28 July 2020

Hundreds of Victorian creatives who have been hard-hit by the ongoing impacts of coronavirus have received a lifeline through the second tranche of the Victorian Government’s Sustaining Creative Workers grants, enabling them to keep working, adapting and creating through the crisis.

image for grant announcement


Grants totalling $2.3 million will directly support 373 independent creatives and micro-businesses across the state, including performers, writers, fashion designers, theatre companies and festivals.

This includes an additional $500,000 injected into the program to help meet high levels of demand, especially amongst those with little access to other forms of government support.

Prior to the pandemic, the creative industries employed 280,000 Victorians and contributed $31 billion annually to the state economy. In recent months the sector has been devastated due to coronavirus related restrictions and closures, with thousands of people losing work and income.

Recipients in this round include writer/director/performer Candy Bowers, actor Nadine Garner, dancer/choreographer Deanne Butterworth, fashion designer Alice Edgeley, music label Bad Apples, sculptural artist Anna Varendorff (ACV Studio), and writer/comedian Alistair Baldwin .

The grants will enable them to develop, deliver and adapt their work in a changed environment, including supporting equipment upgrades to enable work from home, research and development, digital initiatives, and professional and business capacity building.

A range of creative festivals and events will move to online formats, including The Festival of Jewish Arts and Music, Melbourne Queer Film Festival, Freeplay Independent Games Festival, Geelong’s Festival of Glass, Human Rights Arts and Film Festival and Open House Melbourne.

Micro-organisations like disability dance and theatre company Weave Movement Theatre, independent children’s books publisher Ford Street, physical theatre company Dislocate and Warrnambool art gallery The F Project will adapt to new ways of operating, presenting work and connecting with audiences.

These latest grants bring the total funding delivered through the program up to $4.7 million. A further 398 recipients were supported in the first tranche of the program.

Sustaining Creative Workers was delivered in partnership with Regional Arts Victoria and Arts Access Victoria.

Full list of recipients below or in this Excel document XLSX, 46.6 KB.


A2K Media Pty Ltd, Brighton, $12,500
To implement a Disability Action Plan to make websites and online activities accessible and create accessible formats for media products.

23rd Key, Reservoir, $5,000
To purchase equipment and develop new works.

Aaron Dobos, Preston, $5,000
To research and develop a business plan and the design of a recording studio.

Aaron Rees, South Yarra, $3,000
To research and develop a collaborative artwork.

ACV studio, Melbourne, $10,000
To strengthen the business through digital and skills upgrades.

Adalita, Preston, $5,000
To support the mixing and mastering of an album.

Adam Calaitzis, Northcote, $5,000
To undertake audience engagement and market research for the development of a series of online music and studio-craft tutorials.

Adam Simmons, Northcote, $5,000
To undertake creative research, composition and recording for a new body of work.

Adam Starr, St Kilda East, $3,900
To purchase equipment to enable the production of four new video works.

Adriana Navarro Guevara, Preston, $5,000
To undertake planning activities and adapt practice to allow for the creation of a new studio space.

Aeso Studio, Fitzroy, $5,000
To develop the online presence of venue The Burrow Underground and support new works and events.

Ajak Mabia, Fairfield, $5,000
To write and record songs for online release and develop a marketing strategy.

Alastair Kerr, Fawkner, $5,000
To adapt a music and dance work and find new ways to engage audiences.

Alexandra Kolac (Xani), Brunswick, $3,240
To create an online series to coincide with the release of a new album and to support equipment upgrades.

Alice Edgeley, Fitzroy, $5,000
To research and develop virtual consultations for custom-made products.

Alistair Baldwin, North Melbourne, $5,000
To support playwriting practice and the development of a new play.

Allara Pattison, Preston, $5,000
To undertake professional development in audio engineering.

Alyse Newman, Collingwood, $5,000
To support business planning and adaptation activities.

Amanda Haskard, Fitzroy, $5,000
To support the research and development of a curatorial project involving audio-visual artists.

AMMEvents Pty Ltd, St Kilda, $10,000
To conduct research on the Victorian fashion manufacturing industry.

Amos Roach, Thornbury, $5,000
To support the research and development of new work.

Amy Dowd, Preston, $5,000
To develop and release recorded material.

Andi Snelling, Blackburn, $7,500
To support research and script development for a theatre work.

Andrew Portelli, Fitzroy North, $2,500
To undertake skills development in social media marketing and develop an online presence to engage audiences.

Anna Cordell, Ivanhoe, $5,000
To promote her recent album through the creation of online content and merchandise.

Annika Koops, Preston, $5,000
To support equipment upgrades and undertake skills development to inform new moving image work.

Anthony Commane, Thornbury, $5,000
To release and market a new EP.

Antonia Sellbach, Coburg, $4,600
To support the artist’s painting and sculpture practice.

Aphrodite Feros-Fooke, North Melbourne, $8,500
To support artists to develop an online exhibition and opportunities to reach audiences.

Arini Byng, Brunswick, $3,000
To develop new works and an exhibition.

