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27 April 2020

While theatres, galleries, arts and music venues are temporarily closed, the Victorian Government continues to invest in Victoria’s artists, enabling them to work and develop new creative projects.

Colossus by Stephanie Lake. Arts Centre Melbourne Take Over! commission 2018. Image: Mark Gambino.

The latest round of the VicArts Grants program will provide grants totalling more than $1.17 million for 71 projects, that will provide employment for more than 1,500 Victorian artists, back of house staff and technicians.

The grants will support artists in regional and metropolitan areas across the state, and span artforms including sculpture, literature, performance, music virtual reality and children’s theatre.

The funding will enable creatives to kickstart new ideas, further develop projects or build their skills and creative practice

While applications were submitted ahead of the pandemic being declared, some projects take a new resonance including a non-fiction book by writer and editor Nicola Redhouse about the impact of isolation on humans, and ‘Working from Home’, a book exploring the contribution of Vietnamese workers to Australia’s fashion industry.

The arts and creative industries are among the sectors hardest hit by the impacts coronavirus (COVID-19). The grants are part of the Victorian Government’s urgent program of work to support the state’s creative industries. The package includes the new Sustaining Creative Workers initiative, which is open to independent creative practitioners, micro-businesses and organisations. Find out more

Andrew Atchison, Yarraville, $5,500
Development of a series of sculpture works exploring queer identity by artist Andrew Atchison.

Bethany Atkinson-Quinton on behalf of Broadwave, Coburg, $14,000
Development and launch of the second season of Tender, a podcast exploring what happens when women leave abusive relationships, by producer Madison Griffiths, executive producer Bethany Atkinson-Quinton and theatre podcast platform the Broadwave Podcast Network.

Australian Book Review, Southbank, $39,000
For the delivery of programs, publishing and mentoring and a process to renew the organisation's board.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Anna Seymour, Northcote, $20,000
Development of a contemporary dance double-bill for Dance Massive 2021, by choreographers Stephanie Lake and Anna Seymour.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Chi Nguyen, Bayswater, $6,221
Development of MISS SAIGON-WRONG, a musical about a de facto visa application and a messy break up, by writer and actor Chi Nguyen.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Elias Jamieson Brown, St Kilda West, $10,000
Research and development of work by actor, writer and director Elias Jamieson Brown.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Irene Holub, Thornbury, $10,000
Development and programming of the FLOW Festival which will feature a line-up of local, national and international Deaf artists.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Jo Lloyd, St Kilda East, $16,000
Development of a dance work that explores the family history of choreographer Jo Lloyd and the complexities that come with documenting personal stories.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Luke George, Fitzroy, $10,000
Research and development of work by dancer and choreographer Luke George.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Amy Middleton, Coburg, $39,000
Development and publication of Archer Magazine including support to attract new readers.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Nicci Wilks, Fitzroy North, $10,000
Research and development of work by artists Patricia Cornelius, Susie Dee and Nicci Wilks.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Oliver Savariego, St Kilda East, $17,400
Second-stage development of Creche, a dance work by Oliver Savariego that explores childhood experiences and queer identity.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Rani Pramesti, Kensington, $15,000
Development and programming of Creatives of Colour by Rani P Collaborations, a calendar of activities for and by 'creatives of colour', run by the artists and based at the Collingwood Yards.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Sarah Aiken, North Melbourne, $15,000
Development of a new dance work by performer and choreographer Sarah Aiken.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Sarah Kriegler, Brunswick East, $22,651
Development of ADA, ASMINDA AND THE MECHANICAL HORSE, a new puppetry work exploring mathematics, girls in education and the father/daughter relationship, by Lemony S Puppet Theatre.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Yumi Tsuchiya-Umiumare, Preston, $10,000
Research and development of work by dancer Yumi Umiumare.

Australian Romantic and Classical Orchestra, Richmond, $20,000
Development and programming of a series of orchestral and chamber music events and activities.

Elizabeth Boon, Fitzroy, $9,500
Development and publication (in print, braille, audio and video) of Care, Disclosure, and Disappearance, a series of essays and other writings on disability, queer identity and art conservation. Emerging artist and designer Elizabeth Boon will work with artist Fayen d'Evie and conservator Sofia Lo Bianco.

Sue Broadway, Clifton Hill, $18,400
Development of Broken Not Forgotten, an interactive physical theatre production exploring Polio and other disabilities, by director and producer Sue Broadway.

