• arts & culture

20 October 2017

We’re developing a new free toolkit to help artists and arts organisations better understand and engage their audiences – and we’d appreciate your input.

This short, seven minute survey is designed to ensure the toolkit best meets the needs of the sector. The survey focuses on your current audience knowledge and what might help you in the future.

Please note that all responses will be anonymous.

Click here to start the survey

Testing of the toolkit will commence early next year. Please select ‘Yes’ at the end of the survey if you are interested in taking part.

The online resource will be launched in 2018. It will be free to individuals and organisations to help them collect and use audience information effectively.

The survey closes Friday, 3 November 2017.

If you require any assistance to complete this survey or have any questions about this project, please contact Laura Perini, Marketing Officer at laura.perini@ecodev.vic.gov.au or 8683 3213.