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25 January 2019

Brunswick Music Festival now in its 31st year, expands on its professional development program successfully launched in 2018.

Brunswick Music Festival 2019

The festival is presenting two weeks of panels, workshops and events geared towards women, trans and non-binary artists working in, or wanting to crack into, the music industry.

A two-hour workshop aimed squarely at new(ish) music industry professionals, performers and technicians wanting to know how and where to develop their career.

Alice Skye, June Jones and Camp Cope’s Georgia Maq chat about song writing as a form of political protest and why it matters in 2019.

Hear from a panel of industry professionals discussing the importance of cultural diversity in music media.

An interactive masterclass demonstrating simple ways to make your event accessible for everyone.

After 33 albums Dave Graney knows a thing or two surviving the music industry.

Musician, DJ and producer Simona Castricum moderates a conversation between three of Melbourne’s finest sound and production artists.

So, you’ve landed a mentorship in the industry…find out what happens next from those who have been there and done that.

As the inaugural Brunswick Music Festival Artists in Residence, HEXDEBT swing open the studio doors for an interactive song writing workshop.

The festival is also premiering it's first-ever Mentorship Program; a paid music industry mentorship for women, trans and non-binary artist, producers and technicians created to address gender inequity in the sector. The inaugural mentees are Chelsea King, Laura Davis, Rebecca Grech, Rose Simonsen, Thao Ly, who are being mentored by Michelle Grace Hunder, Evelyn Ida Morris, Jane Gazzo, Candy Bowers and Alice Ivy respectively.

Proudly supported through the Music Works Grants Program.