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16 June 2020

Victorian musicians, fashion labels, game developers, galleries, filmmakers and writers are among the first wave of creatives to receive support through the Victorian Government’s Sustaining Creative Workers initiative.

Image by the Huxleys

Image: The Huxleys

More than $2.4 million in grants will support almost 400 Victorian creative industries workers, organisations and micro-businesses to undertake activities that will help protect creative careers, explore new business opportunities and enable the sector to rebuild and bounce back.

The creative industries, which ordinarily employ 280,000 people in Victoria, have been among the hardest hit sectors, with venue closures, screen industry shutdowns and event cancellations leaving thousands of creative practitioners and associated trades out of work and leading to millions in lost revenue.

The $4.2 million Sustaining Creative Workers initiative is a quick response grants program that is part of the Victorian Government’s $51.1 million response to safeguard our renowned creative sector and keep creatives working.

This first tranche of activities will see artists focus on expanding business skills, purchasing streaming equipment or creating online stores to expand their markets. Others will respond to the crisis by hosting online launch events and virtual publicity tours or by adapting cancelled shows into podcasts, audio plays or online exhibitions.

Demonstrating the breadth of Victoria’s creative community, the recipients include rapper BIRDZ, fashion labels Strateas Carlucci and Gwendolynne, south-west Victoria’s Find Your Voice - All Abilities Choir, author Nam Lee, game developer Paper House, artist Lisa Roet, children’s group The Listies and industrial designer Girius Antanaitis.

Some artists and businesses will create work to launch when restrictions ease while others respond to the new environment with initiatives such as a ‘drive-in’ performance at the Newstead Racecourse or a performance delivered to audiences over the phone.

To future-proof their businesses against further disruption, many will use this time to upskill staff in new technologies, adapt their studios to include livestreaming capabilities, explore how to present events with both online and live components or to establish new supply chains where all materials can be sourced, and created, onshore. In partnership with Regional Arts Victoria and Arts Access Victoria, rolling assessment continues on the program which received more than 2,500 applications over four weeks.

Full list of recipients (Excel) XLS, 133.0 KB


5678 Design, Brighton, $5,000
To support graphic designer Marianna Berek-Lewis with 5678 Design to use the current downtime to undergo further skills development in website design and social media.

Aaron D'Arcy, Yarraville, $5,000
To support Alt Country artist Aaron D'Arcy to finish work on his second solo album.

Afsaneh Torabi, Preston, $3,600
To research and develop a new theatre work.

Alberto Di Troia, West Melbourne, $5,000
To research and develop a comedy project for television.

Alex Cardy, Fairfield, $5,000
To research and develop a six-part moving-image series.

Alex Turley, Windsor, $5,000
To research and develop a song cycle.

Ali McGregor, Yarraville, $9,300
To adapt her 'Late-Nite Variety-Nite' show, usually run as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, into a virtual format.

Alice Wormald, Fitzroy North, $5,000
To develop and create new paintings to be exhibited at Bus Projects in 2021.

Alicia Sometimes, Carnegie, $5,000
To research and develop a poetry collection to be released online in multimedia format and in a completed poetry collection.

Alisa Tanaka-King, Richmond, $5,000
To research and develop an immersive performance.

Alison Halit Collaborative Projects, Coburg, $10,000
To enable Alison Halit to sustain her producing practice through collaborating with other artists and stakeholders and increasing her digital capabilities.

Amanda Ord, Eltham, $5,000
To enable to undertake skills development and reach new audiences.

Amelia Lever-Davidson, Clifton Hill, $5,000
To expand her skills as a lighting designer by undertaking research into pre-visualisation software for lighting design in live performance.

AMXANDER Yuan Rong Chen, Coburg, $5,000
To research and develop new product categories in response to the supply chain impact that coronavirus (COVID-19) has had on the fashion industry.

Amy Victoria Franz, Fitzroy North, $5,000
To adapt and upscale her leather design practice to a branded label.

Anastasia La Fey, Fitzroy, $3,800
To work with collaborators to develop a new multi-faceted artwork.

Andrew Ashton, Balaclava, $10,000
To develop 'Power House', a studio-ready live video workshop product designed to help in-house studios sustain their practice.

Andrew Hehir, Northcote, $5,000
To upgrade hardware and software to allow artists to digitise current and previous works for streaming.

Angela Brennan Brunswick East, $5,000
To support the production of new work and for skills development in printmaking.

Angelo Salamanca, Brunswick, $4,000
To support the the early development of a new multicultural screen project.

Anne O'Keeffe, Hampton, $5,000
To develop an online delivery model for her dance classes for adult students.

Anthea Caddy, Fitzroy North $4,700
To undertake artistic research for a physically distanced music performance.

Anthea Riskas, Carnegie, $5,000
To adapt her craft workshops to an online format.

Arts Access Victoria on behalf of Emily Dober, South Melbourne, $7,500
To create new paintings and works on paper for future exhibition.

Arts Access Victoria on behalf of Melody Shotade, Thornbury, $7,500
To enable the artist and producer to undertake professional and creative skills development for a new performance work.

Asanti Dance Theatre, South Yarra, $5,000
To enable Appiah Annan to continue to develop his solo afro-contemporary dance work, 'Broken Pieces'.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Andrew Treloar, Brunswick, $5,000
To research and rehearse a dance performance work.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Bridget a'Beckett, Clifton Hill, $5,000
To support Musical Sprouts to adapt their children's musical 'Yella and The Feeling Flower' into an animated web series.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Holly Durant, Fitzroy, $5,000
To work with collaborators on a multi-artform work.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Jessica Wilson, Heidelberg Heights, $5,000
To reformat and adapt two existing children's works to be presented with physical distancing.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Moira Finucane, Southbank, $10,000   
To support Finucane and Smith Unlimited, plus 60 associated Victorian artists to upskill, research, explore new income streams, widen their market reach, and create original content.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Simon Bedford, Southbank, $10,000  
To enable The Inhabitors to develop new ways of bringing their theatrical outdoor adventure, 'Squishy Taylor and the Shrub That Went', to family audiences.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of The Family, Thornbury, $5,000
To enable theatre-maker Aaron Orzech to research and develop new work and adapting existing work to suit the current conditions.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Tristan Meecham, Melbourne, $10,000  
To develop the online presence and capability of All The Queens Men to connect with audiences and communities.

Bakehouse Studios, Fitzroy, $10,000
To support Bakehouse Studios to customise and adapt their recording studio spaces so they can host livestreamed performances.

Beatrice Lewis, Prahran, $5,000
Recording, mixing and mastering of Beatrice Lewis' debut album.

Bedroom Suck Records, Largs Bay, $10,000   
To support Music in Exile to undertake its 'Building Bridges' project, connecting six artists from diverse cultural backgrounds with collaborators in the Victorian music scene.

