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3 July 2018

Renew Geelong is ready to connect owners of vacant properties with makers, creators, artists, community groups and local enterprises to reinvigorate empty spaces in central Geelong – rent free.

Renew Geelong

Renew Geelong is the brainchild of Renew Australia and is an urban renewal scheme that aims to fill empty buildings and spaces to bring new life to under-utilised and under-appreciated precincts, while simultaneously providing emerging artists and performers with a forum for showcasing their talent.

A not-for-profit social enterprise, Renew Geelong is funded by the City of Greater Geelong and Creative Victoria to match spaces to projects and ensure that potential tenants compliment surrounding businesses.

Working with local property owners, Renew Geelong will deliver rolling 30-day free licenses that place creative enterprises and projects into empty spaces, activating and enhancing the value of properties while long-term, paying tenants are secured. The spaces are provided to creative tenants free of charge subject to a nominal fee for public and product liability insurance. The initiative removes substantial risks for budding creative in setting up premises and taking their ideas to the next level.

Renew Geelong is now inviting expressions of interest from individuals and groups who would like to utilise space for creative projects within Central Geelong. Anyone from the region who has a creative idea, project, skill or product in the pipeline that would benefit from premises in central Geelong is invited to apply.

Visit Renew Geelong for details