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31 October 2018

Announced during Melbourne International Games Week, Film Victoria’s latest round of games investment will help bring 14 diverse locally made games to life.

Totem Teller slide

Excerpt from Totem Teller by Grinning Pickle developers Ben Kerslake (Art, Design) and Jerry Verhoeven (Code, Design)

The funding, totalling over $800,000, will enable studios to create high quality projects that will strengthen the local industry and further establish Victoria’s global reputation as a leader in the fastest growing entertainment sector in the world. Collectively, the projects are expected to create more than 50 local employment opportunities and generate over $2 million for the state.

Among the newly-funded projects is Untitled Goose Game by House House Games, creators of the award-winning Push Me Pull You. This highly-anticipated game, which was also supported by Film Victoria in its early development stage, will be released in 2019.

Significant support has also gone into narrative game development, helping Victorian companies stay ahead in this growing area.

Modern Storyteller’s The Forgotten City is a narrative-driven time travel murder mystery, and Sun’s Shadow Studios’ Beyond the Veil is a text-based horror game with a branching narrative, allowing players to change both the story and the personality of the protagonist.

Story is also a key element in two other visually rich yet varied projects to receive funding. Team Fanclub’s Dead Static Drive includes back roads, cars and facing nameless, festering evil, while Grinning Pickle’s Totem Teller allows players to discover and tell stories to repair beautiful, broken worlds.

Harmonious is creating Monsta Makin (working title), in which players build a ‘monsta haven’, while Panda Arcade is completing Pico Tanks – a multiplayer mobile game of bite-sized battles between adorable small tanks.

Other funded projects include:

  • Kana Quest – a pixel-art puzzle game by Not Dead Design that uses Japanese letters as pieces
  • Pocket Skate – which places a skateboard park in your hand, by Peter Leary
  • Eri’s Forest – a Tower Defence with a spin for young audiences, by Studio Qinoko
  • Dawnblade – by Monsterscope Studios, which takes players on a journey through an immersive fantasy world in search for the mythical Dawnblade.

Rounding out the 14 newly-funded games are an upcoming card-based game from Twice Different, a new venture from Samurai Punk, and another soon to be announced narrative game.

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