Ben Landau, Northcote, $4,500
To develop, with Alterfact Studio, a six-part workshop for schools around 3D printing with clay.

Ben Taranto, Glenroy, $5,000
To re-establish his sculpture workshop.

Benjamin Tass, Thomastown, $5,000
To update equipment and set up a home studio to create mix tapes, video mixes and live streams to build and maintain an interactive fanbase.

Bethany Jones, Parkville, $5,000
To research immersive storytelling techniques to engage audiences in new innovative ways.

Blame the Shadows, Doncaster, $9,950
To support the collective Blame the Shadows to undertake technology and skills development to produce remote audio interviews.

BLOW, St Kilda West, $6,000
To support Melbourne jazz ensemble BLOW to deliver a series of four online performances.

Brendan Kennedy, Robinvale, $5,000
To produce a new artwork based on a traditional creation story from the Murray River country.

Bric LX Pty Ltd, St Kilda, $10,000  
To support theatrical lighting design company Bric LX Pty Ltd to expand its business capability by researching and developing skills in filming and streaming live events.

Briony Barr, Northcote, $5,000
To support the visual artist to undertake skills development in the use of drawing to respond to and interact with music.

Britt Salt, Brunswick, $5,000
To undertake skills development and the production of four large-scale hand-woven tapestries.

Bron Batten, Carlton, $5,000
To develop a performance that can be performed via the phone.

Burraja Gallery (Murray Arts Incorporated), Gateway Island, $6,000
To support local First Nations artists who have been negatively impacted by coronavirus (COVID-19), enabling them to create new works to be exhibited online and in the gallery.

Bynm Aboriginal Corporation, Morwell, $10,000
To develop new ceramic products and to support staff to undertake professional and skills development to improve their online capabilities and social media presence in order to reach new markets.

Camcraft Film Services Pty. Ltd., Seddon, $10,000
To support Camcraft Film Services Pty Ltd to implement a live video streaming service allowing stakeholders in film and television productions to remotely view filming of creative work.

Camila Galaz, West Melbourne, $5,000
To research the use of digital spaces to diversify her income streams and build resilient financial structures within her practice.

Candice Lorrae Lloyd, Maribyrnong, $5,000
To install and upgrade the musician’s home studio to enable the creation of her second album.

Carmen Knox, South Melbourne, $5,000
To undertake research and skills development to diversify her independent producing practice.

Caroline Rose Agnew, Windsor, $5,000
To enable the artist and jeweller to incorporate ecommerce into her website and drive online sales and broaden her reach through social media advertising.

Caroline Stills, Belgrave South, $4,000
To research and develop the first book in a junior fiction series encouraging an interest in STEM for young children.

Carolyn Connors, Carlton North, $5,000
To develop new work created through community engagement.

Cartell Live Pty Ltd., St Kilda, $10,000
To develop an online platform for the So Frenchy So Chic festival to continue to engage with audiences and showcase diverse French music.

Casey Jenkins Carlton, $5,000
To upskill in digital performance and purchase new equipment to enable the transition of her live performances into an online format.

CAVES INC, Melbourne, $10,000
To explore new ways to present exhibitions and engage audiences digitally after the close of their gallery, including the creation of an online store where artworks can be purchased.

CB Mako, Sunshine, $2,500
To research, develop and write new work.

Centre Stage Scripts, Tawonga, $5,000
To develop a film production of their award-winning play 'Carpe Diem'.

Charbel Ibrahim, Coburg, $5,000
To develop a new documentary concept that utilises innovative ways of documentary filmmaking that comply with current restrictions.

Charles Purcell, Princes Hill, $4,933
Theatre maker and actor Charles Purcell to work with performer and sound artist Zak Pidd on the research and development of a new large-scale performance work.

Chinghan Kenneth Chan, Monbulk, $5,000
To purchase equipment to enable the production of new digital and printed art teaching resources.

Christopher Nichols, Brunswick West, $5,000
To research and develop new creative concepts and new ways to connect with markets for his multi-disciplinary design work.

Ciara Elizabeth Thorburn, Prahran, $4,300
To expand her skills by undertaking training in Auslan and exploring the ways sign language can be integrated into physical theatre.

Clea Frost, North Melbourne, $5,000
To develop a multi-platform story experience that spans digital gaming, graphic novel and traditional novel.

CLIMARTE Inc., Melbourne, $10,000To research, develop and implement a new digital platform to present programs and attract audiences.

Clowns Music, Richmond, $10,000
To develop music for a new album, to be recorded later this year.

Connor Ross, Preston, $3,850
To upskill and adapt his installation and theatre-based sound art practice to 360/VR audio and to begin developing work in this medium.

Coree Thorpe, Preston, $5,000
To develop creative and business skills and the use of online platforms to support his work as a visual artist.

Courtney Holm, Fitzroy North, $10,000
To support fashion label A.BCH to research, develop and launch a virtual portal to connect with customers.

Craig Bryant, Prahran, $5,000
To develop and promote a platform for live performance streaming for artists who have lost their gigs.

Daine Singer, Fitzroy, $10,000
To enable Daine Singer Gallery to develop their digital capability and upskill staff in digital production.

Damon Kowarsky, Windsor, $5,000
To create new drawing and etching works, online exhibitions and networking opportunities.

Dan Giovannoni, Coburg, $5,000
To develop 'Wishbone', a play for young people aged 14+.

Dan Koop, Preston, $10,000
To research and develop a new performance work with collective Jamie, Dan & Co.

Danica Chappell, West Melbourne, $5,000
To undertake skills development in monotype and reproduction techniques that will inform new works of art.

Daniel Jenatsch, Carlton, $5,000
To purchase software and undergo skills development in 3D digital production.

Daniel Trakell, Carlton, $3,150
To film a live performance to promote single releases from his upcoming debut album.

Danielle O'Malley, Yallambie, $4,000
To undertake skills development in composition for the creation of a song cycle.

Darcy Brown, Wheelers Hill, $5,000
To develop a new work and new ways to engage audiences online.

David Jones, Altona North, $5,000
To upgrade his video equipment in order to transition his creative music practice and tuition into the digital domain.

David Rose, Blackburn, $7,500
To create online content about learning Auslan and generating material to inform future live comedy performances at festivals, online and in comedy clubs.

Dion Williams, Parkville, $5,000
To support the actor to undertake dialect lessons.

DJ JNETT, Footscray, $5,000
To collaborate and record with other Melbourne musicians, with the aim of releasing her second EP.

Donna Elizabeth Wheeler, Collingwood, $5,000
To upskill and research a memoir that responds to the restrictions on travel during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dord Burrough, Warrandyte, $5,000
To develop a new body of painting work for an upcoming solo exhibition.

