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27 April 2020

With the global coronavirus pandemic leading many businesses to find new ways to pivot and adapt, seven Victorian creative businesses have received support for innovative business development projects that will help them reach out to new audiences and create new revenue streams.

Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio, 2020 Innovation in Marketing Fund recipient

The businesses will share in grants totalling close to $100,000 through the Innovation in Marketing program which aims to support creative businesses to diversify their revenue and open up their audience or customer base – a pertinent activity in a time that has disrupted businesses across many sectors, and particularly in the creative industries.

In recognition of the public health measures that are impacting standard business practices, the projects in this round were selected as they can be developed behind the scenes while creative venues and organisations are closed to the public, and many people are working from home.

A grant to design and technology agency Sandpit Media will support the development of a new data visualisation tool that will showcase how the company can work with businesses across a range of industries to help them simply and creatively display their data; while the Women’s Art Register will launch a crowd-sourced register to map sites across Melbourne that are important and historical places for art by, for and about women.

Games company 10Tickles will expand into the tourism market by developing a series of interactive true crime games that will give visitors the opportunity to explore prominent heritage sites in a new light.

Reaching out to new audiences is also the focus of projects by Linden New Art and art review website Memo Review. Linden will partner with global arts research agency Morris Hargreaves McIntyre to develop campaigns to re-engage lapsed attendees and attract new audiences and Memo Review will renew its brand and launch a subscription-based service focusing on the youth market.

Music organisation Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio (MESS), which holds an extensive collection of instruments tracing the history of electronic music, will partner with Google Arts and Culture to make the MESS collection searchable by people across the globe alongside items from leading international museums and institutions.

To coincide with the launch of a new game that promotes body positivity, games company Lumi Interactive will work with Victorian artists to create a series augmented reality ‘selfie filters’ for use on Instagram and TikTok that share body positive messages while promoting the game to a wider audience.

The Innovation in Marketing Fund is an annual program that supports Victorian creative organisations to break new ground and build their businesses by undertaking innovative marketing projects.

Victorian businesses seeking advice on how to navigate the coronavirus environment, including finding out more about government programs to support impacted businesses, can contact the Business Victoria Hotline on 13 22 15 or visit business.vic.gov.au

As part of the Victorian Government’s work to support the creative sector through the challenges resulting from coronavirus, the new Sustaining Creative Workers initiative is open to projects by creative practitioners, collectives, micro-businesses and organisations. Grants are available to support a range of activities, including projects that explore new ways to engage audiences, or activities to explore or develop new markets.

Innovation in Marketing Fund – Recipients

Linden New Art, St Kilda $6,000

To partner with international research agency Morris Hargreaves McIntyre (MHM) to apply MHM’s Culture Segments TagTool to Linden New Art’s database, website and social media channels. Once the TagTool is applied, Linden will be able to develop tailored communications for each audience segment. The project seeks to deepen audience engagement to retain audience members and attract new ones.

Lumi Interactive, South Melbourne $25,000

To collaborate with diverse Victorian artists to create four augmented reality 'selfie filters' for social media platforms Instagram and TikTok, to promote Lumi Interactive’s new body positivity game. The filters and game will be available worldwide on Apple and Android devices, through which the project has the potential to reach millions of people.

Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio Ltd, North Melbourne $10,500

To partner with Google to feature MESS collections and activities on the Google Arts and Culture website. The partnership will open-up new audiences around the world, positioning MESS alongside other leading institutions featured in the Cultural Institutions section of the site, plus other opportunities to be featured in curated collections sorted by theme.

Memo Review, $2,000

To grow interest from youth audience members and launch a subscription-based revenue stream via Patreon (a website that processes payments to creative practitioners from fans). The project will also include a re-invigoration of the Memo Review brand and partnerships with Monash University and University of Melbourne to showcase 2020 graduate art exhibitions.

Emma Ramsay – 10Tickles, $20,000

To partner with tourism and education institutions to create ‘True Crime’ online mini-games that can be played by visitors within their premises, helping to draw new audiences and revenue streams. Players will explore heritage sites where criminal events have taken place, along the way collecting clues and questioning witnesses to solve the crime. Development of the games can take place during coronavirus restrictions, readying the technology for release when venue restrictions are lifted.

Sandpit Media Pty Ltd, Southbank $29,910

To develop a new tool that will convey complex data through engaging, easy-to-understand imagery that can be distributed via digital and other communications channels. Over time, this data visualisation tool will be used across all of Sandpit’s exhibition projects, nationally and globally, helping to position them as a leader in the field.

Women’s Art Register, Richmond $4,425

To create an online, interactive map of historic sites of women’s art practice in Melbourne. The tool will act as a register, capturing crowd sourced information to complete the historical ‘picture’. The map will be complemented by a social media campaign highlighting significant stories and encouraging interaction with the map.