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26 April 2021

From podcasts to street art, Victorian students will learn new skills by co-designing projects with professional artists and creatives, with support from the Creative Learning Partnerships program.

Previous grant recipient Western English Language School partnering with Footscray Community Arts Centre with the Indirect Object.

In 2021, 14 schools will participate in the program, which pairs artists and other creative professionals and organisations with Victorian schools to work on a project that takes a creative approach to the curriculum.

Students from Foundation to Year 10 will participate in tailor-made projects that span literature, theatre, visual arts, sound design and film making.

Four schools have been awarded grants of up to $35,000 on ambitious programs co-created with creative organisations.

Another ten schools have been granted $10,000 each to engage an individual artist or creative to work with students on projects that both inspire imagination and support curriculum delivery.

Creative Learning Partnerships 2021 projects

Glenroy Secondary College in Glenroy and Western Edge Youth Arts, $31,885

Students will join forces with Western Edge Youth Arts to transform a short story into a short film. They will explore creative practices, including performance, acting, cinematography, movement and production design, and use these to enhance ideas and stories told through text. They will student-led production teams to produce their short films.

Gowrie Street Primary School in Shepparton and Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, $35,000

A dual-residency exchange will see students become 'artists in residence' at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA), and ACCA educators and artists setting up camp at the school.  Students will consider the question, “What is public space and what role can they, as artists, play in it?” ACCA’s exhibition Who’s Afraid of Public Space? will kickstart a series of artist-led workshops, city-adventure excursions and exhibitions of the students’ artworks at both at ACCA and within their local community.

Sacred Heart Primary School in Fitzroy and Storyscape, $35,000

Students will work with creative organisation Storyscape to explore identity, asking “How do culture, family and experiences all shape identity?” Together they will use creative writing, songwriting, narrative therapy processes, digital storytelling, participatory video, photography and theatremaking to build skills and present a community performance.

Seymour Flexible Learning Centre in Seymour and 90 Degrees Creative, $35,000

Students will be mentored in a visual arts project by street art organisation 90 Degrees Creative to explore ways that public art can communicate a sense of place and enable pride of place. Students will work with the creative crew on the creation of street art collaborations.

Ararat Secondary College in Ararat and Alyshia McInnes, $10,000

Ararat Schools Resilient Art program sees Ararat Secondary College take the lead in a community partnership between a cluster of small, local schools in the Ararat region and visual artist Alyshia McInnes. Together they will explore themes of gratitude and happiness, developing resilience, community connections and wellbeing. The project will culminate in an interconnected art installation for the local region.

Beeac Primary School in Beeac and Penelope Bartlau, $10,000

Students will team up with creative professional Penelope Bartlau to tell digital stories of their environment in a geography-based research and performance project. Geo-location technology will be utilised by students to learn about the land and develop tales of their country. Students will learn performance and production skills, including live storytelling and puppetry, to share their discoveries in a performance for their local community.

East Preston Islamic College in Preston and Alice Pung, $10,000

Taking inspiration from both Islamic and Australian art, students will explore their understanding of self through text and visual art. Working with writer Alice Pung, they will learn creative writing techniques and generate their own writings and artworks. Their project will culminate in the publication of the students’ work.

Fitzroy Primary School in Fitzroy and Oscar Jolly, $10,000

Students will work with professional podcaster Oscar Jolly to develop the skills required to create their own podcasts.  The project will explore the student’s understanding of the world around them, their place in it and how to express their thoughts and feelings to an audience.

Mount Pleasant Primary School in Mount Pleasant and Mairin Briody, $10,000

A partnership between students and creative professional Mairin Briody will explore the question “what is my impact?” as they contribute to a wishing well installation. Students will learn about composition, form and colour theory while examining themes of self-esteem and respect. The project will culminate in a collaborative mural.

Nullawarre and District Primary School with Taree Mackenzie and Danielle O’Brien, $10,000

Working with visual artists Taree Mackenzie and Danielle O'Brien, students will research ways of communicating identity through text and representational forms. Students will learn ways to articulate themselves and make connections through colour, light and shape.

Outdoor School in Bogong and Craig Dent, $10,000

Working with author Craig Dent, students will imagine and create their visions of the future wilderness in the Bogong High Plains and Village areas in the year 2040. Inspired by global research, students will be engaged through creative writing and visual arts. The students’ writing will be brought to life through 3D virtual rendering of their imaginings of the future.

Tempy Primary School in Tempy and Anthony Crowley, $10,000

Directing and composing a documentary set in the Mallee region, students will be guided by theatre-maker, playwright, director, composer Anthony Crowley. Students will use the metaphor of a wheat harvest to explore the theme of ‘emergence’ utilising their new skills in music, soundscape, art, video, story and poetry.

Wonthaggi North Primary School in Wonthaggi with Lucy Parkinson and Gonzalo Varela, $10,000

Students will join with creative duo Lucy Parkinson and Gonzalo Varela to explore ancient ecosystems as well as changes in their local ecology and in their own lives. Using fieldwork and fossils as inspiration, students will create interactive, moving theatrical scenery and a large-scale puppet based on the Cape Patterson Claw to tell their stories.

Yea Primary School in Yea and Jens Altheimer, $10,000

Students will work with creative professional Jens Altheimer to explore the theme of ‘connectedness’ by examining relationships with family, friends, society, place, nature and the world. They will experiment with different artistic disciplines, including video, theatre, movement, shadow puppetry, painting and sound. The project will culminate with an event that brings together video projection and live performance, presented to their local community.