Dreamtime Art, Point Cook, $10,000
To develop an online digital arts platform to enable First Nations artists to license the use of their work and images.

Edwin Montgomery, Preston, $4,957
To develop an online interactive virtual 'nightclub' to present his music.

Elena Kirschbaum, Reservoir, $5,000
To undertake research and skills development in the area of directing for circus and cross-artform work.

ELISION Incorporated, South Yarra, $8,000
To develop new music with composers to be performed and streamed online by ELISION.

Elizabeth Mitchell, Coburg, $5,000
To release a self-recorded EP and undertake development of a sophomore album and a songbook of covers.

Elizabeth Welsh, Flemington, $5,000
To support the recording, mixing, mastering and release of new music works.

Elizaveta Maltseva, Thornbury $4,500
To undertake research and development for 'The Russian Cookbook' project.

Elle Shimada Collective, Coburg, $3,000
To enable the violinist to mix, master and create music videos of two singles and an EP.

Emerald MacGill, Brunswick, $5,000
To create four short films profiling Melbourne musicians in lockdown.

Emily Sheehan, Bellfield, $5,000
To develop a new a play.

Emma Anna, Baxter, $2,750
To purchase equipment and upskill in order to adapt her current collage-based works into screen-based artworks suitable for public projection.

Emma Roberts, Southbank $5,500
To enable Emma Roberts and Ben Joseph Andres to explore DIY at-home virtual reality installations, with the aim of building new and sustainable pathways for their work which usually involves large-scale, location-based VR installations.

Fatima Measham, Wyndham Vale, $5,000
To research and develop a series of four-essays.

Felicity Gordon, Watsonia, $5,000
To support Felicity Gordon to undertake professional development in curatorial photography and obtain freelance support to help with improved online engagement.

Felix von Dallwitz, Carlton, $3,000
To research and trial various AI technologies that will be utilised to create paintings and video/projection installations.

Find Your Voice All Abilities Choir, Warrnambool, $10,000   
To support the all-abilities choir to develop and deliver its creative community practice online.

First In Last Out, Collingwood, $5,000
To develop industry-specific risk and safety documentation templates for small-to-medium and independent arts companies.

Fleur Murphy, Glenroy, $5,000
To support Fleur Murphy to undertake final script development and marketing of her play 'HEARTH', as well as research and development of a new play script, 'Nothing'.

Flinders Quartet Inc., Docklands, $10,000 
To research and utilise digital platforms to create, rehearse and record their music.

Fortyfivedownstairs Inc, Melbourne $10,000
To enable the gallery to reopen and work with artists.

Fringe Dweller Films, North Melbourne, $10,000
To develop their online presence, digital distribution of screen content and partnerships.

Full-on THEATRE, Thornbury, $7,500
To adapt existing theatrical shows and workshops to an online format and create a training package for educators and communities.

GA Medical Pty Ltd, Balwyn North, $10,000
To support industrial designer Girius Antanaitis of GA Medical Veterinary to research, develop and design a unique orthopaedic kit for small avian wing and bone surgery.

Ganga Giri, Warrandyte, $5,000
To complete an album.

Gary Abrahams/ Dirty Pretty Theatre, Princes Hill, $4,000
To continue development of a new theatre work.

Geoffrey Nees, Elsternwick, $5,000
To purchase equipment and software to sustain current architectural commissions from his home studio.

George Clipp, Northcote, $3,200
To enable the filmmaker to upskill in digital producing, allowing creation of work in new online formats.

Georgina Humphries, Moonee Ponds, $5,000
To research and develop new fabric construction methods for temporary installations and to document this process via time-lapse video.

Gina Gascoigne, Brunswick, $5,000
To undertake research and development focused on light and sound for future works.

Govin Ruben; The Rubix Cube, Moonee Ponds, $10,000   
To create an interactive online archive for 'SK!N', a contemporary performance work exploring true stories about human trafficking.

Grace Yee, Balwyn North, $5,000
To research and develop a collection of poems.

Gravity Dolls, Northcote, $10,000
To undertake research for future circus performances.

Guy Louis Faletolu, Carlton, $5,000
To undertake professional skills development and create a compilation album of Melbourne's electronic musicians to be released on Bandcamp.

Gwendolynne, Fitzroy, $10,000
To adapt her design work into a more sustainable clothing line by engaging local printers and using recycled and natural fibres.

Hannah Crofts, Castlemaine, $5,000
To record, mix and master her debut solo album.

Hannah Moore, Princes Hill, $5,000
To transform her documentary project True North, into a multi-platform creative work.

Harrison Hall, Newport, $5,000
To support choreographer Harrison Hall and media artist Sam Mcgilp in researching and developing movement choreography using live motion capture and Augmented Reality.

Hayley Foster, Carlton, $5,000
To support Hayley Foster (a.k.a. Tanzer) to create an online presentation of her new EP.

Highwire Entertainment Pty Ltd, Reservoir, $10,000   
To develop 'Rouge Digital Circus', an online platform for new circus, cabaret and burlesque acts.

Hush Foundation, Camberwell, $10,000
To adapt a series of three plays exploring health care issues to be presented as radio plays.

Ian Pidd, Coburg, $5,000
To undertake geological and technical scoping for a new sound work to be presented at Horsham's Art Is... Festival in 2021.

Insite Arts International Pty Ltd on behalf of Louise Howlett, Malvern East, $10,000
To develop a new creative work.

INVENTI ENSEMBLE, Kilsyth, $10,000
To create and record five new music works to be distributed online.

Isabel Peppard, Preston, $5,000
To translate her animation work into the virtual reality space, opening up new markets and audiences for her work.

Isadora Vaughan, Coburg, North $5,000
To research and develop new ways to create sustainable sculptures.

Jacinta Keefe, Lilydale, $5,000
To develop a photographic and written series exploring the daily life and challenges for artists and small business owners during the lockdown in Victoria.

Jackson Castiglione, Northcote, $5,000
To develop skills in digital marketing to help promote his work to new audiences.

Jacob Boehme, Docklands, $5,000
To develop a new dance work.

Jake Fehily, Balaclava, $5,000 To create a weekly online podcast sharing stories and performances from musicians and performers to help them build their profile and tell their stories.

James Batchelor, Melbourne, $5,000
To undertake a range of development activities including the creation of online content and research into a new solo choreographic project.

James Phelan, Eltham, $4,600
To develop a crime novel.

Jane Thompson, Carnegie, $5,000
To adapt her play 'Love Monster' into a publication.

Jarra Karalina Steel, St Kilda, $5,000
To undertake research and development focused on digital storytelling and world using video games and augmented reality.

Jasmine Pilcher, Warranwood, $5,000
To develop new artworks and new markets for her creative practice.

