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20 March 2018

Seven ambitious creative ideas have been shortlisted in the first round of the Creative State Commissions program.

Photo by Christine Frances

Frenches Interior by Sibling Architecture. Image by Christine Francis.

The Creative State Commissions program was launched in December, inviting Victorian creatives to pitch their ideas for ground-breaking projects that will boost our reputation as the creative state, attract tourism and make a lasting impact on creative careers and the wider community.

From 27 submissions, seven have been shortlisted for further concept development and testing, including undertaking detailed feasibility studies.

The shortlisted projects span theatre, visual arts and design and would take place in metro and regional areas including Warracknabeal and along the Great Ocean Road. Several works have the potential to tour nationally and internationally following a Victorian premiere.

Following the concept development and feasibility process, it is envisaged that one to three projects will be selected to receive between $300,000 and $1 million to bring their creative ideas to fruition in the year ahead.

The Creative State Commissions program is a key action of the Victorian Government’s Creative State strategy. It was created in response to calls from the creative sector for an avenue to support major creative projects exceeding the scale and scope of what could be achieved through regular government funding programs.

Each shortlisted project will receive up to $20,000 to take their concept to the next stage. This will support the creative teams to create high-level pitch documents, undertake community and partner consultation, feasibility testing and budgeting required to manage a major project of this scale.

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Creative State Commissions Shortlist

Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, $20,000
To develop the concept for, and explore the feasibility of, creating a new public art work by artist Tom Nicholson that will engage Batman’s Treaty and the complexity of Melbourne’s origins through the city’s first European chimney, built by William Buckley - the escaped convict and assimilated Wathaurung man - for John Batman, the entrepreneur most famous as the author of Batman’s Treaty. This project will be developed in close consultation with Indigenous advisors and collaborators.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of John Barcham, $20,000
To develop the concept for, and explore the feasibility of, creating an outdoor theatre and puppetry performance based on Graeme Base's book 'The Waterhole'.

Geelong Art Gallery Incorporated on behalf of Lisa Sullivan, $20,000
To undertake conceptual development, and explore the feasibility of an immersive art journey along the Great Ocean Road. SIREN is conceived as a major winter encounter by Emily Sexton and Gideon Obarzanek, in partnership with Geelong Gallery. Large-scale works spanning sound, installation, light and dance will require visitors to undertake an artistic pilgrimage along this unique and dramatic coastline.

ILBIJERRI Theatre Company, $20,000
ILBIJERRI Theatre Company and Yalukit Marnang, Consulting & Cultural Strengthening Programs, will work alongside the Victorian First Nations community to develop a concept for, and explore the feasibility of a new theatre work of scale. This multi generational story, guided by major political and cultural movements within Victoria will also create opportunities for professional development for First Nations cast and crew.

Malthouse Theatre, $20,000
To develop the concept for, and explore the feasibility of, a large scale immersive theatre work that centres on the repatriation of Indigenous remains in Victoria. A collaboration between Producer and Yorta Yorta man Jason Tamiru, Torres Strait Islander playwright and film maker John Harvey, Malthouse Theatre Artistic Director Matthew Lutton and Traditional Owners from across Victoria. The work will be built around Tamiru’s own experiences reclaiming and reburying the ancestral remains of First Nations people.

Monash University on behalf of Matthew Bird, $19,725
To develop the concept for, and explore the feasibility of, transforming the former Warracknabeal Courthouse into a space for artists residencies and a small art hotel with an accompanying arts program. This project will be led by Matthew Bird, Charity Edwards and Tom Morgan in partnership with Working Heritage.

Sibling Nation, $20,000
This project, led by Lara Thoms with Sibling Architecture, explores the concept and feasibility of constructing a place where people can develop and initiate their own creative funeral.