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16 January 2017

Voice for Change is a brand new online documentary series, produced by Mushroom Group and supported by the Victorian Government, that aims to tackle youth issues and raise awareness about street and youth violence.


The series stars some of Australia's leading urban music, hip-hop and sporting personalities from a diverse range of cultural heritages and walks of life. These include Urthboy, Diafrix, Sampa the Great, B Wise, Ecca Vandal, Majak Daw and Archie Thompson, many of whom are already actively engaged in community-based initiatives.

The exceptional group of talented advocates will share their personal journeys and experiences of overcoming adversity and various challenges including racism, feelings of disenfranchisement and social inclusion in a way that's both aspirational and inspirational.

Voice for Change seeks to educate and empower youth who are most at risk of becoming involved with antisocial behavior by encouraging them to get involved in creative projects and be positively connected to their local communities.

The Voices for Change documentary series will launch later this month.

Visit Voices for Change for details

Watch the trailer for Voices for Change now.