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15 October 2018

Journalists and guests were invited for a sneak peek of the Ian Potter Southbank Centre yesterday, a new $109 million building that will be home to the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, part of The University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Fine Arts and Music.

A preview of the new Ian Potter Southbank Centre

A preview of the new Ian Potter Southbank Centre

The Conservatorium sits within Melbourne’s Arts Precinct, one of the strongest concentrations of arts and cultural organisations in the world. It will open its doors officially to students and staff next February.

The Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, which has had a 64 per cent increase in student attendance since 2010, has invested $200 million into redeveloping the Southbank campus to offer world-class facilities to the growing student cohort.

Audiences and students alike will benefit from the Conservatorium’s world-leading acoustic spaces, enabling a rock band playing at full volume to remain unheard by a string quartet in the room next door.

John Wardle Architects designed the Conservatorium and is being constructed by Lendlease. The building will host one of the world’s largest oculus windows, with a six-metre diameter.

The oculus will provide a window through which people walking through the Arts Precinct can watch music rehearsals taking place in the 200-seat ground floor studio. The Conservatorium also includes a 400-seat cantilevered auditorium and rehearsal spaces for teaching, performing, recording and research.

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