Art Ink Publishing, South Yarra, $10,000
To research and develop new strategies to adapt the business and support audience engagement for existing and new work.

Arts Access Victoria on behalf of Robert Croft, Manifold Heights, $7,500
To support creative development and undertake skills development to build his practice online.

Arts Access Victoria on behalf of Leisa Prowd, Thornbury, $7,500
To undertake research to engage new audiences and produce online performances.

Arts Access Victoria on behalf of Naomi Fryers, Bayswater North, $7,500
To undertake an internship.

Arun Roberts, Northcote, $4,500
To create and record a new work.

Audrey Studios, Coburg, $9,866
To produce two pilot virtual house concerts at Audrey Studios to be streamed online.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Weave Movement Theatre, Preston, $9,450
To support online working and develop accessible resources for members to sustain their practice.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Louise Marson, Clifton Hill, $5,550
To support research and development of new works under a mentorship.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Candy Bowers, Northcote, $5,000
To create a podcast featuring creative practitioners.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Anna Lumb, Northcote, $5,000
To adapt work for online platforms and create marketing materials.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Deanne Butterworth, Melbourne, $5,000
To develop a dance work.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Prue Lang, Port Melbourne, $10,000
To research and develop a new performance work.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Nadine Garner, Brunswick West, $10,000
To conduct research into new ways to deliver theatre.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Julian Dibley-Hall, St Kilda West, $4,703
To develop the script and creative development of a play to premiere in 2021.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Meredith Rogers, Fitzroy North, $5,000
To support the creative development of a new performance work.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Jodee Mundy, Southbank, $5,000
To undertake research for a new theatre work.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Joel Bray, West Footscray, $5,000
To undertake research and development for a new performance.

Aylsa McHugh, Preston, $1,800
To undertake skills development in printmaking to inform a new work.

Bad Apples Music Pty Ltd, Reservoir, $10,000
To support 5 to 10 emerging artists to create an album.

Bek Saltmarsh, Maldon, $7,500
To support the expansion of their ceramics practice and examine sustainable production methods.

Ben Gritt, Bairnsdale, $3,500
To research and develop new materials and techniques.

Benjamin Cooper, Flemington, $7,500
To undertake research, skills and creative development in performance, composition and recording.

Benjamin Storch, Albert Park, $4,500
To undertake skills development to create new virtual reality works.

Bernadette Trench-Thiedeman, Frankston, $5,000
To support the creative development of a puppetry work.

Bigoa Chuol, Parkville, $5,000
To research and develop an online art and literary platform.

Blaise Adamson, Brunswick, $5,000
To record and release an EP.

Blak Dot Gallery, Brunswick, $10,000
To create an online 3D virtual gallery and an e-commerce store.

Bodyjar, Richmond, $10,000
To develop and record an album.

Bon Mott, Fitzroy, $7,500
To sustain and develop creative practice through research and development.

Brady Jones, Toolamba, $5,000
To undertake professional development in audio and production to record spoken word and poetry content.

Brett Clarke, Yarpturk, $5,000
To record and develop new work.

Brian Lipson, Brunswick, $5,000
To research, write and undertake design development for a theatre work.

Bryan Monroe Phillips, Coburg, $5,000
To adapt a live performance to suit distancing requirements.

Bryony Marks, North Melbourne, $5,000
To compose a substantial work for a string quartet and film.

Bunna Lawrie, Preston, $5,000
To record a music project.

Byron Huang-Dean, Brunswick West, $4,500
To develop and produce a sound artwork.

Corey Kikos and Maryos Syawish (Sleep D), Carlton, $10,000
To undertake skills development in animation and video effects for live performance and digital content.

Camilla Hannan, Coburg, $5,000
To undertake research and skills development in digital artforms and practice to inform future works.

Cardigan Comics, Northcote, $4,750
To undertake skills and equipment development to deliver work and classes online.

Caroline Packham, Northcote, $5,000
To undertake skills development.

Cassandra George, Mordialloc, $5,000
To explore new methods to reach and engage audiences ahead of an album release.

Christie Widiarto, Footscray, $5,000
To present and develop the virtual adaptation of a cross-artform project.

Cigdem Cennet Serce, St Kilda, $7,500
To undertake a mentorship to adapt a screenplay into a novel.

Claire Bridge and Chelle Destefano, Wheelers Hill, $12,500
To research and develop a collaborative multi-channel video, installation and social media project.

Claire Thomas, Fitzroy North, $4,800
To support the creative development of a novel.

Connection Arts Space, Dandenong, $4,935
To facilitate workshops for artists to prepare for their first solo exhibition.

Conrad Hendricks, Bulleen, $5,000
To deliver masterclasses on theatre sound design and operation.

Cordite Poetry Inc., Carlton South, $8,000
To support the publication of three books.

Corey Thomas, Ivanhoe, $5,000
To undertake skills development.

Cracked Actors Pty.Ltd. as Trustee for Tiger Snake Trust, Melbourne, $10,000
To support the script development of new works by seven Australian writers.

