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18 September 2018

Seven promising creative tech start-ups have begun the ACMI Xcel: Creative Tech Accelerator program, after being selected from a pool of 11 start-ups who completed the two-week ACMI Xcel boot-camp intensive.

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This is the second ACMI Xcel program, which aims to support entrepreneurial creatives in scaling their business ideas by utilising a carefully curated network of industry experts and resources at ACMI X. The program is supported by LaunchVic.

The Accelerator phase of the program runs for 12 weeks, at the end of which each startup will demo their product in front of an audience of investors and industry professionals at the Accelerator Showcase.

The Xcel participants and their projects are:

  • Cr*ack — An augmented reality platform that allows you to create and share AR experiences.
  • PluginHUMAN — An exhibition installation that turns brainwaves into a synaesthetic experiences of visuals, audio and aromas.
  • VAEUS — A VR platform for optimising athletes' cognitive performances by putting them in the middle of the action and showing them what is achievable.
  • Lateraly — A platform to help creators find funding and contacts to realise their film projects.
  • Animately — An easy to use, online animation tool and video editor that will allow anyone to create beautiful animated content.
  • Rover — A spatially aware set of headphones that deliver audio experiences based on your precise physical location and the orientation of your head.
  • Audioplay — An action-based audio app that supercharges kids' play with a blockbuster soundtrack.

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