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11 April 2018

Melbourne’s Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) is set for a visionary multi-million-dollar makeover which will transform it into one of the world’s most innovative museums.


Photo: Renee Stamatis

The 2018-19 State Budget includes a $36.6 million allocation for the renewal project which will overhaul ACMI’s permanent exhibition, dramatically improve the visitor experience, integrate cutting-edge technology and expand ACMI’s educational offer.

ACMI is Australia’s only museum of film, television, video games, digital culture and art. It is the most visited museum of its kind in the world and the most visited attraction at Melbourne’s Federation Square.

The museum’s newly opened Wonderland exhibition has attracted thousands of visitors in its opening days. This homegrown blockbuster was developed by ACMI, working with Victorian creative talent and businesses to integrate innovative digital experiences and technology into the exhibition.

However, the museum, which opened in 2002, is ripe for a refresh. Its vision is limited by the site’s physical constraints, and the free centrepiece Screen Worlds exhibition will be a decade old in 2019 and needs urgent renewal to keep pace with the massive shifts in screen technologies.

The renewal, which is expected to be completed by late 2019, will include:

  • an entirely redeveloped set of free permanent galleries
  • a new, expanded Learning Centre, which will cater for double the number of students
  • an Audience Lab, where the screen industry can prototype and test ideas, and audiences can see the creative process, and emerging technologies, in action, and
  • a Digital Preservation Lab, a centre of excellence in the preservation of film and digital content.

It will also embed interactive and immersive technologies across the museum to create a high impact, entirely new visitor experience.

Once complete, attendances at ACMI are expected to increase by 50% to around 2 million a year.

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