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27 April 2020

With stages and venues temporarily closed, Victorian musicians and music organisations will continue their work behind the scenes with support through the latest round of funding through the Music Works program.

Ali Barter. Image by Lindsey Byrnes, Facebook

Grants totalling $327,973 will support 27 Victorian music projects ranging from online skills development workshops, through to album recordings and promotional campaigns for new local music.

Music was one of the first, and hardest hit, sectors in the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The grants recognise that while tours and gigs are postponed, the global demand for music is stronger than ever and there are many ways for music to continue to be made and shared and for artists and the industry to build skills and opportunities for the future.

In addition to new music by some of the state’s best known artists such as AdalitaMick Harvey and Ali Barter, the latest round will support up and coming artists to record and release debut albums including pop artist Eliish Gilligan, electronic musician Cleopold and Torquay-based alt pop artist Libby Steel.

Collaborations and genre-blending projects also feature with producer Zhonu Moon set to collaborate digitally with traditional, pop and jazz musicians from Australia, Morocco and Ethiopia, and electronic duo Sleep D collaborating on a new album with chamber music ensemble Ad Lib Collective.

Programs by Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio and 3CR community radio will support early career artists and sound technicians to develop their skills, while a series of initiatives for musicians, venues and industry workers in the South West will support skills development and strengthen networks across the region.

These Music Works grants are part of the Victorian Government’s ongoing support for Victoria’s creative industries through the coronavirus crisis.  This is one of a number of funding rounds supporting Victorian creatives, working in all creative forms, to continue working and developing projects while public health measures and restrictions are in place.

Victorian businesses, including sole traders, seeking advice on how to navigate the coronavirus environment, including finding out more about government programs to support impacted businesses, can contact the Business Victoria Hotline on 13 22 15 or visit business.vic.gov.au

Musicians, bands and music organisations and micro-businesses with five or more years’ experience are also eligible to apply for support through the new Sustaining Creative Workers initiative. Find out more

The national industry has also quickly mobilised to create the Sound of Silence initiative to show music lovers how they can support the industry at this time including donations to Support Act and Crew Care and links to merchandise stores of local artists

Music industry workers experiencing hardship or distress are encouraged to contact the Support Act Wellbeing Helpline, a free professionally staffed counselling service for the music and creative industries on 1800 959 500. The Helpline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Find useful information and resources on our Coronavirus and Victoria’s Creative Industries sub-site.

Grant recipients

Music Works Major Funding round

3CR Community Radio, Fitzroy, $9,874

Eight audio-engineering masterclasses for female and non-gender-conforming sound technicians to help promote diversity in the music industry.

Parvyn Bennett, Mont Albert North, $8,750

For vocalist Parvyn Singh to record, mix and master her debut solo album, blending contemporary electronica and RnB with classical North Indian Raga and Punjabi Bhangra.

Big Yawn, Fitzroy North, $10,850

Melbourne-based live electronic band Big Yawn to record, mix and master their second LP, and develop a PR and advertising campaign to support the LP’s release.

Julia Jacklin, Collingwood, $20,000

To record and produce the third studio album, and associated artwork, by Julia Jacklin.

Hannah Cameron, Fitzroy North, $10,806

To record, produce, release and promote the third album by folk artist Hannah Cameron.

Ryan Downey, Kingsville, $8,390

To mix, master and internationally release the second album of Ryan Downey

Husky Gawenda, St Kilda, $7,500

To support folk musician Husky Gawenda to record his first solo album, a compilation of thirteen songs telling the story of two lovers.

Eilish Gilligan, Wattle Glen, $10,000

To record, release and promote pop artist Eilish Gilligan’s debut EP.

Girly Bits Pty Ltd, Melbourne, $20,000

For musician Ali Barter to record her third album, drawing inspiration from contemporary UK music.

George Ian Hewitt, North Melbourne, $14,339

Electronic musician George Hewitt, under moniker Cleopold, to record, produce and promote his debut album.

Corin Ileto, Preston, $10,000

Electronic artist Corin Ileto to produce, record and mix a new album and supporting visual content.

Jessie Lloyd Music Pty Ltd, St Albans, $20,000

As part of the Mission Songs Project, First Nations musician Jessie Lloyd will record and release, online, a 12-track gospel album, comprising hymns from the early 20th-century ‘missions era’.

Lupa J, Melbourne, $19,930

To support Lupa J to refine her production skills in the techno, dance and pop music genres through the creation of her fourth EP, with supporting PR campaigns across the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Georgia Knight, Clifton Hill, $5,000

For Georgia Knight to record, mix and master her debut EP, featuring five original songs.

Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio Ltd, North Melbourne, $33,800

Support for 24 places in a professional development program that helps early-career electronic musicians gain technical skills from industry professionals and navigate working in the music industry.

Zhonu Moon, Brunswick East, $8,500

Producer Zhonu Moon to record and mix a new album in collaboration with traditional, pop and jazz musicians from Australia, Ethiopia and Morocco.

Multicultural Arts Victoria Inc on behalf of Barbod  Valadi, Reservoir, $6,090

To work with the Barbod Valadi jazz trio to create ‘Scattered Shadows’, an original album fusing traditional Persian music and contemporary jazz, promoted through live performances and activities at multicultural community events.

Play On Arts Ltd, Carlton North, $11,450

To mix, master, press and promote a new collaborative album by electronic musicians Sleep D and the chamber music collective Ad Lib Collective.

Press Club, Collingwood, $15,000

Melbourne band Press Club to record, mix and master their third album.

Amanda Roff, Bailieston, $14,470

To produce and release the second LP by pop, electronica and post punk duo Time for Dreams, with original album cover artwork by artist Richard Lewer.

Dougal Shaw, Brunswick, $9,300

To record, release and distribute the second album by post-punk, new wave band Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice.

Libby Steel, Torquay, $9,999

Alternative pop artist Libby Steel to record, produce and promote her debut EP.

Story Baker Pty Ltd, Fitzroy North, $15,000

For a collaborative album between Australian musicians Mick Harvey, Mick Turner, Martin W Brown and Adalita.

Jaquelin Vallejo, Reservoir, $9,925

Musician Iaki Vallejo to collaborate with artist Thando, to record, mix and master a new single reflecting their shared perspectives as women of colour.

Music Works Quick Response grants

What's My Scene South West, $5,000

For a professional development initiative for the musicians, venues and industry representatives in south west Victoria, to develop skills and build and strengthen networks in this region.

These New South Whales, $9,000
The promotion of TNSW Tonight, a live-to-air style talk show featuring bespoke sections, guests, and performances.

Sannia, $5,000
The recording, mixing and mastering of Sannia's debut EP, to be produced and recorded by Andy Mak.