Burrinja, Upwey, $30,000
Development and delivery of the Aerie Creative Ecology Program, a three-year program of professional development, networking and exchange for local artists. The program will include a residency for experienced mentors who will work with artists to strengthen their networks and skills.

Centre for Projection Art Inc, Fitzroy, $14,520
Development of creative program and activities.

Amiel Courtin-Wilson, West Melbourne, $19,403
Development of TRACES, a film installation project by director, producer and artist Amiel Courtin-Wilson.

Alison Croggon, Newport, $15,000
Development of Imperious Women, a new script by playwright Allison Croggan for theatre company The Rabble.

Emma Do, Flemington, $16,884
Development and publication of Working From Home, an illustrated book and online publication by journalist Emma Do that explores the stories of Vietnamese garment workers in Victoria and their contributions to Australian fashion.

East Gippsland Marketing Incorporated, Bairnsdale, $25,000
Development and programming of a creative and events program.

Samira Farah, Brunswick, $10,000
Development of 13 years, an art installation exploring the overlap of African and Caribbean subcultures, by art producer and radio presenter Samira Farah.

Feminist Writers Festival, Melbourne, $15,000
Development and programming of work showcasing Victorian feminist writers.

Alexander Garsden, Brunswick, $12,880
Development, recording and release of in limine I-IX, a series of new chamber music works by composer Alexander Garsden, developed with four of Australia's premier contemporary classical music performers.

Going Down Swinging, Parkville, $30,000
Development and publication of 12 original stories from a variety of Victorian painters, writers, comic artists and illustrators.

Channon Goodwin, Melbourne, $9,400
Establishment and programming of the Composite Moving Image Agency and Media Bank, an initiative that will provide specialist support to artists working in moving image through education, distribution, exhibition opportunties, led by artist Channon Goodwin.

Kate Gorringe-Smith, Northcote, $17,300
Development of The Overwintering Project - Western Port, a multi-media art project by 12 artists that is inspired by migratory shorebirds and their habitat in the local region.

Greater Bendigo City Council on behalf of Briony Buys, Footscray, $30,000
Development and programming of the Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music.

Benjamin Hancock, North Melbourne, $15,300
Development of The Situation, a dance performance, book publication and photographic series inspired by the work of Belgian poet Paul Nougés, by dancer and choreographer Benjamin Hancock.

Tim Humphrey, Northcote, $15,000
Research and development of am I ever gonna see your face again, an interactive creative installation that will incorporate technology including facial recognition technology, speech synthesis and artificial intelligence, by artist, designer and developer Tim Humphrey.

Janelle Johnstone, Northcote, $20,500
Development of new work from the Feminist Punk Guitar Orchestra, a large-scale ensemble of emerging, mid-career and established female and gender diverse guitarists.

Jess Kapuscinski-Evans, Northcote, $15,000
Development of Murder, She Dictated, a theatre show about a quadriplegic woman caught up in events surrounding a suspicious death, by writer and performer Jess Kapuscinski-Evans.

Darius Kedros, Coburg, $16,400
Development of Introduced Species, a performance work exploring themes of national identity, land ownership and environmental impact, by artists Darius Kedros, Roslyn Oades and Mark Coles Smith.

Koorreen Enterprises Pty Ltd, Tyrendarra, $23,482
Development of No More Sugar, No More Tea, a contemporary opera exploring First Nations history and experience from creation through to the present day, by First Peoples playwright, scriptwriter and musician Richard J Frankland.

Stephanie Lake Company, Fitzroy North, $38,000
Development and programming for new dance works and a mentorship program.

Gillian Lever, Eltham, $8,684
Artist and composer Gillian Lever will undertake development on an augmented reality experience that explores the shapes and sounds of antibiotic molecules.

Monica Lim, Docklands, $10,000
Development of Universe, an interactive art project that combines music, dance and live video in an exploration of religion and non-binary identity, by pianist and composer Monica Lim.

Jeanette Little, Prahran, $10,700
Development of Diptych, an electronic music composition exploring themes of time and memory, by composer Jeanette Little.

Make It Up Club, Melbourne, $15,000
Development and programming of Make It Up Club, a series of improvised music performances running in 2020-2021. The program will support a diverse range of artists of different ages, career stages, genders, and cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Marc Pearson, Preston, $19,000
Production of the Glom Press 2020 Collection, a collection of six graphic novels, each by an emerging Victorian artist, printed by comics publisher Glom Press.

Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio Ltd, North Melbourne, $24,000
Presentation of MESS COMMISSIONS 2020, a program of four new electronic music works by four leading and emerging Victorian artists.

