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17 April 2018

Film Victoria has updated the Victorian Screen Industry Code of Conduct and funding terms and conditions in an active commitment to eliminate harassment and other unsafe workplace behaviours in the Victorian screen industry.

The updated Code reflects Film Victoria’s zero tolerance approach to unsafe workplace practices and behaviours including discrimination, harassment and bullying.

Initially released in 2012 the Code offers heightened clarity about workplace standards that reflect the current needs of the Victorian screen industry and the issues and policies that impact its practitioners.

Changes have also been made to Film Victoria’s Terms of Trade, contracts and associated agreements. From 2 April:

  • Film Victoria’s Terms of Trade has a new section on Safe Workplaces with an expectation that employers comply with all legislation (state and federal) relating to providing a safe workplace.
  • Contracts for Film Victoria’s Assigned Production Investment programs include a requirement that funded projects comply with all applicable laws, legislation regulations and the Victorian Screen Industry Code of Conduct.
  • Funding acquittal forms require evidence of compliance with the Victorian Screen Industry Code of Conduct as it relates to sexual harassment legislation.
  • An addition made to the Assigned Production Investment program guidelines that refer to the safe workplace requirements in the Terms of Trade.
  • Communication about safe workplace behaviour included on all invitations to Film Victoria events and on other relevant channels.

All employers and businesses working with Film Victoria will be supported to understand and apply the Code.

Visit Film Victoria for further details [PDF]