book your vaccine appointment, visit the Coronavirus website.

Stay up to date with the latest exposure sites. Anyone with symptoms should get tested immediately. The list of testing sites includes wait times.

Victorian workers can apply for a $450 COVID-19 Test Isolation Payment that provides financial support while they self-isolate to wait for the results of a COVID-19 test.

For more information, visit coronavirus.vic.gov.au or call the Business Victoria hotline on 13 22 15.

QR Codes – Check in everywhere, every time

A reminder that all businesses and workplaces are now required to use the Victorian Government QR Code Service, unless an exemption applies.

Victorians must check-in everywhere, every time. Businesses must ensure that every customer and visitor has checked-in, no matter how long they are at the premises.

Checking in with the Victorian Government QR Code Service is the best way to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and keep Victorian businesses open.

QR Code Kiosk Check-in Service

Your business may benefit from Service Victoria’s Kiosk Check-in Service that helps venues to check-in customers who are unable to do so themselves. The Kiosk allows workers to enter a customer’s name and contact phone number electronically, using a tablet for example. All venues are required to provide an alternative record keeping method for workers and customers who do not have a smart phone.

COVIDSafe Plan

Every Victorian business or workplace that is open, or has staff on site, must have a COVIDSafe Plan. This will help you protect your workers, customers and visitors. Your COVIDSafe Plan will detail the actions you will take to help prevent the introduction of coronavirus (COVID-19) in your workplace.

Victorian Government Authorised Officers are closely monitoring and inspecting businesses to ensure they are following their COVIDSafe Plans. There are significant penalties, including fines and prohibition notices, for businesses that fail to follow these directions.

For information on developing a COVIDSafe Plan and what is required, including templates, visit the Victorian Government’s coronavirus website.

Six principles of COVIDSafe workplaces

Every Victorian workplace that is open must adhere to the following six principles to ensure a COVIDSafe workplace:

  • Practice physical distancing (1.5 metres)
  • Wear a face mask
  • Practice good hygiene
  • Keep electronic records and act quickly if staff become unwell
  • Avoid interactions in enclosed spaces
  • Create workforce bubble

Read more on these principles.

All businesses and workplaces must have a COVIDSafe Plan for on site operations.

Advice for Creative Victoria funding recipients and applicants

We understand that many plans have been impacted by coronavirus (COVID-19) and this is an anxious and uncertain time. We are being as flexible as possible with our grant recipients both with grant variations and reporting. Please get in touch to discuss.

Please call your Creative Victoria program manager if your funded activity or funding application is impacted by coronavirus (COVID-19) and the public health measures in place, or you have any concerns.

Due to changing circumstances, there may be changes to some of our funding programs. Visit our grants pages for details, or keep informed by subscribing to Creative Victoria eNews.

Further information and resources

Also view COVID-19 Financial Support