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12 January 2018

The latest report by Live Performance Australia (LPA) shows greater participation in the arts than AFL, NRL, soccer, super rugby, cricket and NBL combined, with Victoria’s market share continuing to exceed its share of the population.

Tree of Codes, 2017 Melbourne Festival. Photo by Stephanie Berger.

Tree of Codes, 2017 Melbourne Festival. Photo by Stephanie Berger.

Live Performance Australia (LPA) has released its Australia-wide report ‘Live Performance Industry in Australia: 2016 Ticket Attendance and Revenue Survey’, which reports on trends and changes in ticket attendance and revenue across artforms and states.

In 2016, total Australian industry revenue grew 1.2% to $1.43 billion up from $1.41 billion. Over 18.78 million tickets were issued in 2016, up 0.8% from 18.63 million tickets in 2015. This figure is greater than combined attendances at every major sporting code including AFL, NRL, soccer, super rugby, cricket and NBL.

Victoria is the second largest contributor to national figures, at 30.8% revenue share (or $440.3 million, up 0.8% from 2015), and 28.9% attendance share (or 5.4 million, down 2.1% from 2015).

The slight increase in revenue in Victoria was driven by significant increases in opera (due to performances of The Ring Cycle by Opera Australia) and special events (due to performances by The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo), and offset by substantial decreases in festivals (due to falling ticket prices) and circus and physical theatre (this is a result of Cirque Du Soleil’s tour to Melbourne in 2015 which boosted numbers that year).

The top three artforms in Victoria are contemporary music, musical theatre and comedy. Victorian ticket revenue share for contemporary music is comparable to national results at 29.5%, musical theatre is slightly above national results at 29.3%, and 8% to comedy exceeds the national result of 6%.

The majority of attendances to live performance in Victoria are also for contemporary music (28.5%), musical theatre (22.7%), and comedy (12.2%). This is also reflected in our per capita spend in these artforms, which is higher than all other states at $20.77 for contemporary music, $20.69 for musical theatre, and $5.66 for comedy.

Comedy performs especially well in Victoria where we hold a 47.1% share of the national attendance; and 40.1% share of this artform’s total national revenue.

Victoria’s market share of total attendance and revenue continues to exceed its population share. The Victorian market share of total revenue (30.8%) and attendance (28.9%) surpasses our population share (25.6%). Since 2013, Victoria has had the highest per capita spend of all states. In 2016 this was $70.52, significantly higher than the national average of $58.67, and $2.53 higher than NSW who hold the next highest per capita spend. Victoria has the third highest attendance per capita at 0.87, after SA (1.05) and WA (0.91).

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