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15 September 2017

Melbourne Fringe Festival has burst into the city with another daring and captivating program of art and performance scheduled from 14 September to 1 October 2017.

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Yesterday in Fed Square, the festival was launched around the new installation piece Pivot created by local artist Madeleine Flynn. Comprising six see-saws wired with Siri-like technology, Pivot invites the public to jump aboard to answer questions that touch on life’s many ups and downs.

Thought-provoking, playful and proudly risqué, for the next 2.5 weeks the epic Fringe Festival will stage in excess of 400 events – from a diverse range of voices – in over 160 venues.

Rawcus will bring performance to the basketball court for Fanaticus; Nayuka Gorrie and Koorie Heritage Trust will throw Apocalypse in Blak – a party to make you ponder; gender-bending folk tales and high-octane dance numbers will rev you up at Rainbow Paradiso;and kids can get along to Fizzy Kids to enjoy a comedy theatre show that celebrates friendship, acceptance and individuality.

This year the festival is rolling out a clever new way to navigate their massive program with the ‘Inspire me’ and ‘Guide me’ website search functions. Fringe fans can simply select what kind of event they’re in the mood for, or choose a Kids, Free, Indigenous, Queer or Feminist guide to narrow the lens.

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