Jason Parker Art, Collingwood, $5,000
To create of a series of new painting and sculpture works for future exhibitions.

Jayson B Patterson, Parkdale, $3,000
To undertake research into digital dance making methods to expand his choreographic practice.

Jens Altheimer, Prahran, $5,000
To undertake research and skills development in projection mapping.

Jessica Barclay Lawton, Frankston North, $5,000
To research and develop a feature film.

Jessica Ferrari, Fawkner, $5,000
To research the use of online tools to gather historical material, enabling her production company Memento Media to adapt to the new environment.

Jessica Hitchcock St Albans, $5,000
To develop new music by singer-songwriter Jessica Hitchcock in collaboration with Kate Miller-Heidke and Keir Nuttall.

Johanna Fairley, Coburg, $5,000
To research and develop 'Love letters to loneliness', the third instalment of a community art series involving letter writing, live music and origami.

John Olson, Northcote, $5,000
To complete the first draft of 'A Bad Seed', the autobiography of producer/engineer Tony Cohen.

John Young, Port Melbourne $5,000
To sustain his visual arts practice through the purchase of new equipment, updating his website, and developing a new portraiture project documenting members of the community during the period of isolation.

Jonathan Heilbron, Elwood, $10,000
To compose and perform 'Silent Towns', a 24-hour work with The Phonetic Orchestra.

Jonathan Reyes, St Kilda, $5,000
To enable the illustrator to undertake skills development in animation and design.

Jordan Marani, Brunswick, $5,000
To create new painting, drawing and ceramic works and develop skills in online marketing and sales.

Jordan Prosser, Brunswick, $6,480
To support Jordan Prosser and David Finnigan to adapt the interactive theatre piece 'crimeforce: loveteam' into an online performance.

Joseph O'Farrell Bentleigh, $5,000
To support the adaptation of his interactive '10 MINUTE DANCE PARTIES' into an online workshop format so he can continue collaborating and performing with diverse groups of young people all over the world.

Judith Hamann, Mitcham, $4,400
To research and create new work for cello that will be presented on digital platforms.

Julie Eckersley, Elwood, $5,000
To research and develop a new television drama series set in Melbourne's Flinders Lane in the 1950s.

Julie Goodwin, Albert Park, $10,000
To take her made-to-order, customised fashion business online.

Julie Murphy, Reservoir, $2,700
To research and draft a children's book.

Justin Balmain, Thornbury, $5,000
To research and complete a new video artwork to be presented online.

Justin Yap Band, Preston, $5,000
To produce and promote a full-length album by Rambal (previously The Justin Yap Band).

Justine Cubbin trading as Intrepid Design, Albert Park, $5,000
To undertake skills development in digital marketing to expand her service offering beyond print-based graphic design.

Kara Baker, Melbourne, $5,000
To support the designer to research and develop new clothing products to be sold online.

Katie Sfetkidis, Melbourne, $5,000
To undertake research and skills development in the practical application of projection in theatrical lighting design.

Kelly Koumalatsos, Queenscliff, $5,000
To research and develop a new book.

Kevin Chin, Hawthorne East, $5,000
To create new visual artworks for upcoming solo shows.

Khue Nguyen Design, Richmond, $5,000

To undertake research to inform new artworks for future exhibition.

Kieren Seymour, ALPHINGTON, $7,500

To develop a new body of drawing works.

Kill Your Darlings Pty Ltd, Fitzroy North, $6,588

To expand the magazine's suite of online writers workshops.

Kim Dingwall, Mount Martha, $4,550
To support Kim Dingwall to undertake an online mentorship in digital illustration.

KINGSWOOD BAND PTY LTD, Prahran, $10,000
To develop and record a new studio album by Kingswood.

Kit Webster Studio, Fitzroy, $5,000
To create a large-scale immersive light, video and sound experience, to be initially presented online.

Kitan Petkovski, St Kilda, $2,500
To undertake research and development on safe rehearsal practices for a new collaboration.

Koraly Dimitriadis, Brunswick, $5,000
Creative development and publication of poetic short films exploring isolation, relationships, family and feminism by Koraly Dimitriadis.

Kutcha Edwards, Kyneton, $5,000
To undertake skills development to enable the musician to adapt previous and new performances for digital platforms.

La Compania, Brighton, $10,000
To develop new programs for their concert series, implement new audience engagement strategies, and broaden their skills and networks.

Lab Kelpie Inc., Northcote, $10,000
To support Lab Kelpie to research and develop a pilot series of two new audio plays.

Lachlan Herd, Carlton North, $5,000
To support Lachlan Herd to undertake skills development and mentorships in sound-based practice.

Lana De Jager Pakenham Upper, $5,000
To develop a new visual artwork.

Lana Schwarcz, Yarraville, $5,000
To adapt her existing 'peep-box' puppet shows in line with physical distancing requirements, and create a new peep-box for children.

Latenite Films Pty Ltd, Collingwood, $10,000
To research and develop a new efficient and cost-effective pre-production and development workflow for the film and television industry that utilises VR and previs technology.

Latitude 37, Kew, $4,000
To create a new album of compositions by Australian composers Brooke Green and Alice Chance, alongside rarely recorded works.

Laura Jane Day, Mount Pleasant, $7,500
To research and develop a new online delivery modal for visual arts workshops and professional development.

Lauren Rose Beck, Fitzroy North, $5,000
To create an experimental short film to be distributed online.

Leonard Barker, Brunswick, $5,000
To undertake a mentorship and further develop skills in composition and streaming techniques.

Lesley Pinder Coburg, $4,000
To undertake script development and pre-production for a new short film.

Lilli Waters, Pascie Vale South, $5,000
To stage an online photography exhibition of new work.

Lisa Roet, Ormond, $5,000
To create a marketing campaign for a major public art project.

Liv Jansz, Warrandyte, $5,000
To mix and master her debut album under the moniker Punko.

Logan Mucha, Brunswick, $5,000
To research and develop a new video art exhibition.

Louise Klerks, Fitzroy North, $5,000
To translate her life drawing classes into an online resource.

Luboku, Brunswick, $5,000
To produce, market and distribute a virtual live performance video of his upcoming single.

Lucy Treloar,Brunswick,$5,000
To research and develop a new novel.

Luigi Vescio, Brunswick,$5,000
To research and development for a new performance and video work.

Luke Constable, Brunswick, $5,000
To undertake research and develop skills to create theatre experiences that utilise 3D animation and VR.

Maggie Jankuloska, WOLLERT, $5,000
To complete a middle-grade novel 'Once Upon a Blood Moon', a modern re-imagining of four classic fairy tales.

Mandy Beaumont, Northcote, $5,000
To complete a new novel 'My Heart is an Ocean'.

Marcus Mckenzie, North Melbourne, $5,000
To help purchase professional audio equipment for the development of a new performance work.