Melbourne Jazz Co-operative, Bentleigh, $30,000
Development and programming of a series of contemporary jazz events, performances and activities.

Memo Review, St Kilda, $23,310
For the publication of the online weekly art review throughout 2020-2021. The program includes a young writer mentorship and sustainability initiatives.

Multicultural Arts Victoria Inc on behalf of Aseel Tayah, Lalor, $10,000
Research and development of work by performer, vocalist and installation artist Aseel Tayah.

Multicultural Arts Victoria Inc on behalf of Jonathan Homsey, Northcote, $16,250
Development of inter-im, a dance work inspired by the work of master calligrapher Haji Noor Deen that also explores how dance and choreography is influenced by and shared across different cultures, by artist Jonathan Homsey.

Multicultural Arts Victoria Inc on behalf of Mellisa Silaga, Mooroopna, $10,000
Research and development of work by artist Mellisa Silaga.

Dr Alan Nguyen, Footscray, $15,000
Development of BeeScapes, an interactive virtual reality experience exploring environmentalism and systems of nature that are ordinarily invisible to humans, by writer, director and designer Dr Alan Nguyen.

Benjamin Nichol, Glen Iris, $14,300
Development of Fairybread, a play exploring queerness, youth and surviving against the odds, by actor and director Benjamin Nichol.

one step at a time like this, North Melbourne, $21,909
Development of Conversations With The Plague, a theatre work exploring climate change.

Ahmarnya Price, Coburg, $19,050
Development of The Splendid Anomaly, a live performance work by artist Ahmarnya Price, exploring the adaptability of humans, animals and plant species. The work will incorporate drawing, animation, narration and sound.

Phunktional Ltd., Melbourne, $30,000
Development of Songs with the Rivers, a music, performance-making project for young people living in the north-west corner of Victoria, guided by local Elders and artists. Young participants will explore their relationship to local river systems and create original music and clips that will be shared at community events.

Public Office, Carlton, $19,000
Development of Means of Production, a series of educational workshops and events to guide artists who are working with communities.

Mariaa Randall, Brunswick East, $9,600
Development of SiStem, a work for and by Indigenous women, using poetry, dance, music and song to explore themes of resistance and empowerment.

Nicola Redhouse, Templestowe Lower, $15,000
Development of Attach - on isolation, a non-fiction book that explores the impact of isolation on humans, by writer and editor Nicola Redhouse.

Prudence Rees-Lee, Port Fairy, $8,850
Development of Requiem, a chamber music work inspired by rituals and grief, by musician Prudence Rees-Lee.

Steven Rhall, Footscray, $10,000
Research and development work by artist Steven Rhall.

Jaslyn Robertson, Brunswick West, $5,840
Composition and development of Cut It, a new musical composition that brings together percussion and double bell trombone with electronics, by composer Jaslyn Robertson.

Rubiks Collective, Fitzroy North, $10,000
Research and development of work by the chamber music ensemble.

Mykaela Saunders, Yarraville, $14,400
Development of With Teeth, a collection of short stories exploring contemporary Aboriginal experiences in the arts, activism and academia, by First Peoples writer, researcher and performer Mykaela Saunders.

Matthias Schack-Arnott, Preston, $ 10,000Research and development work by artist and musician Matthias Schack-Arnott.

Sissy Screens, Fairfield, $15,000
Development and production of one year of content for Sissy Screens, a digital magazine exploring queer screen culture.

Sivanesan Day, Narre Warren, $ 10,000
To support the research and development of the South Asian Pathways project.

Jackie Smith, Abbotsford, $14,300
Development of The Lady and the Bird, a participatory children's show and accompanying book exploring themes of love, nature, identity and breaking the rules, by playwright Jackie Smith. Project partners and collaborators include writer and illustrator Judy Horacek, designer Eugyeene Teh, singer/songwriter and protector of country Ray Dimakarri Dixon, and composer Rachel Lewindon.

Glen Walton, Northcote, $10,000
Development of Kidstruments, a series of interactive digital instruments that will be co-created by children and artist Glen Walton.

Khalid Warsame, Footscray, $ 10,500
Development of
Blindness , a novel by writer and editor Khalid Warsame.

Andrew Weldon, Brunswick East, $15,000
Development of It's All Silver Lining , a graphic memoir about unexpected illness and the difficulty of adapting to its challenges, by cartoonist Andrew Weldon.

YUMMY, Lower Plenty, $19,962
Development of
YUMMY in the WILD WEST , a live 'spaghetti western' cabaret show that will explore and exploit 'wild west' conventions.