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16 October 2017

MANDELA My Life – The Exhibition, the official historical exhibition and commemoration of Nelson Mandela’s life and times, will make its world premiere in Melbourne.

Melbourne Museum will be one of the Global Executive Producers of the exhibition and will host its world premiere in September 2018, to coincide with the 100th anniversary celebrations of Nelson Mandela’s birth.

The exhibition is endorsed by the Nelson Mandela Foundation, which was established by Mandela in 1999 as his post-presidential office and vehicle for his vast charitable, rural development and diplomatic work. The Foundation is the custodian of much of Mandela’s personal collection of documents, photographs and memorabilia.

The Mandela exhibition will showcase an extraordinary collection of original artefacts, memorabilia, film and audio archives and history will be brought to life through careful curation and digital technologies. It will be the first time such a comprehensive collection of Mandela’s artefacts and memorabilia will leave South Africa.

Australians were at the forefront of international support for Mandela during his decades-long struggle against apartheid, making Melbourne an ideal city to host the exclusive world premiere.

After exclusively opening in Melbourne, Australia, the Mandela exhibition will tour up to 20 international cities and will be viewed by an estimated 2.7 million visitors.

Visit Melbourne Museum for details