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9 August 2017

Melbourne’s Remote Control Records is set to enter a new era in music distribution, thanks to a partnership with local video game music label, Boss Battle Records.

Remote Control and Boss Battle Records

The newly established Boss Battle label was founded by Fabian Malabello, director of Australia's foremost video game audio company, The Otherworld Agency.

I realised that there are currently limited avenues for video game composers who want their soundtracks distributed and marketed to the masses,” Malabello says.

“Many composers are of the mindset that once they distribute their soundtracks, 'That's it! Done', when truly, that's just the beginning of their soundtrack's copyright life. There's more that can be done and having the right team to support these soundtracks is integral.”

One of Australia’s leading independent music labels, Remote Control first established a relationship with Malabello in 2016, seeking music licensing opportunities for its roster of  bands and artists. Their new partnership is a “level up” — a revolution in how video game music is released.

The purpose of the Remote Control/Boss Battle partnership is to bring the best of new, obscure, and esteemed video game music to global audiences. Video game music culture is already thriving, with several Victorian musicians, composers and bands being called on to provide soundtracks for leading local and international titles. Video game music concerts are also drawing crowds in the thousands, including more than 30,000 attendees for the recent? Video Games Live event in China. Remote Control and Boss Battle Records hope to be ahead of a wave that sees video game music become a major facet of global pop culture and a worldwide radio-standard genre.

Initial releases on Boss Battle Records via Remote Control will include soundtracks from the upcoming Melbourne-made game Earthlight by ARTIST? , and successful indie game titles Hacknet and This Is the Police.

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