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23 May 2017

Music Victoria has developed guiding principles to keep Victoria's music industry loud and proud, the Victorian Live Music 10 Point Plan.

Live Music

Music Victoria, the peak body for contemporary music in our State, developed the 10 Point Plan in response to enquiries from all over the world about how the music scene works in Melbourne and what sets the city apart

Developed with stakeholders including the Victorian Government, Fair Go 4 Live Music, Save Live Australia's Music (S.L.A.M), venue and studio owners, promoters and academics, the 10 Point Plan identifies the essential ingredients to preserve and promote the long-term health of this vital industry.

The 10 Point Plan highlights the steps the Victorian music industry has taken over the last seven years to save, nurture and grow the state's live music communities. It serves as a guide for cities worldwide to strengthen their own live music scenes.

The Victorian Live Music 10 Point Plan

  1. Know your value – Collect and publish data
  2. All aboard – Getpolitical buy-in
  3. Keep the doors open – "No lockouts here"
  4. Build your case – Present a clear, evidence-based plan for growth
  5. Come together – Bring industry and government together to achieve mutual benefits
  6. Localise it – Encourage local council commitment to live music
  7. Get smart – Promoteexcellence though best practice
  8. Get with the program – Develop funding programs to support industry
  9. Protect the players – Remember thatthere is no music without musicians and creatives
  10. The Circuit Breaker – If all else fails, rally the troops for political action

The 10 Point Plan acknowledges initiatives and programs including the Victorian Government's world-first 'Agent of Change' principle which protects venues across the state from encroaching residential developments, and its $22m Music Works package which includes funding and programs for artists, venues, promoters and industry organisations.

It also recognises the role councils play in supporting live music and strategies such as the City of Melbourne's Music Strategy, and takes into account Music Victoria's own programs including the Rock Star Parks initiative and the annual Victorian Live Music Census.

The Plan's launch coincides with the Victorian Government's announcement that Melbourne won the rights to host the prestigious global Music Cities Convention in Melbourne in April 2018.

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