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29 June 2017

The summit may have sold out but that's not the only place where ideas were shared – the enthusiasm was bubbling online with #CreativeState trending at number one in Melbourne on Twitter.

Photo of Ania Pilipenko

Ania Pilipenko at Day 1 of the Creative State Summit

Our live stream was accessed by remote audiences and virtual tongues were wagging, here are some of the ideas thrown around the room:

  • Breaking news from #CreativeState Summit: @MartinFoleyMP announces new support for Vic creators - the Creators Fund. (via @Creative_Vic)
  • 'Artists tell such a critical role in telling stories, if we are to assume we are the stories we tell' @RZMaza at the #CreativeState summit. (via @Creative_Vic)
  • 'People & time is what makes a #CreativeState & not to confuse technology with innovation' @Ashteo (via @CreativeXch)
  • 'Everyone is creative. We are innately creative beings.' @RZMaza at the #CreativeState summit. (via @Creative_Vic)
  • An amazing panel discussing Interpretative Access Services now at the Deep Dive. #CreativeState (via @remixsummit)
  • The future is exciting & diverse - audio is re-emerging' Dan Koerner from @wearesandpit #CreativeState (via @CreativeXch)
  • The most important ingredients for a creative state: people and time - @Ashteo at #creativestate. (via @Writers_Vic)
  • .@aliceDM09 discusses the epic journey of the @DesignMuseum & the rise of the #CreativeIndustries in the UK #CreativeState (via @CreativeXch)

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