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21 March 2017

What if we drank less, saved money and had more fun? What if choosing to drink less was the norm, rather than being questioned?

VicHealth Alcohol Initiative

VicHealth is working to positively change drinking cultures for people who are at the greatest risk of harm. A funding pool of $1.06 million is available through the Alcohol Culture Change Initiative to support creative projects that address high-risk drinking cultures.

Recent research has revealed middle-aged and older Australians are increasingly likely to drink at risky levels. As a result, VicHealth is seeking funding applications for projects tackling middle-age and older generations of drinkers – groups that have been overshadowed by a traditional focus on youth drinking.

Focusing on the drinking cultures of Generation X and Baby Boomers, VicHealth wants to support ideas that can positively change the way people drink. Maybe you have an idea about how to improve sports bar drinking culture, or the construction industry drinking culture? Perhaps your project can change rural and regional drinking culture for the better? Perhaps there is another area of risky drinking culture that you want to target?

VicHealth welcomes submissions from a wide range of organisations including regional  organisations, the arts sector, the music industry, digital or games developers, media organisations, radio, bloggers, community groups, sports clubs and innovation specialists.

Up to six projects will share a pool of $1.06 million, over 24 months, to deliver their ideas and make a big impact.

Attend the briefing session next week and discuss the funding round in person:

  • Date - Thursday 30 March 2017
  • Time - 10.00am - 11.00am
  • Location - VicHealth Office, Ground Floor, 15-31 Pelham Street  Carlton 3053
  • RSVP - Please RSVP by Tuesday 28 March to alcohol@vichealth.vic.gov.au

Applications for the VicHealth Alcohol Culture Change initiative close on Monday 1 May 2017.

Visit VicHealth for further details