Creative Women's Circle, Melbourne, $10,000
To implement professional development programs for creatives, including a technology upgrade to facilitate online events.

Cressida Bradley, Coburg, $4,565
To develop the script of a theatre show.

Culture Evolves, Coburg North, $5,000
To research and develop a new performance piece.

Dallas Frasca, Black Rock, $5,000
To upskill and develop a new album.

Danielle Rizk, Kealba, $5,000
To support an online show featuring local artists.

Danika Smith, Preston, $4,500
To produce and promote an upcoming single and accompanying music video.

Darcey Bella Arnold, East Melbourne, $3,500
To support creative practice through studio and equipment upgrades.

Dasha Tan, Caulfield, $2,500
To develop a performance piece.

David Splatt, Preston, $5,000
To undertake research, design and production activity for a theatre work.

David Woods on behalf of Small Collective, Brunswick, $5,000
To adapt skills and practice for performance work.

Dianne Toulson, South Yarra, $10,000
To develop and sustain online workshops.

Dislocate Physical Theatre Ensemble, Brunswick West, $10,000
To develop and market live open-air aerial performances to audiences while complying with distancing restrictions.

Djerriwarrh Community and Education Services, Kurunjang, $10,000
To undertake skills development to deliver interactive arts workshops and events online.

Dylan Singh, Preston, $10,000
To develop new work.

Echelon Productions, Moorabbin, $10,000
To develop and market a virtual educational theatre program.

Ela Stiles, Fairfield, $5,000
To develop skills in electronic music production and songwriting.

Eloise Healey, Carlton North, $5,000
To conduct research for a television project.

Emily Bowman, Elwood, $5,000
To sustain research-based practice, undertake creative development for new work, and adapt teaching practice for online.

Eva Popov, Heidelberg Heights, $3,000
To support the online release and publicity of an album.

Fadzai Jaravaza / Sista Zai Zanda, Thornbury, $5,000
To develop an audio literature series.

Felicity Northeast Millinery, Mount Eliza, $10,000
To develop and market a new range of designs.

Fiona Roake, Newport, $4,450
To develop new work and experiment with podcast and video.

Footscray Community Arts Centre on behalf of Victoria Cini, Footscray, $12,500
To develop an online profile and build digital marketing collateral for band The Hackkets.

Ford Street Publishing, Abbotsford, $10,000
To deliver online sessions with authors and illustrators to Victorian schools.

Foreign Brothers, Brunswick, $5,000
To adapt business model and set-up an agency representing local, national and New Zealand musicians.

Freeplay Inc, Melbourne, $8,000
To explore interactive event formats and adapt the Freeplay Independent Games Festival to be delivered online.

Future Popes, Northcote, $4,553
To undertake research, support skills development and adapt in the digital environment.

Genevieve Grieves, Coburg, $5,000
To support the research and development of a podcast.

Genevieve Lacey, Brunswick, $10,000
To develop a multi-artform installation work.

Geoffrey O'Connor, Brunswick, $5,000
To write, produce and record four songs.

Georgia Chapman, Collingwood, $5,000
To undertake technical research, design development and sample production.

Geraldine Quinn, Noble Park North, $2,700
To produce a music video for a performance piece.

Good Manners Music, Abbotsford, $10,000
To develop a mental health plan and policy for staff and artists.

Good Morning, Thornbury, $10,000
To set up a home studio which will be used to record a new album.

Good Morning Beautiful Pty. Ltd, Collingwood, $5,000
To research and develop an online archive of stories.

Gregory More, North Melbourne, $10,000
To develop strategies for remote working on large-scale installations and exhibitions.

GrowCreative Pty Ltd, Brunswick, $9,750
To develop the company's online and social media presence to build new client and design opportunities.

Guest Work Agency Pty Ltd, Windsor, $10,000
To develop new markets for a program which introduces local artists to collectors.

Harley Mann, Malvern East, $9,600
To support the development of a performance.

Hayley Millar-Baker, Sunshine, $5,000
To research and develop a new contemporary artwork.

Hew Clothing, Kew East, $10,000
To develop a new collection and set up platforms for building brand awareness and online education.

HIT Productions Pty Ltd, Mentone, $10,000
To explore options for staging a program of shows outdoors.

Hoa Pham, North Melbourne, $5,000
To complete a written work under a mentorship.

Home Brewed Studio, Lilydale, $5,000
To produce two music projects for Victorian artists and develop a marketing strategy to source future clients.

HoMie, Fitzroy, $10,000
To support the design and production team at HoMie to expand and build capacity for a new project.

Hudson Japananga Maxwell, Mount Macedon, $5,000
To purchase materials to create new works.

Human Rights Arts & Film Festival, Melbourne, $10,000
To support a regional tour and online content delivery.

I heard a whisper, Princes Hill $10,000
To create a record label and release vinyl records for seven acts.

Incendium Radical Library, Brunswick, $5,000
To print five new written works.

Indiah Money, Fitzroy North, $5,000
To research and develop a new project.

