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15 May 2019

Fifty-seven creative projects, involving more than 1,645 independent artists, will share in $1.6 million in funding via the latest round of the VicArts Grants program.

lady holding umbrella in front of yellow wall

With two rounds annually, VicArts Grants provides support for small creative organisations and independent artists of all abilities and from a range of backgrounds, working across music, dance, poetry and writing, visual arts, theatre and more.

The latest round will support Victorian artists to showcase their work internationally at prestigious events including the Venice Biennale and Edinburgh Fringe festival, while others will undertake projects, exhibitions or performances in Thailand, Switzerland and the USA.

Several First Peoples projects have been supported including funding for two years’ of programming at Blak Dot Gallery, the development of a book by Senior Wurundjeri Elder Aunty Pat Ockwell working with writer Pauline McKinnon and Darwin and Brisbane seasons of hit theatre show Bighouse Dreaming.

In regional Victoria the round will support Art Gallery of Ballarat to commission artistic duo Cake Industries to create major new work including their signature mechanical sculptures, the 2019 Phillip Island Festival of Stories will celebrate the art of storytelling in all its forms and Central Goldfields will present an exhibition created by First Peoples women and non-binary artists.

The next round of applications for the VicArts Grants program will close on 22 August 2019. For guidelines and application templates, go to VicArts Grants.

A full list of recipients in the latest round is below.

VicArts Grants recipients 

Jens Altheimer, Prahran, $23,423
The development and presentation of Whalebone, an interactive theatre experience for families that integrating puppetry, animation, shadow projection and physical performance.

Arapiles Community Theatre on behalf of Jillian Pearce, Natimuk, $40,000
Support for the production and presentation of a largescale aerial theatre performance work. The project will involve the construction of a bamboo-structure in which community-generated poetry, film, theatre and the aerial performances will be held. The project will focus on skill development in aerial theatre and in bamboo construction and will be led by Styckx Theatre.

Art Gallery of Ballarat, Ballarat Central, $25,876
To commission artistic duo Cake Industries to create a major new work. The new commission will explore the complexity of the human psyche and will feature Cake Industries' signature robotic, mechanical sculptures.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Alisdair Macindoe, Fitzroy North, $12,500
For the development of Reference Material, a dance work for three dancers that salutes the historical figures and social icons who have paved the way for the performers, and performance culture of today.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Charlotte Roberts, Coburg North, $8,600
To work with women from Uniting's Asylum Seeker Project - Women's Group to establish a creative collective that will explore improvisational, musical and composition skills.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Michele Lee, Coburg, $33,650
The rehearsal and presentation of Security, a new play by Michele Lee and Bridget Balodis that explores what happens when class, wealth and race relations collide with misogyny and inaction.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Mitchell Jones, Brunswick, $15,000
For the development and presentation of AutoCannibal, a physical theatre work that explores ideas of resource consumption, environmental exhaustion and social collapse.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Prue Lang, Port Melbourne, $26,500
For the development and presentation of Project F, a dance performance presenting positive and powerful female role models for broad and diverse dance audiences.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Sandra Parker, Elwood, $19,500
For the development and presentation of Adherence, a new dance work exploring the tension between regulation and control.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Weave  Movement Theatre, Preston, $39,709
For the development and presentation of Wanna be a Rabbit, a physical theatre and butoh work directed by artist Yumi Umiumare in collaboration with Weave Movement Theatre, a company comprised mostly of performers with disabilities.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Yuhui Ng-Rodriguez, Geelong, $18,187
To collaborate with community members from Waterworld gym in Corio to create a theatrical work that explores the role of physical activity in our lives, scrutinises fads in training and health regimes, and celebrates our diverse and changing bodies over time. Titled Geelong Sweats, the work won't just explore changing bodies but also the changing nature of Corio and Geelong.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Zoe Barry, Kyneton, $10,000
To compose a new sound work that explores our encounters with lightning. The work will bring together cello, voice, field and oral recordings and the development stage will include two residencies in New Mexico and California.

Shokoofeh Azar, Geelong West, $15,000
The development of The Toubaa Tree of Our Kitchen, the second novel of a trilogy set in Iran that examines the impossibility of having normal, loving relationships under a repressive regime.

Sofi Basseghi, Brunswick East, $15,000
The development of a new solo exhibition created in collaboration with a group of Persian women who will share their experiences of overcoming patriarchy.

Black Hole Theatre, Southbank, $117,422
Support for two years' of diverse programming by Black Hole Theatre, including collaborations and performances that will take place regionally and internationally.

Blak Dot Gallery, Brunswick, $120,000
The development and presentation of Blak Dot Gallery’s programming over two years, including exhibitions, public programs and events that showcase the works of First Peoples artists.

