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26 July 2018

Australian songwriters and composers who play live are encouraged to submit Performance Reports to APRA AMCOS by 31 July 2018 to get paid for their work.

A photo of MOD CON

MOD CON. Photo by Matt Barber. Courtesy APRA AMCOS.

Last year, $7.2m in live performance royalties were paid to over 16,000 APRA AMCOS members who submitted Performance Reports for their gigs.

Performance Reports tell APRA AMCOS when, where and what a songwriter/composer has performed so that they can be accurately paid live performance royalties.

Whether they play the occasional open mic night or are clocking up thousands of kilometres touring Australia, artists can reap the well-deserved rewards of their hard work by logging into their APRA AMCOS account and sharing details of their performances from the last 12 months.

To get paid, songwriters and composers must submit their own Performance Reports through the APRA AMCOS Writer Portal with the following information:

  • Performance date
  • Venue name and address
  • List of works performed

For information on how to submit a Performance Report, APRA AMCOS has prepared a handy PDF guide as well as FAQs.

Songwriters/composers can also get in touch with the APRA AMCOS Writer Services team via 1800 642 634 or writer@apra.com.au.