Indigo Children, Thornbury, $4,500
To mix, master, promote and release an album.

Isobel Knowles and Van Sowerwine, Coburg, $10,000
To undertake research and skills development to create online experiences and make their work contact-free.

Joby Blackman and Carolyn Blackman (Vivid Design), Keilor East, $8,500
To support software and hardware upgrades for the business.

Jacey Ashton, Foster, $5000
To develop an online presence and marketing strategy for a custom guitar pedal business.

Jacqui Stockdale, Preston, $5,000
To produce an online presentation of a recent exhibition.

James Andrews, Richmond, $5,000
To develop a short video project.

James Henry Little, Fitzroy North, $6,000
To support the composition and sound design of five new pieces.

James Kenyon, Northcote, $4,000
To mix and master a new album.

James Wright, North Melbourne, $5,000
To undertake research and skills development in screen-based collaborative practice and online publishing.

Jason Christou, Docklands, $5,000
To undertake research and skills development to expand his practice, develop new projects and create digital content.

Jazz Party (Darcy McNulty), Preston, $10,000
To collate, edit, mix and master a collection of live performance recordings for release.

Jennifer Loveless, Clifton Hill, $5,000
To develop and produce a music video.

Jenny Ackland, Mill Park, $5,000
To develop the first draft of a novel.

Jenny M. Thomas, Reservoir, $4,800
To produce two music videos.

Jenny Zhe Chang, Caulfield South, $4,385
To research and develop a new work.

Jess Locke, Collingwood, $4,500
To support the release of a new album.

Jessica Brookman, Kew, $5,000
To conduct research for a television project.

Jessica Ribeiro, Fitzroy North, $5,000
To record comprehensive demos for a new album.

Jim Moynihan, St Andrews, $5,000
To create and produce a new album.

Joel Ma, Brunswick, $4,000
To support the marketing campaign for Joelistic Presents Film School, including the creation of a short film.

Jolt Sonic Arts, Northcote, $10,000
To develop and deliver a suite of workshops.

Jonathan Ben-Tovim, Broadmeadows, $10,000
To develop and design a new range of furniture and lighting products.

Jonathon Goodfellow, Footscray, $7,500
To support the research and development of creative practice with a digital component.

Jonnine Standish, Kallista, $5,000
To write, perform, produce, mix and master a debut LP.

Joseph L Griffiths - Davies Griffiths Broekhuysen, Carlton North, $5,000
To research the application of industrial automation technologies.

Joshua Barber, Northcote, $4,000
To develop and record a new instrumental music project.

JTM Productions, Point Cook, $10,000
To explore new methods of presenting performances.

Kaptify Aboriginal Cultural Art Design, Mornington, $10,000
To support the design of a mural and the development of an education program with a local school.

Karen M Vanspall, Glen Iris, $5,000
To record a music work.

Karma Dance Inc, Footscray, $8,000
To support capacity to continue to present dance works.

Katherine Scott, Woodend, $5,000
To increase digital capability and adapt to digital platforms.

Katie Yap, Parkville, $4,725
To develop video recordings of five works and a new project.

Kazworks Pty Ltd, Barwon Heads, $12,500
To undertake skills development and research to engage audiences online.

Kerith Manderson-Galvin, Flemington, $3,924
To conduct research for a new work.

Kids Own Publishing Australia (Inc), Abbotsford, $10,000
To develop and deliver online programming for children and families.

Kiera Brew Kurec, Tecoma, $5,000
To explore new platforms to engage audiences and create a performance piece.

Kimberley Twiner, Brunswick East, $5,000
To develop a screen work for young audiences.

Kings Artist Run Initiative, Yarraville, $10,000
To transition to a mobile gallery model and continue to deliver digital programs.

Kofi Kunkpe, Warburton, $5,000
To undertake creative and skills development and produce a series of solo arrangements.

Kristel-Lee Kickett, Braybrook, $5,000
To support the performance and recording of an online concert.

Kristine Walker, Northcote, $4,840
To undertake research and skills development in textile design.

Lachlan Mitchell, Runcorn, $5,000
To write, record and produce an album.

Laetitia Olivier-Gargano, Thornbury, $1,050
To create new sculpture works and continue to develop an interactive website.

Laila Marie Costa, Reservoir, $7,500
To research and develop new skills and the use of new materials.

Laila Sakini, Belgrave South, $5,000
To support the creative development of new works.

Laimine Sonko, Reservoir, $5,000
To support audience and market development for a theatre performance.

Lauren Broeren, Ashwood, $5,000
To undertake skills development in screen post-production, including colour grading.

Lauren Dunn, Collingwood, $4,140
To conduct research and develop a visual arts project.

Leisa Shelton, Carlton North, $5,000
To complete a new installation.

Lilian Steiner, Donvale, $4,305
To research and develop a new dance work.

Linda Hughes, Macleod, $5,000
To create a website to display work and engage with audiences and clients.

Linda MacAulay, Eltham, $5,000
To undertake skills development in the design and fabrication of sculpture installations.

