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10 July 2018

Victorian game developers are eligible to apply for Creators Fund grant of up to $50,000 to support an extended period of professional development, research or experimentation.

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We know games developers often juggle multiple projects at any one time, and it can be a struggle to allocate the extra time required to research and test new ideas, take risks or investigate new ways of working and platforms.

The Creators Fund offers the opportunity to undertake a period of research and experimentation and new learnings that can be shared with peers with the hope of achieving excellence and innovation within the fast-changing and competitive industry.

Rather than supporting the development and marketing of games content (which is supported by Film Victoria’s funding programs) the Creators Fund provides support for developers or studios to dedicate their time to pre-creation research and creative development.

The games industry is an important part of Victoria’s creative eco-system and we encourage individuals and collectives in the industry to apply for a Creators Fund grant.

We have developed a special FAQ for the games industry, to help you to understand how the Creators Fund may apply to you.

Read the FAQ here and contact us by email or by phone on (03) 8683 3179 if you have any further questions.

Applications for the Creators Fund close at 5pm on 26 July 2018.

Read the Creators Fund Games FAQ

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