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9 November 2018

The Hellenic Museum, in collaboration with the Benaki Museum, Athens, opened the new exhibition Messenger at the Benaki Museum last month.

The Messenger


The exhibition features the work of leading Australian hyper real sculptor Sam Jinks and is the first collaboration in Greece between the two institutions. The work was commissioned by the Hellenic Museum with the support of the State Government of Victoria and Peter and Mary Mitrakas.

Sam Jinks drew inspiration for his new work from the statue of the goddess Iris who once adorned the west pediment of the Parthenon. Iris was the swift golden winged messenger goddess who moved freely between the realm of the living and the gods. The figure of Iris gazing into the River Styx. The artist chose actual gold to double gild the Goddess’ two metre spanning wings.

This is the second commission by the Hellenic Museum of an internationally renowned Melbourne based artist following the commissioning of photographer Bill Henson in 2016 who created the installation ONEIROI, a series of photographs re-interpreting Greek treasures and artefacts on loan from the Benaki Museum.

The collaboration between the two institutions supports the professional development of both Australian and Greek curators and conservators, and further strengthens the cultural ties between Greece and Australia.

Messenger at the Benaki Museum will run until 11 November 2018 before returning to the Hellenic Museum where it will be installed as a permanent exhibition in February 2019.

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