Lisa Mitchell, Fitzroy North, $8,500
To complete songs and record an album.

Liz Stringer, Coburg North, $5,000
To produce a music video in collaboration with filmmaker Dyllan Corbett.

Look Out Kid Pty Ltd, Collingwood, $5,000
To undertake a series of professional and skills development activities.

Luke Beesley, Thornbury, $5,000
To undertake research and skills development in adapting writing for digital platforms.

Malcura, Gardenvale, $9,999
To manufacture, publicise and distribute an album.

Mark Monnone, Brunswick, $5,000
To record, mix and vinyl press a home-recorded album.

Martin King, Northcote, $5,000
To develop a series of drawings.

Matlok Griffiths, Northcote, $5,000
To create and present a body of work for an upcoming festival.

Matthew Harris, Fitzroy North, $5,000
To support the curation and creative development of an exhibition.

Matthew Linde, Fitzroy, $5,000
To research and develop a publication on local fashion practices.

Maurial Spearim, St Kilda, $5,000
To support the creation of two video/visual works to coincide with two single releases.

Meg Mundel, Seddon, $7,500
To support the development of a creative non-fiction book and essays.

Melanie Dimattina, Windsor, $5,000
To pivot role to an event promoter and develop a website of archival materials.

Melbourne Queer Film Festival, Melbourne, $10,000
To build the festival's online capacity and offering.

Meleesha Bardolia, Carlton North, $5,000
To research, develop and write a feature film script.

Meng Wang, Brunswick, $5,000
To digitise works for online environment.

Meow Meow (Melissa Madden Gray), Fitzroy, $5,000
To undertake skills development and research and record stories to inform the creation of a new work.

Meredith Turnbull, Balaclava, $5,000
To develop a website and online store and create a new body of work.

Merring Studio, Northcote, $5,000
To research and develop new ways to hold events and exhibitions.

Mia Mala McDonald, Pascoe Vale, $5,000
To develop and market a photographic book.

Micaela Schmidt, Wodonga, $7,500
To undertake a mentorship to develop skills and support the artist to use more accessible tools, equipment and spaces.

Michael Clarke, Rosebud, $5,000
To purchase equipment to develop teaching resources and create new works.

Michael Katz, Fitzroy North, $10,000
To support the upgrade of Swimming Pool Studio to facilitate remote working and produce digital content.

Mike Deslandes Audio, Collingwood, $5,000
To support a publicity campaign for new work and undertake equipment maintenance and upgrades.

Milk Records Pty Ltd, Coburg, $5,000
To undertake a retail marketing campaign to engage international audiences, including the development of merchandise, artwork, assets and advertising.

Ministry of Art, Brighton, $10,000
To research and develop an online platform for artists.

Mitch Mahoney, Yarraville, $10,000
To support the development of a new project.

Mohamed Camara, Watsonia North, $5,000
To undertake a collaborative music project.

More Banter, Reservoir, $5,000
To develop, produce and market a six-episode, live-streamed video event.

MUSIKTRAFIK Pty Ltd, Fitzroy, $10,000
To create three live-stream concerts for local bands.

Mycelium Studios, Brunswick East, $10,000
To develop an online platform for creative practitioners and businesses to present works, performances and educational experiences.

Nathan McGuire, Preston, $5,000
To support the research and development of a capsule collection of new menswear.

Nicole Breedon, Tecoma, $7,500
To develop new skills, support experimentation in new mediums and the creation of new work.

Northeast Party House, Northcote, $10,000
To design and deliver projects and adapt practice for online platforms.

Ocean Grove, Richmond, $10,000
To explore new ways to engage audiences and promote their album online.

Only Freshies Apparel, St Kilda, $10,000
To research and develop a fashion brand.

Open House Melbourne, East Melbourne, $10,000
To develop and present content for a digital program.

Paea Leach, Seddon, $5,000
To research and experiment with new techniques and approaches to developing dance work.

Paul Grummisch, Blackburn North, $5,000
To support research, design and development of new products.

Pool - From Britten Pty Ltd, Prahran, $10,000
To create a digital fashion showroom and sales portal for wholesale buyers.

Prad Sen trading as Deep Creative, Collingwood, $5,000
To undertake skills development in animation and utilising archival material.

Quivers, Abbotsford, $5,000
To purchase equipment which will enable the band to record new material independently.

Rachael Sooji Kim, Coburg North, $4,628
To undertake skills development, mentorship and recording.

Reagan Maiquez, Glen Waverley, $5,000
To develop a non-fiction, poetry and narrative writing project.

Res Artis, Collingwood, $10,000
To create digital learning tools and case studies on alternative arts residencies.

Rhys Ripper, Preston, $5,000
To support the development and creation of a magazine.

Rhythms Magazine, Murrumbeena, $4,800
To undertake market research and audience development, and adapt magazine content for online publication.

Richard Frankland, Tyrendarra, $5,000
To support a writing project.