Maria Limberis, Windsor, $5,000
To produce an immersive livestream music experience.

Marigold Bartlett, Elwood, $5,000
To develop game development skills.

Mark Brandi, Princes Hill, $4,313
To complete the final draft and editing of a new novel.

Mark Coles Smith, Elwood, $5,000
To create and film a short video work with an original soundtrack and spoken narrative.

Martin Friedel, Brunswick, $5,000
To develop new music works.

Maryanne Sam, Sebastopol, $5,000
To develop a new play.

Mastaneh Nazarian, Fitzroy North, $4,500
Development and creation of a 50-minute, 5-movement music work.

Matt 'Adnate' Last, Thornbury, $5,000
To create a sustainable and efficient studio to continue spray painting and producing large-scale murals from home.

Matt Fairbridge, Northcote, $1,500
To continue to produce works of sculpture and photograph and present them online in place of a cancelled exhibition.

Matt Stonehouse, Cottlesbridge, $5,000
To research design methods for making his hand-crafted frame drums tunable enabling them to be used for a wider variety of music genres.

Matthew McLean- feeding ear, North Melbourne, $5,000
To undertake skills development in electronic music production and create a new single.

Matthew Thomson, Abbotsford, $5,000
To build greater digital engagement with his business producing bags and accessories, and create online professional development opportunities for fellow creatives.

May Lyon, Upper Ferntree Gully, $7,500
To undertake online development of a one-act opera about dementia, 'Pieces of Margery'.

Maylene Slater-Burns, Pascoe Vale $5,000
To film a series of music performances to be presented online.

Meagan Streader, Brunswick, $5,000
To research and develop a new series of artworks.

Meegan May and Lauren Anderson, Brunswick, $10,000
To undertake a playwriting residency at Theatre Works St Kilda, and create a new play inspired by personal experiences of the 2019/20 summer bushfires.

Melanie Lane Yarraville, $5,000
To undertake skills development in digital media to expand her choreographic practice.

Melbourne Bach Choir North Melbourne $10,000
To upskill members and develop the choir through workshops, video performance and marketing.

Melbourne Cabaret Festival South Yarra $10,000
To support the festival's to present an online event in 2020, while developing new digital capabilities to add value to future festivals.

Melbourne Webfest, East Melbourne, $10,000   
To support Melbourne webfest to proceed online in September, providing workshops, industry panels, screenings and networking opportunities for screen producers.

Melissa Langton of Winding Road Productions, Oakleigh South, $8,500
To upskill in the business aspects of producing a state-wide or national tour of a small music theatre production.

Mia Salsjo Brunswick West $5,000
To adapt a live performance and chamber music work to be presented online.

Michael Havir, Yarraville, $5,000
To produce a repertoire of music pieces that can be adapted and performed both live and online.

Michele Lee, Coburg, $5,000
To produce a mini-album of audio plays building on the characters of her cancelled stage play, 'Single Ladies'.

Michelle Hamer Collingwood, $5,000
To create and document a series of 20 new visual artworks.

Michelle Wright, Eltham, $5,000
To complete her first novel, and undertake research and development for a collection of short stories.

Monkey Marc, Collingwood, $5,000
To purchase of equipment to enable him to mix and master music inside his shipping container studio.

Morwenna Schenck, West Footscray, $4,400
To collaborate with renowned creative organisation Punctum Inc on the design and building of a new artwork.

Nabilah Nordin, Abbotsford, $5,000
To upskill and explore new ways of engaging audiences.

Nam Le, Abbotsford, $5,000
To write a series of long poems inspired by meaningful places in Melbourne.

Naomi Bishop, Mount Waverley, $3,000
To research, plan and develop of a series of paintings and works on paper.

Natalia Milosz-Piekarska, Dromana, $5,000
To develop and promote an online platform to showcase and sell their work.

Nathan Bird - BIRDZ, Kensington, $5,000
To develop and record a new album to be released by Indigenous record label, Bad Apples Music.

Nathan Wild, Donvale, $5,000
To develop skills in colour grading and use of the Da Vinci Resolve software.

Natnael Ayalew Yimer, Warrandyte, $5,000
To support Ethio-pop and reggae artist Nhatty Man to write and record his third studio album.

Neil Morris, Coburg, $10,000
To develop and film music performances by First Nations artists based in Victoria in locations across the state.

Neisha Smith, Northcote, $5,000
To grow her fashion business online through marketing and social media.

N'fa Jones Preston, $5,000
To enable multicultural music and performance group Cool Out Sun to create their sophomore album.

Ngali – Denni Francisco Melbourne $5,000
To support fashion label NGALI to collaborate with artist Lindsay Malay to create and fabricate wearable garments that share stories of country and culture, to be promoted at the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair Runway.

Nicholas Finch, Brunswick, $2,800
To undertake skills development in post-production and mixing.

Nick Barlow, Mitcham, $5,000
For theatre maker, artist, animator, puppeter and designer Nick Barlow undertake development, design, construction and adaptation for a number of theatre projects to respond to the new environment.

Nicola Castle Brunswick,$5,000
To undertake creative development for a new documentary.

Nicole Thibault, Preston, $2,000
To support Melbourne band Thibault to launch their debut album through a live online event and a release a high quality video production to be streamed.

Nina Buchanan, Coburg, $5,000
To develop promotional materials for her music, engaging a graphic designer and photographer.

Not Yet It's Difficult, St Kilda East, $10,000
To enable the performance group to adapt the way they work and enhance their digital presence.

Nova Jane Weetman, Brunswick, $5,000
To write six short stories to be published online focusing on characters from her 2019 novel 'Sick Bay'.

Off the Kerb, Collingwood, $2,635
To support the gallery to support local artists by developing an online 360 degree virtual art tour.

Office of Culture, Technology and Architecture, Carlton North, $10,000
Creative development of a series of sustainable furniture pieces inspired by the changes COVID-19 restrictions have inflicted on the way we interact with domestic environments.

Olivia Poloni, Brunswick, $5,000
To develop and produce an online public programming platform that represents visual artists whose Victorian-based presentations have been postponed due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Olivia Radonich, Melbourne, $5,000
To undertake professional development to strengthen reading room gallery's online activities and support artists in the creation of new work.

Paper House Pty Ltd, Fitzroy North, $10,000   
To create an Android version of their acclaimed Apple video game 'Paperbark'.

Parlour Gigs Pty Ltd, Northcote, $10,000   
To update technology and upskill musicians and bands on ways to facilitate online ticketed performances and raise their industry profile.

Paul Handley, Brunswick,$5,000
To develop three major art installations scheduled to be displayed at Manningham Art Gallery.

Paul Marcus Fuog, Clifton Hill, $10,000
To support Paul Marcus Fuog with design studio U-P to explore digital and online platforms and new ways to engage audiences in design practice.

