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12 October 2018

Creative Victoria will launch a $2 million, four-year initiative designed to strengthen producing capacity in the independent performing arts sector.

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The Victorian Independent Producing Initiative is being co-designed with the sector to address a critical shortfall in independent producers, which will, in turn, create new opportunities across the sector.

The multi-pronged initiative will seek to provide new career and professional development pathways for independent producers, especially those just starting out, and will help experienced producers expand their capacity. It will also provide a platform for producers to connect with each other to share knowledge, opportunities and expertise.

Producers play a vital role in the performing arts, helping artists and companies take their work to a wider audience, build the viability of their practice and access a raft of new opportunities. Their broad-ranging, entrepreneurial and collaborative role brings together expertise across financial management, project management and planning, marketing, negotiation, development, pitching and more.

Currently, there are not enough independent producers in Victoria to meet the demand from independent artists and small companies, and for some artists and companies producing services can be difficult to access. These issues are even more acute when it comes to the First Peoples sector and regional Victoria.

The Victorian Independent Producing Initiative is being developed in close consultation with producers, artists, small companies, playwrights and First Peoples practitioners and producers, as well as Theatre Network Australia and the Australian Performing Arts Market. It will commence in early 2019.