• Arts & Culture

3 October 2018

Melbourne Recital Centre, ILBIJERRI Theatre Company and the Islamic Museum of Australia are set to explore the art of project evaluation with support through the inaugural Evaluation Exchange program.

Tanderrum 2017 Photo: James Henry

TANDERRUM 2017, Photo: James Henry

Evaluation Exchange is a stream of the Social Impact Program – an action of the Victorian Government’s Creative State strategy – and provides existing creative social impact projects with access to evaluation services from experts, BYP Group.

Evaluation is a vital part of any project and can help to measure the impact creative activity has on the participants, audience and organisations involved. Evaluation results can be used to plan future activities, or create an evidence base to attract further partners, patrons, supporters and audiences.

BYP Group will provide guidance and hands-on support to improve evaluation and measurement activities and build the capacity of each project team.

Evaluation Exchange recipients include:

ILBIJERRI Theatre Company – $20,000
ILBIJERRI to conduct an evaluation of the annual TANDERRUM event (Melbourne International Arts Festival) that seeks to demonstrate the links between cultural expression and improved mental health of First Peoples, and the potential for cultural events like it to combat racism. Support for this multifaceted evaluation project will go towards workshops in Bendigo and Ballarat and capacity building within the organisation. ILBIJERRI will train a First Peoples employee in evaluation expertise, to take further ownership of their own process of cultural reclamation and revival, and plan future iterations of TANDERRUM as an ongoing legacy for the Kulin Nation.

Melbourne Recital Centre – $12,000
Evaluation of Melbourne Recital Centre's ‘Music Always’ program which presents over 40 concerts in aged care residences and community settings for older participants who receive assistance to live at home. This evaluation project will aim to demonstrate the positive benefits to participants’ wellbeing and responsiveness, and to aged-care staff morale and the care environment. It also aims to provide an evidence base for scaling up the program and the ability to test a sustainable financial model.

Islamic Museum of Australia – $15,000
Evaluation of ‘Shifting Stereotypes of Australian Muslims’, the Islamic Museum of Australia’s school excursion program which plays host to over 10,000 students from secondary, private and Catholic schools across Victoria each year. The evaluation project will look to demonstrate the impact the program has in fostering cross–cultural dialogue, intercultural experiences and encounters between participants.