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21 August 2018

Live Performance Australia and Screen Australia have released formal Codes of Practice to prevent sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination in the workplace.

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Screen Australia launched its Code of Conduct to Prevent Sexual Harassment in April this year and all projects approved for Screen Australia funding must comply with the Code.

Live Performance Australia (LPA) has just launched its Code of Practice to Prevent Workplace Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Bullying, which comes into effect on 3 September. It is a condition of membership that LPA members comply with this Code of Practice.

Creative Victoria strongly recommends that all organisations in the screen and performing arts sectors review and adopt these Codes.

The Codes are high quality, comprehensive and robust documents, developed in close consultation with relevant stakeholders in each sector.

They provide employers with a thorough understanding of their legal obligations and clear policies for their own workplace, as well as practical guides for how to implement them.

Sexual harassment, bullying and misconduct of any kind have no place in our creative state. Creative Victoria has convened a working group of industry leaders to explore ways to address these issues within the creative industries in Victoria, and to promote and advance cultural change.

We have also gathered together existing resources to help you to better understand these issues and develop appropriate policies and procedures.

Visit our Respectful Workplaces page for more information