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19 October 2016

Twenty-six Victorian music venues are preparing to turn up the volume - without disturbing their neighbours - thanks to grants totalling $279,897 through the Victorian Government's new Good Music Neighbours program.

The inaugural grant recipients for the program were announced today, providing grants to support live music venues to undertake building projects - or seek advice - to manage sound in, and outside, of their premises.

The first recipients take in metropolitan Melbourne, the outer suburbs and regional Victoria and represent a broad cross-section of venues - from the iconic Tote Hotel in Collingwood, to the Bundalaguah and Myrtlebank Hall in Gippsland: a community run space which has been hosting live music gigs since  2014.

Grants will enable venues to undertake a variety of projects, from obtaining specialist acoustic advice, to the installation of double-glazing, sound absorbing furnishings or air locked doors, and technology upgrades to improve sound quality at a lower volume.

Several venues will undertake minor building works to bring their venues up to current regulations and standards, allowing them to host more live music in future.

Good Music Neighbours is part of the Victorian Government's  $22.2 million Music Works initiative. The program is delivered by Creative Victoria in partnership with Music Victoria and the National Live Music Office.

The program, which will open for applications on an annual basis, is in line with the Victorian Government's recent amendments to the Agent of Change planning principles, which help protect the rights of live music venues in high density and developing residential areas.


24    Moons, NORTHCOTE, $8,452
To complete capital works including the installation of double-glazed windows and two noise resistant walls as well as upgrading to a more modern speaker system.    

Bakehouse    Studios, FITZROY $25,000
To undertake works including soundproofing of a section of their studios known as Scrap Museum West.              

Ben    Russell (John Curtin Bandroom), CARLTON, $2,300
To undertake an acoustic assessment of the venue.       

Brighton    Savoy, BRIGHTON, $11,279
To complete minor capital works on the Seaview Room performance space including the installation of a double glazed, weighted sound reduction system and specialist acoustic treatments .

Bundalaguah    and Myrtlebank Hall,  BUNDALAGUAH, $4,404
Bundalaguah and Myrtlebank Hall to complete an acoustic treatment that includes installing noise proof ceiling insulation.

Corner    Hotel, RICHMOND,  $22,300
To complete capital works including installing a new air locked entrance and acoustic treatments to the interior of the band room.

East    China Trading Company (Golden Monkey), MELBOURNE,  $ 12,500
To complete capital works including the construction of a sound absorbing wall at the entrance to the venue and further acoustic treatment including installing sound absorbing furniture and drapes, and sealing doors and windows.  

God's    Kitchen Cranbourne, CRANBOURNE, $25,000
To add acoustic glazing to existing windows of venue to allow it to host live amplified music

God's    Kitchen Mornington, MORNINGTON,  $2,500
To undertake an acoustic evaluation of their live music space.   

Loop    23 (Loop Bar), MELBOURNE $17,500
To complete a capital works project that includes the fabrication and installation of a bespoke acoustic shutter system.

Combination Lock (Boney), MELBOURNE, $5,000
To complete capital works including the installation of an air lock door entrance.                

Pirate Cove (Magic Mountain Saloon), MELBOURNE, $3,000
To treat the venue's existing skylights with acoustic laminated glazing.

Tanity (Revolver Upstairs), PRAHRAN, $4,400
To complete minor capital works and acoustic treatments including the upgrading of windows and the ventilation system and installation of a new rear door.

Magic  Johnson(The Tramway Hotel), FITZROY NORTH, $2,600
To complete an acoustic treatment of the venue by installing sound absorbing carpet on the concrete floor.

Melbourne  Pub Group (The Prince Bandroom), ST KILDA,   $6,416
To complete acoustic treatment works including the installation of high-density acoustic tiles in the ceiling and the installation of sound absorbing heavy drapes in live music areas.

Night  Cat Holdings (The Night Cat), FITZROY, $25,000
The Night Cat to complete capital works including installation of  front and rear airlocks, boards and acoustic foam for front windows and acoustic foam to fill central stage and DJ stage.

Patricia  Maxwell (Mantra Studio Kitchen), YARRAVILLE, $2,100
To undertake an acoustic assessment of the venue.

Seventh  Tipple (The Tote Hotel), COLLINGWOOD, $12,354
To complete capital works as outlined in a recent acoustic assessment report.

Suttons  House Of Music,  BALLARAT, $2,800
To upgrade the venue's equipment and sound technology to achieve improved sound quality at lower volumes.

Tanya  El-Gamal (Rubix),  BRUNSWICK, $25,000
For soundproofing and sound treatment works including the installation of acoustic insulation and sound absorbing furnishings and to obtain a professional acoustic  assessment on completion of the works.

The Emerson,  SOUTH YARRA, $25,000

To complete capital works including installing an air lock between their bandroom and the front of the venue.

The  Flying Saucer Club @ Caulfield RSL, ELSTERNWICK,  $2,000
To undertake an acoustic assessment of the venue.

The  Loft, WARRNAMBOOL,  $4,780
The Loft to implement capital works and acoustic treatments including the installation of a soundproof dry wall, relocation of subwoofers, the building of bass traps, and introducing acoustic panelling to the new stage area.

Vahlano  Hotels (The Sandbar),  MILDURA, $25,000
The completion of capital works to the Sandbar to fully enclose the beer garden and stage area to comply with current regulations.        

Velmo  (Some Velvet Morning), CLIFTON HILL $20,812
To complete capital works including installing outdoor sound barriers followed by an acoustic assessment.

YahYah's , FITZROY, $7,400
To complete capital works including the construction of a sound barrier wall.