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11 February 2019

The latest round of Music Works – Quick Response Grants will see eighteen Victorian music artists, bands, label representatives and music managers take up opportunities to share their talents and build their networks, across the country and the globe.

amyl and the sniffers

Amyl and the Sniffers. Image: Facebook, WDZIEKONSKI

Part of the Victorian Government’s multifaceted Music Works Grants program, Quick Response Grants support music industry professionals to take up significant career or business opportunities that arise at short notice and outside the bi-annual Music Works major funding rounds.

Five of the 18 recipients, including Simona Ubaldi, manager for critically-acclaimed band Amyl and the Sniffers and Lorrae McKenna of record label Our Golden Friends, will attend SXSW to build opportunities for their artist rosters.

Another four recipients will travel to Montreal, Canada to showcase at the Folk Alliance International, the world’s largest event for the folk music industry and community.

Closer to home, Jess Ribeiro will tour the East Coast to support her new album LOVE, HATE and Siobhan McGinnity - performing as Magnets - will appear at Airey’s Inlet Music Festival.

Other projects include Zoltan Fecso’s stint at CAMP, a music workshop and residency in France, Callum Watson will attend and perform at the 25th International Young Composers Meeting in the Netherlands and Jess Cornelius will receive publicity support for her US tour and album release.

Music Works Quick Response Grants Recipients

Australian Art Orchestra, $1,500 

For composer, trumpeter and sound artist and Artistic Director of Australian Art Orchestra Peter Knight to attend international market and professional development initiative, Sound Out, held during the Jazzahead Festival in Bremen, Germany.

Jess Cornelius, $2,138 

Fund a US publicity campaign to support the release of a single and an accompanying video alongside a US tour.

Ryan Downey, $1,810 

Support to undertake a national tour supporting New Zealand artist, Tiny Ruins.

Zoltan Fesco, $2,383 

To attend CAMP, a five-day intensive music workshop, held in Aulus-Les-Bains, France, followed by a two week residency at Le Clos de Saman, in France.

Oscar Jimenez, $3,000 

Support for Amaru Tribe to perform a showcase at SXSW in Austin, Texas.

Pirritu Brett Lee, $1,500 

Perform a showcase at the Folk Alliance International in Montreal, Canada.

Jessie Lloyd Music, $3,000 

For the Mission Songs Project to perform a showcase at the Folk Alliance International in Montreal, Canada.

Siobhan McGinnity, $2406 

For Magnets to perform at the 2019 Airey's Inlet Music Festival.

Angie McMahon, $8,198 

For Angie McMahon and band to undertake their debut US tour, including performances in Nashville, Knoxville, Los Angeles, New York and a showcase at SXSW in Austin.

Opening Gambit Music, $1,500 

To attend Jazzahead in Bremen, Germany to establish international networks.

Dan Parsons, $3000 

Perform an official showcase at the Folk Alliance International in Montreal. Accompanied by booker Bree Hartley who will work to establish international connections.

Jessica Ribeiro, $2,182 

Support for Jess Ribeiro to tour to Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne to promote her upcoming album, LOVE HATE.

James Rushford, $3,525 

To tour Europe, including six performances of a new solo work and four performances of a new electro-acoustic work with Will Guthrie.  

STAV., $1,500 

To perform a showcase at Folk Alliance International in Montreal.

Sophie Treloar, $1,500 

For Lorrae McKenna of independent record label Our Golden Friend to attend SXSW in Austin to network and seek international artists before travelling to Los Angeles for meetings with existing and prospective contacts.

Two People, $5,000 

Travel to the US to perform a showcase at SXSW in Austin, Texas, play debut shows in Los Angeles and New York and undertake professional development activities.

Simone Ubaldi, $1,500 

To attend SXSW and develop music export opportunities for bands Amyl and The Sniffers and Nice Biscuit.

Callum Watson, $2,250 

To attend the week-long 25th International Young Composers Meeting in Apeldoorn, Netherlands and work with a mentor on a new composition, working up to a public performance to compete for a professional commission from renowned music ensembles Gaudeamus and orkest de erprijs.