Born in a Taxi, Altona North, $13,945
For the development and presentation of Stuff they don’t want you to ask, a playful and confronting live show and accompanying podcast where child hosts will challenge convenient truths that adults have come to accept.

Michaela Coventry, Abbotsford, $12,000
The development of an immersive installation that will bring to life the soundwaves as generated through a series of experimental voice performances. The installation will be presented in Sydney.

Dancehouse on behalf of Isabella Waru, Strathmore, $20,000
For the development and presentation of participatory dance-based work that will invite audiences to reflect on Indigenous issues and systematic oppression.

Susannah Day, Abbotsford, $27,680
For the development, rehearsal and presentation of Bighouse Dreaming, a play combining hip hop and theatre that explores contemporary white and Aboriginal masculinity. The play will be presented in Darwin and Brisbane.

Deakin University on behalf of Cassandra Atherton, Geelong, $13,202
The development of a poetry collection that reflects on the lives of Australian Elders and seniors and addresses issues surrounding the invisibility of older people in literature. Written by poets Cassandra Atherton, Ali Alizadeh, Jeanine Leane, Jessica Wilkinson and Alison Whittaker, the collection will be published and feature in a podcast.

Susie Dee, Brunswick, $29,952
An international tour of two plays written by Patricia Cornelius and directed by Susie Dee, to the 47th International Festival of Theatre at the Venice Biennale and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Arts Access Victoria on behalf of Chelle Destefano, North Wonthaggi, $5,500
Support for Chelle, who is a visual artist and illustrator who is deaf to undertake a mentorship on arts business and marketing.

ELISION Incorporated, South Yarra, $38,800
Support for the contemporary classical music group ELISION Ensemble to undertake a year-long program of public workshops, local performances and an international tour.

Footscray Community Arts Centre on behalf of Daniel Seifu, Maribyrnong, $7,000
Support for a concert featuring Ethiopian musicians and actors along with a masterclass that will create new works that will bring the traditions of Ethio-Jazz and traditional music together.

Amy Amos Gebhardt, Balnarring, $19,950
Support for the development and presentation of a solo show featuring large-scale cross-artform sound and image installations.

Mark Penzak, Campbells Creek, $16,864
For the creative development and presentation of Once and For All, a performance exploring death and the acknowledgement of our mortality through stories, poems, obituaries, music and tableaus. With the participation of the community, this performance will be held inside local cemeteries and led by theatre company Such As They Are.

Going Down Swinging, Parkville, $35,000
For the development and delivery of a year long program of literary activities across print, online and podcasts during Going Down Swinging’s 40th year.

Rae Howell, Invermay, $23,510
Support for the premiere of Bee-Sharp Honeybee, an arts-science project that will explore the secret and complex life of bees. The project will feature the Sunwrae Ensemble, a live string orchestra that will be synchronised with animated film. The event will also feature a hive of live honeybees.

The Huxleys, Collingwood, $15,000
The development and presentation of The Songs We Will Never Sing an exhibition by performance art duo The Huxley's that documents the work of a fictional glam rock band. The exhibition will include a music video, photography, contemporary dance and fashion along with an album.

Island Story Gatherers, Cape Woolamai, $43,350
For the development and delivery of the 2019 Phillip Island Festival of Stories, a festival that celebrates the art of storytelling in all its forms from books and publications to spoken word, film, music, visual arts and performance.

Andy Jackson, Castlemaine, $14,000
Support to develop a new series of poems that explore the connections between disability and climate change by connecting the breaking and survival of the body to the breaking and survival of the planet.

Zulya Kamalova, Coburg, $9,000
For the development and presentation of a major performance that will be created through a series of rehearsals involving community choirs. Rehearsals will be facilitated by a group of professional singers and will explore traditional song themes such as birth, marriage, work, immigration, war, healing and death.

Kill Your Darlings Pty Ltd, Footscray, $13,600
In partnership with Writers Victoria, Kill Your Darlings will deliver a writers workshops in Bendigo, Traralgon and Wodonga. Focused on supporting writers to build their craft and fid pathways to publication, the workshops will culminate in a publication of 15 pieces of original writing by writers living in regional Victoria, plus the commissioning of original artwork to accompany those pieces on the Kill Your Darlings website.

The Lifted Brow, Melbourne, $72,600
The production of eight issues of the quarterly literary journal The Lifted Brow for national and international distribution, focusing on boundary-pushing new works by emerging and established writers, including writers from diverse backgrounds.

Jade Lillie, Brunswick, $12,640
To support the publication and distribution of The Relationship is the Project, a new resource to support practitioners, artists and cultural workers to use best practice when managing and facilitating community-engaged projects.

Living Learning Australia, Kensington, $36,000
Support for Got Stuck, a workshop and performance program that sees musicians and mentors working with young Victorians in custody.