Rigman Pty Ltd as Trustee for The Spiderbait Unit Trust, Fitzroy, $10,000
To develop a campaign, strategy and content for a strengthened digital presence.

Riley Pearce, Richmond, $4,800
To create live digital content to promote his forthcoming EP.

Roanne Allan, Ormond, $10,000
To support a female pop choir to develop new works and to research online rehearsal and performance methods.

Robert John Healey, Reservoir, $5,000
To create a studio for mastering, mixing and editing.

Rochelle Humphrey, Coburg North, $10,000
To research and develop a film documentary.

Rodney Gray, Thornbury, $5,000
To update his sculpture studio and develop an installation work.

Rolling Stock Recording Rooms, Preston, $6,000
To refurbish, expand and promote the studio's online presence and develop skills for live-streaming performances, online real-time mixing and mastering services and off-site tracking sessions.

Ruby Jones, Preston, $5,000
To develop new music and explore new ways to engage with audiences.

Ruth Bunford, Belgrave, $5,000
To develop new skills in virtual garment prototyping which will enable further collaborations with fashion designers.

Deep Soulful Sweats (Sarah Aiken and Rebecca Jensen), North Melbourne, $10,000
To research and develop a choreography video series.

Sally McLean, South Yarra, $4,850
To redevelop a stage play as a theatre–screen hybrid production.

Sally Smart, North Melbourne, $5,000
To develop the digital presentation of moving image works.

Sam van Zweden, Kew, $4,500
To undertake writing, research and planning.

Samuel Broeren, Windsor, $5,000
To undertake research and skills development in digital cinematography technologies.

Samuel Gaskin, Briar Hill, $5,000
To develop home studio capability to support the recording and production of new music.

Sarah Dingwall, Dromana, $5,000
To undertake skills and equipment development to expand her online presence and engage new audiences.

Sarah Duyshart, Mount Eliza, $5,000
To develop skills, engage new audiences and online markets.

Sarah Jessica Carpark, Brunswick West, $4,000
To develop two performance works.

Sean Morris, Northcote, $3,000
To undertake skills development to inform the creation of new work.

Shaylene Downer, Sunbury, $5,000
To adapt art classes to an online format and curate a virtual exhibition.

Shelley Lasica, Parkville, $5,000
To continue artistic practice, including research for a new ensemble performance work and accompanying publication.

Sherwin Akbarzadeh, Thornbury, $5,000
To research and develop a new photography and film work.

Shir Madness Melbourne Jewish Music Festival Inc, Caulfield North, $10,000
To deliver a digital program stream for the Festival of Jewish Arts and Music (FOJAM).

Shirley Billing, Brunswick West, $2,500
To undertake research and experimentation using radio and Bluetooth sound technology for performance.

Smilk (Nathaniel Hansen), Rye, $5,000
To complete new work, adapt to an online platform and create educational videos.

Sofii McKenzie, South Yarra, $5,000
To establish a design studio.

Sophie Chapman, Fawkner, $5,000
To adapt plays to an audio format with sound effects and original music.

SOUL Theatre Incorporated, Coburg North, $10,000
To support the creative development of a new play to be presented in 2021.

Southern Otways Indigenous Group, Hordern Vale, $10,000
To create an education tool.

Spencer Lai, Flemington, $5,000
To undertake research and development to inform new works.

Starlie Geikie, Clifton Hill, $4,750
To research weaving techniques for a series of large-scale artworks.

Stephanie Luna Mrozik Gawler, Sandringham, $1,800
To undertake skills development in design and coding for a web-based project.

Stephanie Peters, Footscray, $5,000
To develop the online presentation of an exhibition using virtual reality and multi-channel projection.

Stupid Old Studios, Brunswick, $10,000
To present a new live-streaming service.

Sunbeam Sound Machine, Fitzroy, $5,000
To support the completion and post-production of a new album.

Takashi Takiguchi, Preston, $3,000
To undertake professional development to build skills as an independent producer and creative director, and strengthen online presence.

Teneille Clerke, Alphington, $5,000
To create an online magazine.

TerryandTheCuz, Moonee Ponds, $5,000
To support the creative development of a theatre work.

Tesori Bellini, Keilor East, $10,000
To develop and create a new product range, and upgrade website and e-commerce platform.

Tess Guthrie, Fitzroy North, $4,450
To undertake the pre-production, recording and release of a new single.

The Amber Theatre, Brunswick East, $10,000
To undertake research and professional skills development.

Thembi Soddell, Clunes, $5,000
To undertake research and development for a new work.

Theresa O'Connor, North Melbourne, $10,000
To support the creative development of a puppetry work.

Thomas Supple and Byron Scullin, North Melbourne, $10,000
To support the creative development of a large-scale sound installation and experiential performance work staged in a Melbourne sporting arena.

Three Phase Music, Brunswick, $10,000
To develop a platform and studio for artists to live-stream.

Thuy On, West Footscray, $2,000
To undertake research for a literature project.

Tim Guy, South Yarra, $4,240
To develop video content and explore new ways to connect with audiences.

