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22 March 2018

The Victorian Government has announced $250,000 in funding to transform under-utilised spaces in Geelong’s CBD into vibrant hubs of creative industry.

Powerhouse Geelong

Powerhouse Geelong - a ground breaking project and industrial street art space located in North Geelong.

The funding will support two programs, Creative Geelong and the Renew Geelong program, over the next two years.

Creative Geelong will receive $100,000 to develop and expand the impact of its Makers Hub in Centrepoint Arcade.

The Makers Hub has fast become a valued collaborative space for Geelong’s creative community. It includes a range of co-working, workshop, makerspace and studio facilities for use by creative practitioners and community groups, and delivers opportunities for people of all ages to develop their skills and ideas.

Renew Australia will receive $150,000 to deliver the Renew Geelong program.

Using the successful model that was pioneered in Newcastle, Renew Geelong will work with the community and property owners to make vacant shops and other properties available for use by artists and creative projects.

It will creatively activate under-utilised spaces in the city and provide further opportunities for local creative industries.

While each of these initiatives will have an impact in its own right, Creative Geelong and Renew Geelong will be working in collaboration to deliver even greater economic, social and cultural benefits to the community. Both are supported with matched funding from the City of Greater Geelong.

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