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17 January 2019

The country’s digital games industry continues to grow with Australia – in particular Victoria – getting a global reputation as a creative hub capable of supporting a number of thriving independent games developers.

Gaming industry

Game demo at MIGW. Photo GAZi Photography

Providing local studios with support programs and international networking opportunities, a hugely expanded Melbourne International Games Week and nurturing local talent will ensure the industry’s biggest year yet.

Melbourne International Games Week levels up

Melbourne International Games Week (MIGW) will return in 2019 with a massive program. A careers fair targeting the education sector will now run alongside industry conferences and an investment summit.

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Global networking

This March more than 80 Victorians – state’s largest contingent yet – make their way to San Francisco for five days of networking at the Game Developers Conference, the world’s biggest professional games industry event.

Following the Game Developers Conference, Creative Victoria will also facilitate a Seattle trip, putting local developers in touch with the right people at the world’s biggest games companies. While in August, Victorian studios will account for more than 50% of the Australian delegates at Germany’s GamesCom, following a massive first year.

It’s game on for E-sports

With the Australian Open tennis now featuring the Fortnight Summer Smash – one of the country’s biggest Esports competitions – competitive video gaming officially goes mainstream as more and more A-level global sports events host online tournaments at their real-life events.

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Local heroes

With his game Florence winning two prestigious international awards in 2018, Ken Wong’s next project for Mountain Studios may be one of the year’s most anticipated games projects.

After stepping down as CEO of the Game Developers Association of Australia all eyes remain focused on Tony Reed as he sets up Epic Games first Australian headquarters in Melbourne.

Highlighting the importance of international trade conferences, local outfit GOATi Entertainment will deliver on a deal with a major Korean company to create a VR/AR product for their game arcades – a project made possible following GOATi’s 2018 visit to Korea made possible via Austrade and MIGW.

In case you missed it, our Creative Exchange series hosted a panel of industry players offering advice on securing funding for Australian developers. You can watch the whole thing online: http://bit.ly/CVgamesFunding