Tom Evans, Williamstown North, $4,000
To upgrade a studio space with new equipment and present live-streamed performances.

Tony Yap, Brunswick, $5,000
To undertake skill development in digital videography to support the development of a new dance theatre work.

Toombak Indigenous Production Pty Ltd, Port Melbourne, $10,000
To research and develop two projects.

Transit Lounge Publishing Pty Ltd, Yarraville, $10,000
To publish four new novels by emerging and established writers.

Travis MacDonald, Kensington, $5,000
To create a new interactive website to display work.

Turning World, Brunswick, $10,000
To undertake skills development and long-term business planning for a cross-artform collaboration.

Typecast Entertainment, Balwyn North, $10,000
To research and develop alternative ways to present a film festival.

Valerie Sparks, Forest Hill, $4,456
To support the research and development of light-based works for 3D projected installations.

Vanessa Morris, Preston, $5,000
To develop and create new music and record a demo.

Vaudeville Smash, Coburg, $8,000
To produce online concerts and develop the band's business model.

Victoria Chiu – Chiucox, Northcote, $5,000
To undertake skills development in interactive 3D technology, mobile application platforms, 360 camera operation and motion capture.

Vijay Thillaimuthu, Brunswick East, $5,000
To undertake skills development in generative digital visualisation techniques, informing the production of new online audio-visual works.

VRTOV, Southbank, $10,000
To support the virtual reality studio to adapt physical installation work to suit online platforms.

William McKinna-Hannagan, Abbotsford, $3,000
To develop and record a debut album.

Woodstock Music Pty Ltd, Kyneton, $5,000
To complete and produce an album.

Yaraan Bundle, Warrnambool, $5,000
To support the completion of a short documentary.

Yuiko Masukawa, Coburg North, $5,000
To develop a new screen-based dance work.

Zak Olsen, Melbourne, $10,000
To develop a production studio and an online platform.

Stream 4 - Regional - managed by Regional Arts Victoria

Akasha Temple, Mount Clear, $5,000
To upgrade home studio capabilities to record, mix and master an album, and to develop audiences online.

Akhila Fernando, Golden Square, $5,000
To research and develop new batik techniques and online workshops.

Andrew Morrish, Marlo, $5,000
To develop a series of performances for small audiences and live-stream to reach wider audiences.

Anglesea Art House, Anglesea, $10,000
To develop digital content to showcase artists.

Anthony Pelchen, Quantong, $5,000
To research and develop new processes and platforms for collaborative and solo work.

Barking Spider Visual Theatre, Cundare North, $10,000
To upskill and undertake research development to create and deliver community engaged, accessible art experiences online with a focus on developing new markets.

Caroline Hawkins, Anglesea, $2,600
To produce a digital work.

Casey Hartnett, Winchelsea, $5,000
To support the digital release of existing works and further develop an online portfolio.

Centre for Rural Communities Inc., East Bairnsdale, $10,000
To adapt face-to-face activities and publish stories.

Christine Davey, Alvie, $5,000
To undertake research, development and upskilling opportunities to inform new theatre projects.

Craig Dent, Whorouly, $4,500
To support music and writing workshops for primary and secondary students, including an exhibition component.

Cynthia Troup, Lauriston, $5,000
To research and develop a collection of stories.

Damien Hipwell, Numurkah, $5,000
To support product development and marketing activities for furniture designs.

David Gagliardi, Kennington, $5,000
To undertake research and development for a new music composition.

Dijanne Cevaal, Morwell, $5,000
To undertake professional development opportunities.

Drying Shed Artist Space Pty Ltd, Castlemaine, $7,200
To produce a new publication and an online commercial platform.

Drysdale Clifton Springs Curlewis Association - Festival of Glass, Clifton Springs, $10,000
To support the development of online events and promotional activity, as well as professional development.

Elise Cakebread, Gordon, $5,000
To undertake skills development and explore alternative models, techniques and materials.

Elizabeth Langslow, Malmsbury, $5,000
To undertake professional development through education, research and studio practice.

FLOAT Collective, Lakes Entrance, $10,000
To develop an arts residency program.

Forest Keegel, Maldon, $5,000
To upgrade studio space to facilitate research and develop new techniques.

G.R.A.I.N. Inc, Nathalia, $10,000
To undertake research and development activities and support artists through workshops, the curatorial program and artist discussions.

GAP Events , Beaufort, $10,000
To pivot Rainbow Serpent Festival to an online format and create digital content.

Gareth Colliton, Warrnambool, $5,000
To research and develop a graphic novel.

Gary Phillipson (aka Soloman), Narbethong, $5,000
To produce a music video with a visual artist and support international promotion.

Gillian Venn, Brimpaen, $5,000
To develop images and videos for a new website.

Gonzalo Varela, Walkerville, $4,800
To undertake creative development for a theatre work.

Hannah French, Natimuk, $4,600
To undertake skills development in animation and projection to support ongoing creative and teaching practice.

Harley Manifold, Warrnambool, $5,000
To purchase equipment and materials, adapt practice and build capacity in marketing.

