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7 April 2017

Dame Helen Mirren and David Arquette have been rubbing shoulders with the stars of The Footy Show of late as Docklands Studios Melbourne marks one of its busiest periods ever.

 Cast of The Wheel David Arquette Jackson Gallagher Kendal Rae. Photo: Lisa Saad

Cast of 'The Wheel' on set at Docklands Studios Melbourne. From left: Jackson Gallagher, Kendal Rae and David Arquette. Photo: Lisa Saad

Helen Mirren has joined Australian actors Jason Clarke, Angus Sampson and Sarah Snook on the supernatural thriller Winchester currently shooting on site.

The feature film, supported through Film Victoria's Production Incentive Attraction Fund, is by Australian directors The Spierig Brothers. The production marks the second time the duo have worked in the studios, following their 2014 feature Predestination.

Production has commenced on The Wheel directed by Melbourne filmmaker Dee McLachlan (The Jammed). Starring David Arquette and Victorian actors Jackson Gallagher (Home and Away) and Kendal Rae, the independently financed film is set in a near future where prisoners are the subjects of scientific experiments.

Also on the lot, another local project, Choir Girl, is underway. The low budget thriller, starring former Neighbours regulars Krista Vendy and Kym Valentine, tells the story of a lonely photographer who becomes obsessed with a 15 year old girl.

As The Footy Show prepares for its weekly live recording on soundstage five, the feature-length documentary Guilty has also taken over a soundstage for a two week shoot. The film marks the directorial debut of Melbourne artist Matthew Sleeth and details the final 72 hours in the life of Myran Sukamaran of the 'Bali Nine'.

Built in 2004, and owned by the Victorian Government since 2008, Docklands Studios Melbourne has been the home of international productions and local features which have booked the studios for extended periods through to local music videos and commercials that hire production offices and sound stages on a regular basis. 

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