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25 September 2018

The latest round of Music Works Grants has provided more than $500,000 for local artists, events and music businesses.

This round backs a diverse range of music professionals, organisations, businesses and events - from artists such as Alice Ivy, Dave Arden and Rebecca Freeman (Sui Zhen) to music business Melbourne Electric Sound Studio (MESS) and industry development initiatives like all-ages songwriter program, Push Songs.

The twenty-five supported projects will further strengthen the music industry through support for career and professional development opportunities, local and international touring, music production, cultural exchange and mentorship.

Music Works grants are part of the government’s landmark $22 million Music Works package, which is strengthening Victoria’s music industry and culture from the ground up.


Alterity Collective – COLLINGWOOD $13,287

Wahe to record, mix, master, produce video content and promote FAMILI, a four-track collaborative album with artists from the Pasifika region.

David Arden – MILL PARK $19,915

Studio recording, mixing, mastering and promotion of Red Desert Man, an album of 11 original, contemporary songs by Dave Arden, plus two video clips.

Antony Attridge – THORNBURY $25,000

Sensible Antixx and Qualia Productions to present Burn Gently: The N'fa Jones Story – a documentary exploring the Australian Hip-hop industry through the experiences of artist N'fa Jones.

Between You and Me – COLLINGWOOD $18,500

Melbourne punk band Between You and Me to support Like Pacific (Canada) on a 31-date US tour.

Jenny Branagan – THORNBURY $5,673

NUN to promote and embark on a five-date national tour to launch their album, The Dome.

Woody Clark – WARBURTON $7,953

The mastering, pressing, production and launch of The Ukulele Kids Project album by Woody’s World.

Divide and Dissolve – HIGHTON $20,000

Divide and Dissolve to record, master, design and promote their third album.

Electric Dreams – SOUTH MELBOURNE $25,000

Electric Dreams to offer a professional development program aimed at supporting and empowering female and non-binary composers.

El Perro Productions – ST KILDA $19,800

Development and execution of GRID West 2019 – a program for music professionals and students to work on their networking abilities and creative and content development skills.

Rebecca Freeman – BRUNSWICK EAST $20,000

To produce a digital experience surrounding the release of new musical works that make up Sui Zhen’s album Losing, Linda.

Georgia Flipo – BEAUMARIS $20,000

G Flip to embark on a 12-date tour of North America, undertake songwriting sessions in Los Angeles, and perform in Paris, France as part of Pitchfork Paris Festival.

Seth Geryon Suda – COBURG NORTH $9,500

The mixing, mastering and marketing of Geryon's second EP, This Is All,including cover artwork and a music video.

HopeStreet Recordings Pty Ltd on behalf of Maru Nitor-Zammataro – BRUNSWICK $17,552

The Montgomery Brothers to record, mix, produce video content, promote and release a new album in partnership with HopeStreet Recordings.

Alice Ivy –  BRUNSWICK $20,000

Alice Ivy to produce, mix and master her second album with LA producer River Tiber.

Freya Josephine Hollick – BALLARAT EAST $25,000

Freya Hollick to travel to Los Angeles to record, mix and master a full-length album with Butch Norton and Buick Six.

Kllo – COLLINGWOOD $20,000

The mixing of Kllo's second LP and creation of a music video.

Look Out Kid Pty Ltd – COLLINGWOOD $15,500

Look Out Kid's artist manager, Ellen Kirk, to be stationed in London for six months to develop networks, conduct research into key European export markets, and to establish an international base for Look Out Kid and Barely Dressed Records.

Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio Ltd – NORTH MELBOURNE $39,500

To support the Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio's 2019 professional development program, an artist-driven education program that provides tuition and masterclasses across all areas of electronic music production, facilitation and composition.

Moreland City Council – COBURG $29,930

An industry development program as part of Brunswick Music Festival to focus on female and non-binary musicians and producers. The program will include three streams: Artist in Residence, Mentorships and a free Talk Series.

Evelyn Morris – COLLINGWOOD $14,000

The writing, recording, mixing, tracking and mastering of Evelyn Ida Morris' second album.

Pierce Brothers Pty Ltd – MELBOURNE $37,200

Melbourne-based band Pierce Brothers to promote the release of their debut album, while supporting Melbourne artist Tash Sultana on a 19-date tour around North America.

GE Skuthorpe and K Symes trading as Gidgeeburra – BRUNSWICK $32,762

Glenn Skuthorpe will deliver The Homelands National Tour and promote the release of his latest album. This grant will also fund an international cultural exchange between First Nations artists from Australia and Canada, inclusive of songwriting workshops and live performances.

The Push Incorporated – BRUNSWICK $15,000

Push Songs is a free, all-ages songwriter program by The Push. It will encompass professional peer support, feedback, music industry information, career development, networking and performance opportunities.

The Teskey Brothers – BRUNSWICK EAST $24,500

The Teskey Brothers to record, mix and master their second album.

Chelsea Wilson – NORTHCOTE $7,000

Chelsea Wilson to embark on three international networking and research trips to attend New York Winter Jazz Festival and Jazz Congress US, Java Jazz Festival in Indonesia and Jazzahead! in Bremen, Germany.

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