Georgia MacGuire, Maryborough, $16,500
For the presentation of Ngardang Girri Kalat Mimini (Mother Aunty Sister Daughter), an exhibition by a collective of First Peoples women and non-binary artists based in regional Victoria, to be staged at Central Goldfields Art Gallery.

Taku Mbudzi, Thornbury, $16,965
The development of Joyolo, a young adult novel about two teenage girls navigating the expectations of family, friendship and young love in a small community.

Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio Ltd, North Melbourne, $27,000
To commission four Victorian artists to create 20-50 minute multi-channel electronic sound works. Each commission opportunity will also give artists six-weeks worth of access to the Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio's diverse collection of instruments.

Monash University on behalf of Rex Butler, Caulfield East, $19,900
For the publication of weekly reviews of Victorian exhibitions on the online art criticism site Memo.

Monash University on behalf of Brian Martin, Caulfield East, $120,000
For the development of TreeLines, an installation of glass and light-based sculptures that will be placed in the shadows of significant eucalyptus trees across Victoria.  Created by Brian Martin in collaboration with Geelong-based First Peoples-owned company Wathaurong Glass and Arts and Custodians and registered Aboriginal parties across the state, the sculptures will be a visual signpost to Country and will help to promote First Nations Ways of Knowing across the Kulin Nations of Victoria.

Pauline Mackinnon, $12,000
For the development of a book by Senior Wurundjeri Elder Aunty Pat Ockwell working with writer Pauline MacKinnon. The book will tell Aunty Pat's story to help her people understand their culture and to be proud of who they are and where they come from.

Peril Magazine, Fitzroy North, $10,750
Asian-Australian art and culture journal Peril magazine will undertake a program of three online publications and two events, including one edition focused on the 2020 AsiaTOPA festival.

Stephen Phillips, Ascot Vale, $19,386
Support to present a series of theatre workshops that aim to develop and present a new work with performers of mixed abilities, and establish a network of inclusive arts organisations from both rural Victoria and Melbourne. This project is a collaboration between the 5angrymen (5AM) street-theatre company, YourDNA Creative Arts, CreateAbility and the BoilOver Performance Ensemble.

Michael Prior, Northcote, $21,970
The development and presentation of a virtual reality artwork. The VR artworks will explore the experience of time in a virtual space and will be created in Melbourne and Bangkok.

Erica Rasmussen, Moonee Ponds, $11,140
For an after-school student composition program. Led by sound artist and composer Nat Grant, the program will involve improvisation, exploration of different musical techniques and the performance of original compositions.

Rubiks Collective, Fitzroy North, $19,000
For the development of a major new work integrating music, movement, video and stage design to investigate the nature of time. The work will be created by ensemble Rubiks Collective working with composer Kate Neal and visual artist Sal Cooper.

Philip Samartzis, Richmond, $14,500
The development of Altitude, a sound-based installation that will explore the effects of climate change on high-altitude regions. Philip will take field recordings from the Bernese Alps in Switzerland and use them to develop immersive sound compositions.

SEVENTH Gallery Inc, Fitzroy, $113,110
Support for Seventh Gallery to present its 2019-2021 exhibition program. This support will allow the gallery to reduce its exhibition fees and increase accessibility for emerging and under-represented artists.

University of Melbourne, Parkville, $17,500
For the development and presentation of a multi-disciplinary art installation that explores waste and sustainability. To be presented at the University of Melbourne's Science Gallery, the project is part of a First Nations Art/Science residency and it will see emerging Indigenous artist Mitch Mahoney undertake a mentorship, in partnership with Footscray Community Arts Centre.

Visionary Images Inc, Richmond, $23,670
Support for a visual arts project where professional artists will work with children living at the Collingwood Housing Estate to create new artworks that will form an exhibition.

Negative Press, Elsternwick, $18,914
To celebrate contemporary Australian printmaking, and contemporary Australian art, by developing a series of prints that explore national identity. Developed through community-based workshops and collaborations, participating artists will include Brook Andrew, Maree Clarke, Eugenia Lim and Simryn Gill.

Andrew Westle, Red Hill, $13,100
For the development and presentation of Delving into Dance by Andrew Westle, an online platform and podcast series with a focus on dance in Australia.

Nicci Wilks, Fitzroy North, $17,450
To present the darkly comic physical theatre work The Long Pigs at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency, Brunswick East, $118,942
For the presentation of an arts mentoring program delivered by the Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency over two years. Established artists Maree Clarke and Peter Waples-Crowe will mentor 10 young artists per year in weekly workshops.

Yarra Plenty Regional Library, South Morang, $9,400
Support for the development of a Literary Festivals Toolkit for Victorian public libraries. Drawing on Yarra Plenty Regional Library’s successful festival model, the guide will equip Victorian libraries located in suburban, outer-metro and regional areas with knowledge, information and tips on how to present literary festival-style programs.