Peter Davidson, Melbourne, $7,500
To develop a new body of work including drawings and watercolours.

Peter Harper, Collingwood, $10,000   
To support Black Jesus Experience to create, workshop, rehearse and deliver a livestreamed performance of a new music.

Pezaloom, Morwell, $6,000
To research and trial digital platforms and develop skills in using media tools to expand his creative practice.

PG Printmaker Gallery, Fitzroy, $7,765
To purchase software to enable the production of virtual exhibitions, online artist profiles, and video content about printmaking processes.

Phillip Murray - Philly, Brunswick, $5,000
To record Philly’s debut album Grow, including payment of collaborator fees.

Piera Dennerstein, Essendon, $1,596
To develop skills in operatic performance to prepare for upcoming auditions and performances.

Raffaele Giordano, Eltham, $5,000
To enable the stage lighting technician to undertake skills development in lighting design and programming with lighting consoles.

Raspberry Ripple, Preston, $12,500  
To develop an online presentation of a play-reading initiative by Disabled playwrights.

Residency Projects Inc. Northcote,$10,000
To develop a new website and online archive for Residency Projects Inc., including a digital residency for artist Abbra Kotlarczyk.

Rickie Linton Martin, West Footscray, $2,500
To purchase art materials and to develop marketing collateral and an online presence for the reopening of the exhibition, ‘Three Rivers’.

Robbie McEwan, Brunswick, $5,000
To explore new models of performance and distribution using virtual reality.

Robin Boyd Foundation, South Yarra, $10,000
To research and develop virtual architecture experiences to connect with new and existing audiences.

Rollason Bowring Design Footscray, $10,000
To teach sustainable design practices online.

Rona Green, Olinda, $3,700
To develop skills in ceramics, which will inform the creation of new work.

Rosalind Bellamy Clifton Hill, $5,000
To research and write a memoir.

Ross Calia, Hawthorne, $5,000
To research, upskill and purchase equipment to adapt immersive public exhibition content into Virtual Reality and 2D digital media experiences.

Sabina Maselli, Princes Hill, $8,000
To support Sabina Maselli and Erkki Veltheim to undertake research and development to adapt their work so that it can be viewed remotely.

Sai-Wai Foo, West Melbourne $5,000
To research and produce new artwork.

Sam Rogers, Fitzroy North, $5,000
To explore and develop markets for the online release of his drama/comedy series, 'Discontent'.

Samantha McKenzie Pty Ltd, Brighton, $10,000
To prototype and test a new collection of acoustic lighting to appeal to a more price-sensitive market.

Samuel Crisp, Seddon, $5,000
To research and develop a plugin to enable the Unity game engine to be used by the public and without needing advanced rendering techniques.

Sandy Greenwood, Preston, $5,000
To adapt the Green Room award-winning play ‘Matriarch’ into an audio drama and online learning tool.

Santilla Chingaipe, Seddon, $5,000
To complete a book detailing the untold stories of African convicts transported to the Australian penal colonies.

Sarah Tracton, Elwood, $7,500
To support Sarah Tracton Studio in the research and development of handcrafted porcelain lighting which fuses fine art and functional design that meets circular economy standards for the ‘green architecture’ sector.

Savage Films Pty Ltd, South Melbourne, $10,000
To further develop the screenplay for 'Stanley vs the Hairyman', based on the award-winning children's book 'My Girragundji' by Meme McDonald and Boori Monty Pryor.

Scale Free Network Northcote,$10,000
To develop and promote a range of digital art-science educational resources.

Schoolhouse Studios, Collingwood, $10,000 
To create 'The Schoolhouse Nest', an online hub for Australian artists including exhibition tours, professional development workshops and artist collaborations.

Scott Brennan, Brunswick, $10,000  
To develop, write, produce and distribute online comedy sketches with comedy act Granny Bingo to broaden the audience reach of their podcast, 'Granny Bingo Wireless'.

Secret Squirrel Productions, St Kilda, $10,000  
To undertake skills development in online 3D modelling, virtual reality, virtual tour design, digital content and marketing.

Selena Pertzel Makeup, Richmond, $5,000
To undertake research into expanded hygiene and sanitation practices for makeup in the film and television industry.

Selina Jenkins Carnegie, $7,500
To undertake research and development to inform the writing of music and dialogue for her new theatre work ‘Modern Lullaby’.

Shannan Lim Brunswick West $5,000
To undertake creative development for a new play.

Shareena Clanton, Parkville, $5,000
To develop, research and write a new literary work.

Short and Suite, Collingwood, $5,000
To support Short and Suite to repurpose and adapt its current graphic design training curriculum for a new online Learning Management System.

SIMETRIE, Brunswick, $10,000  
To research and develop more affordable and efficient handbag materials, as well as taking their bag making workshops online.

Simon Burgin, Hawthorne, $5,000
To upskill in creative coding to develop their digital art practice and sustain the independent studio.

Slow Art Collective Belgrave Heights, $10,000
To enable the collective to expand their online presence and reduce their physical footprint.

Songbrothers Records Pty Ltd, St Kilda $10,000
To support the development of an interactive live music show performed by duo Sam Sam But Different, to be delivered twice weekly via livestream.

Sophia Brous Malvern, East, $5,000
To research, write and develop for a set of new works to premiere in 2021.

Station Gallery, South Yarra, $10,000
To develop digital platforms to promote the gallery's exhibitions and artists and reach new audiences.

Staunch Films, South Melbourne, $4,400
To undertake post-production and editing of a feature length documentary.

Stella Cadzow, Flemington, $2,000
To undertake skills development to transfer her visual arts practice into digital mediums.

Stephanie Van Schilt, Flemington, $5,000
To support research and development for a true crime podcast and accompanying essay series and for a podcast focusing on women and non-binary creatives impacted by the current widespread cancellations.

Steve Purcells Pearly Shells, Altona, $10,000
To support the commissioning of 25 original works for The Pearly Shells big band, mainly based on original compositions from Melbourne songwriters.

Stewart Kelly, South Melbourne, $5,000
To purchase new microphones and to develop skills in audio and video production to create new, regular online content.

Strateas Carlucci, Brunswick East, $10,000   
To support the fashion brand to research and develop a new direct-to-consumer business framework that incorporates jewellery as a new product category.

Studio Ingot, Fitzroy, $10,000
To support the contemporary jewellery gallery to recreate their physical gallery experience through an online platform.

Suzanne Chaundy, Melbourne, $5,000
To undertake research and development for Melbourne Opera's 'Ring Cycle'.

Tamara Searle, Fitzroy, $5,000
To undertake research and skills development and adapt her performance-making practice to the current environment.

