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16 August 2017

Home to Academy Award and BAFTA winners and the creators of some of the world’s most popular digital games, an unassuming building in South Melbourne is the epicentre of Victoria’s thriving games industry.

The Arcade, Australia’s largest co-working space dedicated to the digital games, animation and technology industries, has powered up with new expanded premises and is poised for further growth.

The Arcade was established by the Game Developers Association of Australia (GDAA) in 2013 with 12 resident organisations sharing 550sqm of floor space in Melbourne’s Southbank. Five years later, reflecting the growth of Victoria’s games sector, The Arcade’s new space is four times larger and home to 34 companies.

The Victorian Government has provided support for The Arcade’s relocation and for its future growth.

The Arcade reflects the broad scope of the digital games industry, with residents including game developers, 3D animators, coders, games marketing, publishing and technology companies. It also provides hot desks for independent developers, skills development and training and a space and program for students.

As well as developing games for entertainment, companies based at The Arcade work on serious games and gamification projects that use games technology to help tackle issues in areas such as health and education.

Renowned as a space where Oscar and BAFTA winners mix with students, and where companies with multimillion dollar turnovers share their skills with start-ups, The Arcade has become a magnet for individuals and studios from across Australia and beyond.

A number of the resident companies have relocated from interstate and significant international players are setting up outposts at the site.

Melbourne is where Australia’s games industry began with Australia’s first digital game, The Hobbit, released in 1982. The city is now home to half of the country’s game developers with local companies working on their own games as well as projects for entertainment giants such as Sony, Nintendo and Disney.

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