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1 November 2018

Scienceworks is over the moon to feature two incredible lunar experiences this summer: Opaque Space's new Earthlight: Lunar Hub virtual reality experience and Museum of the Moon, an astronomical seven metre sculpture of the moon.

Earthlight Lunar Hub

Opaque Space's new Earthlight: Lunar Hub

Inspired by their recent collaboration with NASA, building astronaut training simulations, Melbourne-based outfit Opaque Space have created a truly unforgettable VR experience halfway between gaming and space exploration. Six players collaborate live on-site to journey through a lunar craft and undertake a moonwalk. All within a painstakingly realistic moon environment.  Earthlight: Lunar Hub was recently recognised at the Australian Game Developer Awards as “a game beyond entertainment”.

Available to the public for the first time, the 40-minute experience, featuring 20 minutes in-game, uses headsets and backpack PCs, allowing players to move freely around the 7x10m play space. Earthlight: Lunar Hub takes standard virtual reality to the next level.

After the spine-tingling experience of walking on the moon, visitors can immerse themselves in a more contemplative experience involving this alluring celestial body.

Museum of the Moon is a luminous sculpture of the moon, seven-metre diameter, developed by UK artist, Luke Jerram. At an approximate scale of 1:500,000, Jerram has painstakingly re-created the shape and surface of the moon utilising NASA-produced high-resolution imagery of the moon's surface. Each centimetre of the internally-lit spherical sculpture represents 5km of the genuine moon's surface.

Launched in 2016, the work has been displayed in a range of locations across the globe, and in a variety of contexts, with the meaning of the installation for audiences ever-evolving. As it travels it gathers personal responses, stories and musical compositions, and has highlighted the latest in moon science. Scienceworks will add to this collection by presenting specially-developed audio content featuring Museums Victoria's Senior Curator of Astronomy, Dr Tanya Hill.

Museum of the Moon and Earthlight: Lunar Hub are at Scienceworks from 1 December-28 April 2019.

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