Tammy Anderson, Seaford, $5,000
To enable director and storyteller Tammy Lee Rock to undertake creative development for a screen work exploring the themes of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Tara Lofhelm, Fitzroy North, $5,000
To redevelop and rebrand her website to enable her to sell her jewellery online.

The Cutaway, Melbourne $5,000
To support the design studio to create a series of augmented reality filters to be used through Instagram to promote their work and business.

The Huxleys, Collingwood, $5,000
To develop a series of photographic and video works.

The Improv Conspiracy, Melbourne, $10,000
To support The Improv Conspiracy Training Centre and Theatre to further develop its marketing and online content, and create a future comedy festival.

The Listies Brunswick, $10,000   
To support the creation of a new musical and sketch comedy album aimed at young audiences.

Theo the Label, Mont Albert, $10,000
To explore local fashion design and manufacturing options to produce clothing on-shore.

Thomas David, Brighton, $5,000
To support cinematographer Tom David to develop his skills in motion control techniques and equipment.

Tim White, Carlton, $5,000
To undertake research and skills development in 3D modelling, visual effects and compositing.

Tobias Manderson-Galvin, Richmond, $3,795
To undertake research and skills development in audio-based theatre.

Toby Fehily, Flemington, $5,000
To produce a twelve-part non-fiction podcast.

Tom Farrah, Croydon, $5,000
To enhance the Farrah Design online store and develop a new range of more accessible products.

Tom Lucey, Fitzroy North, $5,000
To undertake skills development in user experience design.

Tomas Lorenzo, Carnegie, $5,000
To undertake skills development in music performance, composition and alternative ways to present live concerts.

Treahna Hamm, Yarawonga, $5,000
To collate, document and write about several decades of work with the view to produce new artworks.

Tristan Lucas, West Footscray, $5,000
To undertake skills development in digital sculpture and 3D printing.

Troy Emery, Richmond, $5,000
To produce new work, purchase new materials and sustain his visual art practice.

Tuuli Narkle, Brunswick East, $5,000
To develop a short film.

Variety Hour, Fitzroy North, $10,000
To research and develop a new series of products that diversifies their current offering with a range of textile goods more suitable for ecommerce.

Victoria University on behalf of Lyn Thorpe, Shepparton, $5,000
To undertake research and skills development in different forms of virtual collaboration to increase capacity and engage in new ways of working.

Victoria University on behalf of Northlands Collective, Footscray, $10,000
To enable the collective to develop a new cabaret work.

Victorian Artists Society, East Melbourne, $10,000
To develop an online gallery where the society's members can continue to exhibit their artworks.

Vipoo Srivilasa, Bentleigh, East, $5,000
To undertake skills development in digital illustration and online teaching.

Wahibe Moussa, Malmsbury, $7,500
To research and develop a new work and create a foundation for sustainable work practice.

Wala Impressions – Thara Brown, Pascoe Vale, $10,000
To support Wala Connections to provide healthy, fun and culturally safe online First Peoples dance sessions to keep the community connected.

Walker Films Pty Ltd, Fitzroy North, $9,000
To research and develop a virtual reality series.

Walking Fish Productions Pty Ltd, Collingwood, $10,000
To develop a social impact funding and distribution model, including a proposal to enable sustainable production of online documentary content.

Wenn Lawson, Warrnambool, $12,500
To support the filming of 'Together in a Crowded Room', a documentary about life on the autism spectrum.

Westbound Productions Pty Ltd, Kensington, $7,250
To launch 'The Lounge Room Sessions', an online platform to connect regional Victorian audiences with Victorian artists through broadcasting live performances.

William Watts, Preston, $5,000
To record, master and promote a new single by punk band Destrends.

Wolfgang Scout Richmond, $10,000   
To support the creative garment design brand to grow its online presence.

Woody Clark, Warburton, $10,000
To support Woody's World to undertake research and creative development for a children's TV show.

Wrangler Studios, West Footscray, $5,000
To deliver a series of weekly livestream performances from Victorian artists from June to December 2020.

Wurinbeena Limited on behalf of Frank Harrison, Lakes Entrance, $5,000
To undertake research and development for a film project.

Yael Cohn, Templestowe, $5,000
To research and develop a new approach to representing artists online, to enhance technical equipment and promote her business.

YB CONCEPT PTY LTD, St Kilda, $10,000
To support fashion designer Yeojin Bae to research and develop a new business model that embodies sustainable clothing creation with social and environmental transparency.

Yirgjhilya Lawrie, Lalor, $5,000
To research and develop new music works that promote language revival and celebrate the culture of the Mirning people.

Yvette Turnbull  Northcote,$5,000
To undertake research and skills development to adapt her production design practice to suit the current environment.

Zebastian Hunter, Windsor, $5,000
To develop a new performance work.

Zya Kane, North Warrandyte, $5,000
To undertake research and skills development for the creation of sensory theatre works.

Stream 4 - Regional - managed by Regional Arts Victoria

Aimee Chapman, Newstead, $5,000
To undertake a range of professional and skills development to enable her to create and market an inclusive online sound-making hub.

Andrew Donaldson, Shepparton, $4,615
To develop new skills in digital art reproduction and purchase a professional imaging printer to enable him to produce fine art prints directly from his studio.

Angie Russi, Rushworth, $5,000
To create a new website and online store to showcase and sell her ceramic work.

Anthony Lloyd, Cape Woolamai, $5,000
To create a series of online instructional videos on the studio painting process as a resource for artists, curators, students and anyone interested in contemporary painting.

Blarney Books & Art, Port Fairy, $10,000
To equip the business to reach a wider audience and build up their community through online and digital activity.

Brianna Kavanagh, Warrnambool, $5,000
To undertake professional development and mentoring to build the audience and increase exposure for her growing youtube music tutorial channel.

Chrissie Michaels, North Wonthaggi, $5,000
To support the author to develop an up-to-date digital presence to promote her work.

Christopher Flynn, Cowes, $5,000
To promote and tour his new novel online via digital platforms.

Christy Flaws, Clunes, $10,000  
To enable Clunes theatre company Asking for Trouble to work with mentor Debby Maziarz to research and develop new ways of working with their community and inform accessible and sustainable models of community arts practice for a post COVID-19 world.

Diokno Crispulo Pasilan, Soldiers Hill, $5,000
To develop a new body of work for a future exhibition and to explore new ways to engage audiences.

Donal Molly-Drum, Banyena, $5,000
To create of a new body of sculpture work to be exhibited later in the year.

Eleanor Millard, Port Fairy, $5,000
To work with local photographer Jo O'Keefe to take professional and creative photographs of the work of local artists which they can use to strengthen their online profiles and activities.

Eliza-Jane Gilchrist, Campbells Creek, $5,000
To research and develop ways to turn her Strange Garden creative workshops into 'at home' activities for families with templates, kits and demonstration videos.

