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11 August 2017

In August, the UNESCO City of Literature offices in Melbourne and Reykjavik are collaborating on a web-based literary project for children, Sleipnir Travels.

Through the Sleipnir Travels website, children are invited to collaborate on a storytelling project following the adventures of an imaginary horse from Norse mythology.

Since 2012, the City of Literature Office Reykjavík has associated the figure of Sleipnir with initiatives aimed to get more children and young adults to read. The eight-legged horse of Norse god Odin can travel freely from one world to another and is thus symbolic for the mind-travel that we experience through reading.

Sleipnir Travels is a web literacy tool for children that documents Sleipnir’s journey from Reykjavik to Melbourne. Children who visit the site are encouraged create digital postcards and flash fiction mini stories – ranging from just six words or the length of a tweet – about Sleipnir’s journey, describing the places and things that Spleipnir encounters along the way.

This month, Sleipnir will travel to Bendigo Writers Festival. The Festival will hold a week of in-school creative writing workshops focusing on Sleipnir and the horse will feature prominently at the Festival’s children’s day.

Where is Sleipnir today? Go here to find out