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15 August 2018

Learn how to get the most out of data, research and insights at the next Creative Exchange.

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The Creative Exchange (formerly, the Expert Program) is your gateway to the latest trends, topics and news shaping the sector today. Covering a wide  range of topics that are both relevant and thought-provoking, these free monthly events are open to anyone currently working in the creative industries with a keen interest in the most up-to-date information from right across the sector. This month, The Creative Exchange looks at the value good information can add to your creative business.

The Creative Exchange presents:  
Ian David Moss (US), CEO, Knowledge Empower, and Founder of Createquity
Making the world a better place by better understanding the arts

Data - information, research and insights - is a vital ingredient for any successful organisation. Every year, governments, organisations and universities invest thousands of hours and millions of dollars generating research about the arts. Yet many busy arts professionals lack the time or expertise to take full advantage of this rich source of knowledge. What would it take to close that gap?

In this expansive conversation, Ian David Moss, founder of the US-based international arts think tank Createquity, will join research, strategy and evaluation consultant Jackie Bailey (BYP Group) to explore the untapped potential that research, evaluation, and data offer for effective policy and decision-making.

Thursday 30 August 2018, 3pm
The Cube, Australian Centre for Moving Image (ACMI)
FREE but bookings are essential


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