Helenka King, Bindi, $5,000
To support 25 creatives to participate in a new project.

Jane Polkinghorne, Nichols Point , $5,000
To undertake skills development in photography and video production and editing.

Jonathan Steer, Castlemaine, $4,500
To adapt the studio to allow live-streaming and video and audio recording.

Joshua Hyde, Sebastopol, $5,000
To record a new album.

Joshua Tyler, Kyneton, $5,000
To develop an online writing course.

Josiane Behmoiras (Smith), Canadian, $5,000
To undertake research and manuscript development for a literature work.

Knuldoorong (Janet Bromley), Kangaroo Flat, $10,000
To create a book featuring artwork that was scheduled to appear in an exhibition that has been cancelled.

Laura Jane Turner, Newtown, $4,700
To undertake professional development.

Lauren Murphy, Warragul, $5,000
To undertake skills development and adapt workshops for online.

Lisa D'Onofrio, Castlemaine, $3,000
To adapt writing projects for online, create new content and undertake professional development.

Lz Dunn, Castlemaine, $5,000
To support a professional development mentorship.

Madelynne Cornish, Bogong, $5,000
To develop and produce a new audio-visual work.

Margaret Dobson, Black Hill, $5,000
To adapt an existing theatre work for online presentation.

Margareta Osborn, Coongulla, $4,800
To develop a digital platform to reach new audiences and networks.

Mark Lang, Point Lonsdale, $5,000
To support an online series showcasing work by a range of musicians.

Martinich & Carran (Rowena Martinich and Geoffrey Carran), Jan Juc, $10,000
To implement a marketing strategy to engage consumers and find new audiences.

Mary French, Tooan, $5,000
To develop a series of performances.

Matthew Clarke, Warrnambool, $5,000
To support research, as well as development of work for an exhibition and associated publication.

MDP Photography and Video, Fryerstown, $5,000
To develop a project with photographers based in regional areas.

Melissa Dance, Warrnambool, $3,000
To support a new performance piece.

Mimi Leung, Shepparton East, $5,000
To develop new work using digital drawing tools and techniques and further develop skills and practice as a commercial illustrator.

Natalie Martin, Jan Juc, $5,000
To promote a new online painting class.

Natalie Ryan, Colbinabbin, $4,600
To undertake product and skills development to create a range of made-to-order printed fabrics.

Nigel Wearne, Woodford, $5,000
To record remotely and build capacity as a session musician and producer.

Off the Leash Theatre, Warragul, $6,000
To support the development of a performance showcase and facilitate networking opportunities.

Omeo Dance Inc., Marlo, $10,000
To develop skills and resources to transform performances into both online works and installations for gallery spaces.

Peter Day, Johanna, $5,000
To support a community art project which will include regional schools, the local community and a public presentation.

Pollyanna Gibson, Morwell, $5,000
To research and develop tools to facilitate online support for local artists.

Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop, Queenscliff, $1,100
To create and deliver online exhibitions.

Renee Treml, Torquay, $3,595
To diversify and connect with audiences and develop new ways of engaging online.

Ri Van Veen, Maddingley, $5,000
To research and develop a new ceramic technique.

Roderick Poole, Wongarra, $5,000
To develop new ways of rehearsing, performing and presenting outdoor performances.

Roland Harvey, Fish Creek, $5,000
To develop a website.

RUSSELL:EVANS, Clunes, $10,000
To develop new processes for creating and presenting performances.

Samantha Slicer, Newham, $5,000
To investigate mixed reality technologies for exhibitions.

Sandy Scheltema, Trentham, $5,000
To produce a documentary photo series.

Shaun Adams, Ocean Grove, $5,000
To rebrand, research and develop a strategy for a regional touring business.

Shaun Evans, Woodend, $5,000
To research and develop best practice for regionally-based musicians to produce material together, resulting in an EP.

Shelley Knoll-Miller, Cudgee , $1,250
To support online training opportunities and boost accessibility from a remote location.

Shelly Kent, Mount Helen, $5,000
To develop online tutorials in screen printing and textile design.

Steven Conte, Warrnambool, $5,000
To support the author to engage new markets and promote novel to international publishers.

Susie Losch, Upper Gundowring, $5,000
To collaborate with a graphic designer to develop a digital archive and website.

Suzanne Connelly, Swan Hill, $5,000
To research and develop skills and build an online presence to broaden audience and promotional opportunities.

Terence Jaensch, Castlemaine, $5,000
To undertake research and skills development for a writing project.

The F Project, Warrnambool, $10,000
To build online capacity and expand their virtual gallery.

Tim Lucas, Barongarook West, $5,000
To support the development of a dedicated training space within an existing print studio.

Tracie Mitchell, Venus Bay, $5,000
To develop a new process to deliver a dance work.

Verity Higgins, Mount Pleasant, $5,000
To undertake research and skills development and set up a home recording studio.

Zak Chalmers, Leongatha South, $5,000
To research and develop firing and ceramic techniques.