Essential Theatre, Hamlyn Heights, $10,000   
To develop an interactive theatrical experience designed for a maximum of 20 audience members, in response to coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions.

Foundry Bairnsdale, Bairnsdale, $8,000
To develop and support a curated range of new works from artists living and working in East Gippsland. This will enable the expansion of the online shop and preparation of new stock for the eventual reopening of Foundry's physical store.

Gavin Roberts, Stratford, $5,000
To develop two sculpture works.

Gorkem Acaroglu, Woodened North, $5,000
To develop a new theatre and performance work.

Harry Hookey, Sale, $3,500
To complete an album and host a series of unique live concerts from home.

Heather Horrocks, Wendouree, $5,000
To enable Mrs Nanna-Technology to create new work and to work with Daylesford communications design studio Designscope to build a website and be mentored in digital strategy in order to build new audiences.

Helen Bodycomb, Vaughan, $5,000
To collaborate with, and mentor, seven advanced students to create a mosaic exhibition.

Jahnne Pascoe-White, Chewton, $5,000
To develop skills in the virtual installation and photo documentation of artworks.

Jasmine Mansbridge, Hamilton, $5,000
To develop new prototypes for the production of sculptures, working with local fabricators.

Jesse Stevens, Newstead, $10,000   
To enable Cake Industries, who create art that fuses human forms with robotics, to research and develop new ideas, skills and presentation methods to adapt their activities to the newly emerging environment.

Jillian Pearce, Natimuk, $10,000   
To support Y Space to build a new website and move its community based skills and performance development activities online.

Jimmi Buscombe, Warrnambool, $5,000
To expand and market 'Jimmi’s Trick of the Eye Workbooks' which enable people to create their own 3D public artworks at home.

Jock Serong, Port Fairy, $5,000
To support the release of the author's new novel, 'The Burning Island', with an online marketing and distribution strategy.

Joel Carnegie, Geelong West, $10,000   
To support The Space Company to research, script and develop a new theatre production designed for future touring.

Judith Rochecouste, Colac, $9,000
To enable Colac Makers' Space Inc. To continue to support its members while the physical space is closed, through home printmaking kits, online tutorials and other activities.

Karen McKenzie,  Mailors Flat, $5,000
To develop locally themed projects and further enable the selling of design work online.

Kate Gane, Camperdown, $5,000
To research and develop new music, sound and video content, create a website and digital profile and build skills to present online performances from her home studio.

Katy Mitchell, Halls Gap, $5,000
To develop online projects and access mentor support.

Kim Sargent-Wishhart, Point Lonsdale, $3,200
To upskill, research and develop new ways to share dance and movement practice through podcast, zine and screen forms.

Leisha Jungalwalla, Yackandandah, $9,870
To enable indie pop-rock band This Way North to release and promote their new EP which was recorded in Nashville in January, at a time when they are unable to tour.

Lot19, Castlemaine, $10,000
To enable arts space and event venue Lot19 to build a new website with sales, video and blogging capabilities and a new events calendar. The team will also upskill in podcasting and build a new program to continue to further engage with audiences.

Lyall Brooks, Hepburn Springs, $5,000
To research and develop a new solo theatre work.

Mark Penzak, Campbells Creek, $5,000
To enable the playwright to expand his practice to writing children's books, including adapting one of his plays into a novel. He will also research the children's book market, publishing and merchandising.

Mason West, Campbells Creek, $5,000
To develop a virtual circus festival where performances take place in Castlemaine, but the audience watches from the comfort and safety of home.

Melinda Harper, Campbells Creek, $5,000
To research and develop new works that combine painting practice with textiles.

Metanoia T Inc., Woodend North, $10,000   
To reconceptualise a large-scale immersive arts experience slated to be presented as part of a festival in 2021 so that it is able to be adapted in response to current or future public health restrictions.

Natasha Anderson, Chewton, $5,000
To research and develop new skills for the creation of a new audio visual artwork for online presentation.

Noriko Nakamura, Muckleford, $5,000
To develop an online publishing project with Victorian art publisher 3-ply.

Olivia O'Connor, Ruby, $5,000
To establish an interactive online woodcarving club and tool library.

Paul Gennings, Fernbank, $3,250
For ceramicist and sculptor Paul Gennings to undertake research into ways to build and enhance his public art practice.

Pia Johnson, Woodend, $5,000
To adapt her creative practice, undertake professional development in online strategy and continue creating new work for future exhibitions.

Port Fairy Winter Weekends, Port Fairy, $8,000
To develop 'Fresh Sessions', an online project to profile local artists, through a suite of videos and live interviews, and connect them with new audiences. The project follows the cancellation of 2020 Port Fairy Winter Weekends program.

Regrarians, Castlemaine, $10,000
To support the next phase of Cream Town Cafe and Art Space, an online art collective designed to directly support artists who have been affected by coronavirus (COVID-19).

Richard Pritchard, Warrnambool, $5,000
To expand the reach of the BEAT Education online teaching platform to new markets. The platform builds skills in filmmaking and 3D game design and it will be promoted to new markets including schools, who will receive support on ways to include the platform their distance learning curriculum.

Russell Brown, Beveridge, $5,000
To develop a home sound studio to continue his music and build a sustainable business that will including songwriting, recording, releasing cds, sound and video production and livestream capabilities available to the local community.

Serana Hunt-Hughes, Dookie, $5,000
To support the photographic artist to establish an online gallery and point-of-sale for her artwork and produce a series of saleable artworks.

Stacey Hewitt, Pomonal, $5,000
To support an upgrade to Stacey Rees's existing studio space and broaden her ability to engage with audiences both on site and online.

The Owls of Nebraska, Churchill, $10,000
To enable the Gippsland art collective to research and test a range of digital platforms to produce works together while physically apart.

The Village Festival of New Performance Inc, Fryerstown, $10,000   
To present a 'drive in' performance where patrons listen to a live broadcast of a radio play while parked around the Newstead racecourse. The audio narrative will be brought to life by moving sculptures and a series of fire-based special effects.

Thomas Jones, Irishtown, $5,000
To explore new possibilities of 3D audio and its application to both virtual environments and future immersive physical artworks and performances. This project will be an opportunity to develop a service to help regional and metro artists to adapt their current and future works into these new formats.

Tom Richardson, Warrnambool, $5,000
To adapt and pivot his personal and community music work to the online space. This will include creating online choir resources and interactive opportunities for The Zoo Chaotic Community Choir, Find Your Voice All-Abilities Choir and Mama Kin Spender performance choir.

Victoria Edgar, Waurn Ponds, $5,000
To support the Victoria Edgar team to develop a new direction in their practice by developing a new range of jewellery and wearable art using repurposed and base met