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27 September 2017

Twelve of our state’s popular music venues are getting ready to pump up the volume with floor-to-ceiling acoustic overhauls, thanks to the latest round of grants aimed at keeping sound loud and clear inside venues – and neighbourly outside.

Thornbury Theatre

Thornbury Theatre

Minister for Creative Industries Martin Foley today announced the latest line-up of Good Music Neighbours  grants packed with $143,930 worth of valuable sound-friendly and -proofing capital works.

From Collingwood’s home of rock The Tote to The Workers Club Geelong, venues will undergo significant improvements to their facilities including double glazed windows, sound treatment for fire escapes, SEPP N-2 analysis and compliance, new ceiling panels and more.

Other recipients include Bar Open in Fitzroy, Loop and Ding Dong Lounge in Melbourne’s CBD, The Beaufort in Carlton, The Thornbury Theatre and Open Studio in Northcote.

Good Music Neighbours Grant Recipients

The Tote Hotel, Collingwood, $12,646
To complete capital works throughout the venue including double glazing windows, upgrading and sealing doors and fitting attenuators on ventilation ducts.

Bar Open, FITZROY, $10,160
To construct a sound wall, installed to specifications recommended in venue acoustic assessment.

The Workers Club Geelong, GEELONG, $7,500
To undertake capital works to replace all glass windows and doors to specifications recommended in the venue acoustic assessment.

The Beaufort, CARLTON, $13,380
The completion of capital works including installation of extensive acoustic treatment to ceilings, walls and doors per the acoustic assessment report.

Loop, MELBOURNE, $5,244
To undertake acoustic attenuation works, including insulation and glazing, to the venue’s northern wall.

Tago Mago THORNBURY, $2,000
To undertake an acoustic assessment including SEPP N-2 analysis of venue.

Open Studio, NORTHCOTE, $25,000
To undertake internal capital works as recommended by an acoustic assessment report, including treatments to front and back doors and windows, and installation of an acoustic ceiling system throughout whole venue.

The Thornbury Theatre, THORNBURY, $25,000
To engage noise consultants and undertake capital works including sound treatment to fire escapes, windows and ceilings.

Whiteheart, MELBOURNE, $1,900
To undertake an acoustic assessment of the venue.

24 Moons, NORTHCOTE, $12,100
To install acoustic insulation to the ceiling to prevent noise leakage impacting neighbouring apartment developments.

Ding Dong Lounge, MELBOURNE, $7,950
To install new ceiling panels.

Infinite Cities Pty Ltd, MELBOURNE, $21,050
To upgrade windows to achieve SEPP N-2 compliance and reduce noise impact on neighbours.